The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Collection; Tracklist Posted

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series, Nintendo is releasing a music CD based on it. This CD will be released at the end of the month in Japan, and can be pre-ordered on CD Japan.

But what’s on the CD? What games are represented?

Well, here’s the list:

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: Adventure of Link
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords +
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes

As you can see, there are some strange choices here. Like the various remakes. Seems weird to have Link’s Awakening DX and the two 3DS games as separate entities here.

It also seems strange to omit quite a few lesser known titles. For example, you’ve got Oracle of Seasons, but not Ages? Four Swords Adventures but not Four Swords? Nothing from The Minish Cap at all?

Some examples of Minish Cap songs that would work really well on this CD

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Is Nintendo NX Getting Mario, Zelda and Pokemon Near Launch?

According to various sources online, Nintendo is putting together one hell of a line up for their coming NX console. Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario and Pokemon available within 6 months of its launch. Third party support via Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros. Basically, everything a good console needs to have off the bat.

It’ll also sit between a PS3 and a PS4 in terms of graphics, target an audience between smartphone and Xbox One/PS4 gamers and (according to an ‘exec’) try and ‘upgrade’ smartphone gamers.

Well, that’s what MCVUK says anyway. But is it true? Can the system really have all that so near launch?

Maybe. It’s pretty obvious Breath of the Wild is going to be a launch game. I mean, it’s an NX title that launches in 2017 and was seemingly delayed just so it could be used to advertise the system.

But I’m a bit more sceptical about the other possibilities. Like Pokemon.


Because we’ve had this happen before. Both Pokemon Black and White and their sequels launched on the DS after the 3DS was released. They could have been delayed and retooled, but they weren’t. Game Freak and the Pokemon Company didn’t see the point of it.

Pokemon Black and White 2 Box Arts

Remember when these games were moved to 3DS? Me neither.

And it’s even less likely in this situation. For one thing, Pokemon Sun and Moon are being released in November 2016. That’s not gonna change. They won’t delay a massive holiday season game for another four months.

So how would Nintendo have a Pokemon game ready for 2017?

A port of Sun and Moon? A successor to Sun and Moon? A third game in generation 7? A random spinoff we haven’t even considered?

Because either way, it seems like it’d be difficult to get a Pokemon game ready for the NX’s launch. So that’s unlikely.

Mario seems more likely though. After all, it was announced as in development all the way back in April 2014. And when you work out when the NX is due to be released March 2017, that perfectly ties into a 3D Mario game development cycle. It was that amount of time between Galaxy 2 and 3D World after all…

As well as third party support, which seems pretty much inevitable here. I mean, almost every system launches with it, just ask the Wii U. Either way, the games side of things seems legit. But how about the other rumours?

Well, the one about upgrading smartphone gamers seems like a bit of ‘pie in the sky’ wishful thinking. You’re talking about people that don’t pay for their games up front and often play them between other activities, and trying to get them into console gaming. It’s not completely hopeless (Pokemon Sun and Moon interest has soared since Pokemon GO became popular), but it still seems like a difficult task based on how different mobile gaming is from console gaming.

Targeting an audience ‘between’ hardcore gamers and smartphone games seems a bit more doable, though I question how big said audience is now. Isn’t that basically who the Wii U was aimed at? Because if so, it kind of proved that Nintendo’s ‘default’ audience is about 10-15 million people. Not exactly the numbers needed to support a whole system.

All the other stuff is basically saying ‘Eurogamer’s report was accurate’. Which it seems to be based on all the other sources agreeing with it.

So what do you think? Is the NX really going to have a Mario, Zelda and Pokemon game ready at launch? And will it really manage to get smartphone gamers interested in console games?

Original Rumour on MCVK

10 Underrated Gaming Channels to Check Out in 2016

When it comes to popular gaming channels on Youtube, we all know the big ones. Pewdiepie. Markiplier. Game Theory. All channels with millions of subscribers and huge fanbases following their every beck and call.

But channels like this aren’t the only ones worth checking out on Youtube at the moment. Oh no, there are tons of great channels with nowhere near the attention they deserve. People who talk about all manner of cool things, yet only have 2000 subscribers after multiple years. Channels that take on interesting topics like glitches and beta content. That sort of thing.

