Yacht Club Discusses Shovel Knight’s Japanese Localisation

What’s more, it’s a really interesting read.

Why? Because they’re treating it like a real NES game localisation.

The graphics have been edited slightly to match the VRAM differences between the NES and Famicom. The sound effects were switched around. Heck, you’ve even got rice balls in the gastronomer’s frying pan now!

Here’s the post with a longer list of changes:

Japan Localization – Yacht Club Blog

As well as an example of one. Note the obvious addition of rice balls here:

Rice balls in Shovel Knight

Also of note; all these changes can be activated in other regions too. You just need to change the language to one of the Japanese scripts implemented in the game. So those who prefer the new stuff can actually experience it without buying the game again.

Either way, it’s worth reading the article and seeing all the minor changes made to this title. They’re not massive design changes, but they’re all rather neat changes regardless.

What do you think of the changes made to Shovel Knight in its Japanese version?

South Korean GamerGate Causes Massive Controversy Online

Back in 2014, an event called GamerGate caused a TON of controversy in the gaming world.

Driven by a story that someone called Zoe Quinn had dated gaming journalists in exchange for coverage, and eventually expanding to everything media and social justice related, it let to a huge backlash that’s still being felt to this day.


Like this

But while that’s calmed down a bit in the Western gaming world, it seems history is repeating itself in South Korea.


Because another GamerGate like situation has just erupted there! And this controversy is even worse than the GamerGate firefight turned out to be.

So what could possibly cause such a huge uproar? Why is the South Korean internet and gaming community in flames at the moment?

Well, it all starts with a t-shirt being worn by a voice actor for the online game Closers.

Content wise, it doesn’t say much of interest. Just the sentence “Girls don’t need a prince”. It’s a mildly positive message and nothing more.

But the context behind the t-shirt… that’s a different story. Why? Because it comes from a very controversial site called Megalia.

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New Mega Man Game Coming Soon?

Could Mega Man’s bad luck be coming to an end? Is the drought of new games in the series nearly over?

Maybe so! Because over at the Mega Man Network, they’ve posted a rumour stating that a new game might be in development to tie into the new cartoon. This game would be a 2D platformer with gameplay like the originals and HD graphics as well.

mega man

Above: Mega Man from the new cartoon

And it would make a few interesting changes to the characters too. Like how the Robot Masters would no longer have ‘man’ in their names, but be named after musical terms. Such as Flare Symphony, Frostbite Sonata and Saber Wultz. This would follow on from Mega Man’s pseudonym in the show (Aki Light).

What consoles would it be on?

Well, all the normal ones. There would be a ‘main’ version on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC and PlayStation Vita. In addition to this, another version (by a different team) would be announced for the 3DS.

So it sounds good. At least on a surface level.

But is it actually real?

Well, that’s the million dollar question right there. Over at the Mega Man Network, they’re heavily sceptical about the idea. And with the amount of fakes going around, I can’t blame them. ‘Anonymous’ sources have been accurate before, yes. But they’ve also led to reports of fake games and non existent glitches.

Add a lack of proof (in the form of images or videos), and it’s right to be skeptical here. Because at the moment, it’s not more credible than a random forum post.

In addition to that, the concept alone may be a worrying one. After all, games based on TV series do not have a good record. And as Sonic Boom and Street Fighter the Movie have taught us… nor do games based on adaptations of video game franchises. So even if it is real, there’s a very real chance someone will screw it up. Kind of like another project we all know about:


Above: If Kenji Inafune can screw it up…

Still, that’s the rumour anyway. Hopefully it pans out and the Mega Man series gets revived as a result of it.


Rumor: Details on Mega Man of Action Game? – Mega Man Network

Playing Mario Kart Makes You a Better Driver?

See? Video games are good for you after all!

A recent study published in Psychological Science found that playing action video games for as little as five hours could be a cost effective way for people to improve essential visuomotor control skills used for driving.

What’s more, it’s about specific types of games too. The control group for the study played Rollercoaster Tycoon instead. They found no improvement in their driving abilities as a result.

That said, it wasn’t purely linked to driving games. Participants in the study had improved visuomotor control after playing Unreal Tournament too.

And both games seemed to work for different audiences. Experienced drivers found their ability to predict input error signals was improved by playing FPS games like Unreal Tournament. Meanwhile, novice drivers struggling with ‘obtaining stable control’ found driving games were more useful. So people with less driving experience seem to do better with Mario Kart, and those with more do better with non driving games.

