The Gaming Reinvented Contest is Now Over!

Well, it’s finally happened. The Gaming Reinvented contest is now officially over. If you’ve not submitted your entry by this point it won’t be counted (though you can still post it on our platform and potentially make money from it).

So what happens now that’s over?

Answer: We spend the next week or so judging all the entries and deciding who deserves the prize. Why a week for this? Because we’re not just giving out scores here. We’re not just saying ‘Bob came 1st, Alice came 2nd, John came 3rd’ or whatever.

Instead, we’re actually writing out a full breakdown of every entry’s score based on the following factors:

  1. How well it’s written
  2. The uniqueness/interestingness of the subject

These will each get a score out of 10, and the entry marked best overall will win. This way, you can see for yourself exactly why one article won the contest and the others didn’t.
So yeah, it’s now over. All you can do now is wait and see who’s won the grand prize!

How to Defeat Your Gaming Backlog


We are increasingly fortunate to live in a place and time where entertainment is plentiful, and we have time and energy to devote to it. Sometimes, though, we go overboard in this area of life. As a result we end up with a huge backlog of video games. From Steam sales to the intoxicating allure of a brand new, shrink-wrapped box, if you’ve got a lengthy list of games left untouched, here are the steps to set yourself free! Once you do, you’ll find you have more time for gaming than ever, and be generally happier as well.


Step 1: Set Your Goal

Do you want to completely demolish your backlog, or merely reduce it? Knowing your overall goal at the start is vital, because it keeps you on track. Determine how much of a backlog, if any, you’re comfortable keeping, then move on to the next step once that knowledge is firmly in your head.


Step 2: Stop Buying Games

Alas, the first real step may be the most difficult. There is no conceivable way – barring perhaps quitting your job and becoming a recluse – that you will extinguish your backlog while constantly throwing more coals on that particular fire. The first step is to courageously declare that no new purchases will be made until the backlog is defeated.

This can actually be motivation to help you along. If there’s a game release you’ve been looking forward to, using that as your Backlog Deadline may be the push you need. Decide that you will only purchase the new game if you manage to clear at least X percentage of your backlog first. Then stick to that vow.


Step 3: Eliminate the “Eh”

We’ve all bought a Humble Bundle with a few titles we might not have truly wanted, or picked up a game or two because of a great Black Friday sale. It happens. That said, now is the time to really consider deeply if your time and energy is worth each and every game on your list.

Some games are just not interesting enough to warrant your time. Your time is precious and valuable. Some would say it is the most valuable thing you possess. So go through your backlog and delete, sell, or give away any games that do not immediately beg you to be played. It’s okay, someone else can enjoy them. If, after your backlog is finished, you even remember what those that you discarded are, you can always get them individually again and play them immediately upon repurchase. It’s completely okay to do that.

This can be a difficult step, don’t get me wrong. We as human beings have great aversions to “missing out.” When you own something you never used, the natural inclination is to keep it, just in case. However your backlog is not bringing you joy, but stress. It is a monkey on your back, and your life will be better without it clinging to you. By eliminating the “eh” games, you eliminate a burden on your life.

Step 4: Play

Finally, a fun step! Once you’ve eliminated the average or uninteresting games, start playing. Not in five minutes. Not tomorrow. Right now. Pick a game at random, or choose the one that you most want to try out in the moment. You don’t have to play long; even five minutes is fine. But you must start, and you must start now. Your backlog exists because you failed to start, and it’s time to rectify that.

If you find, which often happens, that 10 minutes into a game you aren’t having fun, you may need to return to Step 3 and say farewell to that game. Why spend valuable time not being entertained by something you bought FOR entertainment? Don’t put it back “for later.” If you aren’t enjoying it now, you probably won’t in a week from now. If you change your mind, there is no one saying you can’t rebuy the game at that time. Let’s be honest with ourselves, though. We probably aren’t going to rebuy it. Instead, choose another game you will actually enjoy and say goodbye to the one that wasn’t the right fit for you. The worst thing you can do is waste your limited time on a game that doesn’t delight you. What’s the point of playing, then?


Step 5: Schedule Future Playing Time

It seems odd to schedule fun, but it helps a lot. When you’re finished with Step 4 for the day, schedule time either later on or the following day to jump back into the game you just started (or choose another title if that one didn’t end up being your cup of tea).

If you keep this up, your scheduled time to play games may become a highlight of your day. Suddenly you have transformed your backlog from something stressful that drags you down to an uplifting experience! You will find you actually want to play, rather than just feeling guilty about not doing so for so long. That is the change we want to encourage. Games should not bring about guilt. They exist for the opposite reason.

Step 6: Recommit to Step 2 or 3

After a bit of time, you will want to buy a new game again. It is inevitable. At that point, recommit to Step 2 or 3. Either eliminate games from your backlog until you’ve reached your Goal Number, or do not buy that new game. It will be hard, but it is worth it. You are literally transforming your life and the way you value your time and money. Give it a shot!


Beyond Your Backlog

Once you’ve eliminated (or drastically reduced) your backlog, you will feel a lot better. It will be like a weight was lifted off your shoulders. Then the key becomes not inviting the weight back on!

Going forward, when you buy a game, play it immediately. Open the package as soon as you get home, or click the play button once the download is complete. Give it at least 10 minutes right away. Enjoy the experience. After all, you just laid down hard earned money to bring it into your life.

The best thing you can do is refuse to return to the Backlog lifestyle. It will mean that, yes, you miss out on some games on occasion. That’s okay. There is always the chance to play them later, and frankly most of them may not be worth your time anyway. What is worth your time is truly enjoying the games you do buy and play, guilt free. This will also make you appreciate the games you have much more than you ever did when they were stacked in a dusty pile, wishing you would play them. It will be a far better way to live.

Now go forth and conquer that backlog!

An Update on the Gaming Reinvented Contest

As you all know, we’ve been running a special contest on Gaming Reinvented for the last month or so. Based around article writing and offering 200 dollars in video games to the winner, this contest has drawn some incredibly entries. From No Man’s Sky variation to Paper Mario Color Splash and the design of the Gamecube, the articles in this contest have been a lot more interesting than we’d ever expected. Indeed, it’s so good I’ve been struggling to think of a clear winner.

Either way, I thought it’d be a bit interesting to let the users judge some of this for themselves. So now, we have a page listing all the entries in the contest and letting you read them in full! Here it is:

Contest Entries

So what ones are your favourites? And if you’re a writer, do you think you’ll be able to beat out the contest?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!

Interplay Announces Sale of its IPs

Wait, don’t go away just yet! It’s more interesting than the title makes it sound!

Basically, Interplay is a video game developer and publisher that owns a ton of different IPs including the Earthworm Jim series. And what the announcement means is that they’re selling some of the IPs they’ve done less with to new owners.

So why is this interesting?

Well, Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 were great games for the SNES and Mega Drive. And while Interplay’s attempts at getting sequels made (Earthworm Jim 3D and Menace 2 to the Galaxy) were god awful, the original team is still interested in making a fourth title in the style of the classic ones.

Up until now, that’s been impossible.

But now with Interplay selling it? That means that franchise creator Doug TenNaple can now potentially work on a brand new game in the series, assuming a company that’s willing to work with his team buys the license. That’s good news for fans of the franchise, and could potentially lead to the ‘Rayman Origins’ of the Earthworm Jim series.

And that’s not all, there are also a few other potentially interesting IPs here too. Clayfighter is also being sold off, and that’s a cult series whose fans likely want it revived as well. And while there was an attempt at a 2016 game that was eventually cancelled by Interplay, it’s possible that a new owner could bring this series back to its former ‘glory’ as well.

Sacrifice (an obscure real time strategy game) and Descent (a pretty good FPS) have definite potential too, and most of the other IPs on sale were at least decent when they were originally released. Here’s the full list of IPs being put up for sale:

  • Earthworm Jim
  • Freespace
  • Giants
  • Kingpin
  • Messiah
  • MDK
  • Run Like Hell
  • Sacrifice
  • Battlechess
  • Clayfighter
  • Dark Alliance
  • Descent

So yeah, good news for fans of those titles, because they’re now ever closer to being revived by someone who truly cares about the series and doesn’t just want to see it abandoned. Let’s hope this happens, and some of the games above get new instalments by their original creators!

YouTube ‘Advertiser Friendly’ Monetisation Guidelines are Terrible for Gamers

Recently, a bit of controversy has started up about YouTube’s new ‘advertiser friendly content’ rules. Basically, they’re a list of things that are seen as ‘inappropriate’ for monetisation.

They’re bad. Bad enough that just about every big channel on the site has complained about them and said that enforcing them will kill YouTube. Seriously, Gaijin Goomba may have said it best here:

But while they’re bad for most people in general, the rules are worst for one specific group above all others. Namely, gamers and gaming fans in general.

Why is this?

Because by definition, they make it a risk to post gaming content on YouTube.

This is because every one of these points is dangerous for gaming videos. For example, take the point about ‘sexually suggestive’ content. The one about ‘partial nudity’ and ‘sexual humour’. What can that easily describe?

Oh wait, a lot of video games. Dead or Alive is the obvious one, and the VR demo footage makes this even more apparent. As is the entire Leisure Suit Larry series, or any other gaming franchises that focus around adult humour and a character spending the entire game trying to get laid. And that’s just the start of it. What about games like GTA, where some games are shown in a sexual way in some situations (like say, the strip clubs)? How about a typical racing game where attractive women are shown next to the cars at the start or end of the race? The list just goes on and on.

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