It’s an interesting study, and you can read the news release for it here:

Playing Action Video Games Boosts Visual Motor Skill Underlying Driving – APS

Or download the study here:

Psychological Science Study

However, it still raises as many questions as it answers.

Like whether the game genre has an effect here. Oh sure, the study found action games worked better than non action ones. That much is confirmed.

But action is not a genre, but a very wide selection of them. FPS games are different from platformers, and shoot em ups are different to fighting games. As a result, four action games can look completely different from each other:

Above: Super Mario Bros 3, Mario Kart 8, Unreal Tournament and Ocarina of Time

So how does this factor into the findings? Would a 2D or 3D platformer have different benefits to Mario Kart? How about a fighting game like Smash Bros or Street Fighter?

Or heck, two games of the same genre? Mario Kart is very different from the likes of Gran Turismo.

As a result, that’s one thing to test in future. What effects each type of action game has, and whether certain ones have their own unique effects as well.

There’s also the matters of skill and game difficulty.

Because not all games are equal here. Some (like the Kirby series) are incredibly easy. Others (like Dark Souls) are extremely difficult. And with other games often having difficulty levels, this should be factored in as well.

For example, look at Mario Kart. 50cc is easy, 100cc is normal and both 150cc and Mirror Mode are difficult.

Which setting did the participants play on?

And if a group was set up for each option, which group would do better at driving in real life? How about a fourth group, who’d been playing a lot of 200c in Mario Kart 8?

Above: 200c is a real test of your reflexes.

So difficulty needs to be taken into account here.

Skill seems like it could be important too. Would the best Mario Kart player of the group do better than the worst in actual driving? What about the one that beat the staff ghosts?

These are all things that need to be taken into account in future. Hopefully future studies can determine if skill, difficulty and game genre have notable effects not demonstrated in this one.

Either way, it seems like games really are good for you after all! Perhaps now the media might stop criticising them so much and encourage more people to get into gaming as a result!

What do you think of the study and its findings?


Playing Action Video Games Boosts Visual Motor Skill Underlying Driving

Bethesda Stole a Mod for a Fallout 4 Sidequest?

Back before Fallout 4’s release, a Fallout New Vegas mod called Autumn Leaves was published on Moddb. With a colourful cast of characters in a forgotten vault where a murder mystery was taking place, it was rather popular and well received by the series fanbase.

And it seems like that extends to Bethesda themselves.

Just not quite in a good way.

Because come Fallout 4’s Far Harbour DLC, a new sidequest was added called Brain Dead. And guess what?

This sidequest bears an awful lot of resemblances to Autumn Leaves. Have a look at some of these comparisons and tell me you can’t see a lot of suspicious similarities:

fallout comparison

Above: One of the most blatant similarities.

You’ve got every basic element of the sidequest being duplicated down to the character archtypes and general room design. Oh sure, the Fallout 4 version looks a bit fancier (cause hey, it’s a newer game), but you can definitely see how one inspired the other.

Heck, even the basic plot summary is the same:

First off, both quests begins with a discussion through an interphone with the caretaker of the Vault, a headwaiter robot with a rather distinguished persona. The big mandatory Vault Door opens, leaving the player up for the exploration of said vault.

The main quest involves investigating the murder by checking the crime scene, and speaking to every robot in the vault.

The mysterious death of the prime financier of the Vault, who – in both cases – worked alongside Vault-Tec to build the special place.

The importance of voice modulators in the plot, to distinguish the robots between themselves.

The sexytime moment.

And of course, the mandatory “Let’s discuss paintings with a robot.”

That’s not a coincidence.

What’s more, it’s really disappointing on Bethesda’s part. Oh sure, they may own the Fallout IP, but that doesn’t give them the right to steal other people’s work and claim it as their own (without even any credit). They could have very easily credited BaronVonChateau for his work on this mod, or even asked for permission to officially integrate the mod’s storyline into the new game. That would have taken very little effort and would have avoided all the drama.

Instead, they decided to include it without any credit and have stirred up a lot of drama in the process. As a result, this could easily hurt the modding scene for the series, as well as give the company an obvious PR disaster that’s not going to be easily resolved. Nice going there guys!

What do you think of this possible plagiarism in Fallout 4?


Big Publishers and a Small Mod – Moddb Topic