So here are ten of them. Here are ten underrated gaming channels to check out and subscribe to right now!


So let’s start off the list with a channel that Gaming Reinvented readers may be pretty familiar with already. Namely, BlueJackG, the Wario remix aficionado who redid the entire soundtrack of Wario Land 4 in HD with modern instruments and cleaner voice effects.

But that’s not all he’s done either. Oh no, he’s also remixed various songs from Castlevania, WarioWare and Super Mario Bros, done Let’s Plays of games like Ghost Trick and posted walkthroughs for a good ten or twenty games before even that. BlueJackG has posted tons of great videos over the last six years or so.

Which makes it all the more depressing when to know that his channel is still under 2000 subscribers after nearly two thirds of a decade. That’s sad, especially when your average Game Theory rip off or Youtube rant channel will seemingly end up with about 50,000 subscribers within its first week nowadays.

So if you want some great video game remixes (and the odd Let’s Play), subscribe to BlueJackG on Youtube today.


Talking of music remixes, that’s the speciality of our next Youtuber. NoteBlock has uploaded a massive 126 video game remixes since he started on Youtube in April 2014. These range from remixes of familiar songs from popular titles (like the Lost Woods or Gerudo Valley in Ocarina of Time) to slightly ones based on slightly more unknown ones like Cheese Land from Mario Kart Super Circuit.

They’re all really well done remixes too, taking a familiar song and changing it up in all kinds of interesting and novel ways. For example, their version of Ashley’s theme from WarioWare Touched is perhaps the only remix I’ve heard that actually changes up the order of the vocals and mixes it with other ‘spooky’ songs from the series.

Yet even despite the uniqueness of these remixes and their general high quality, the channel is still overshadowed by a lot of competitors. Yes, the popular ones can get about 20,000 views and a few hundred likes. That’s good.

But when you compare it to the legions of other Mario and Zelda remixes with hundreds of thousands of views a piece, it’s tiny. How can a MIDI get hundreds of thousands of views for merely changing the soundfont whereas a more interesting remix gets maybe about 10,000 if its lucky? It makes no sense at all!

So let’s give ’em a bit of support, shall we? Let’s get NoteBlock’s remixes up there with the most popular gaming music channels on the service!

Tanooki Tails

But enough with the music for a minute, let’s move on to game analysis videos. Like the ones posted by Tanooki Tails, which often focus on the Paper Mario series.

These videos make a lot of interesting points about games and (in Paper Mario’s case) their various shortcomings. Like how in this video, he calls out Intelligent Systems for putting the minimum effort into Paper Mario Color Splash:

It’s a really emotional video, and it brilliantly summarises where Nintendo is going wrong with the Mario series in the last few years.

Yet nowhere near enough people have seen it. Heck, not enough people have seen the channel in general to be honest, since it’s not even at 200 subscribers as of this point in time. Either way, it’s well worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of the Paper Mario series.


Another interesting channel this one. Why? Because of one key video series that’s well worth subscribing to the channel for on its own.

Namely, Boundary Break.

So what’s Boundary Break?

Well, it’s a series where Shesez uses free camera codes and cheats explore the world outside of various video game levels. For example, he goes outside various Mario Kart tracks and Super Smash Bros battlefields to see what interesting details he can find in the distance.

This leads to some cool discoveries. Like the weirdly creepy low poly versions of characters from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2:

nightmare peach

Or the two cities surrounding Wario Colosseum in Mario Kart Double Dash. Again, it’s something that you would never see if playing normally.

It’s a very interesting series, and one that pretty much doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet. Definitely one to look at it if you’re fascinated by what lurks behind the boundary walls in the worlds you visit.

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Will the NX Be a Cartridge Based System With Detachable Controllers?

Just yesterday, we heard that information about the NX would be leaked today. And hey, lo and behold, Eurogamer now have an article about just that! They say some sources have confirmed to them what Nintendo’s new system is like.

So what is it? What is the NX, according to these mysterious sources?

Well apparently, the NX functions as a high power handheld console with own display. However, you can then supposedly connect it to your TV to work as a home console. So in other words, it’d be a hybrid console like some of rumours suggested.

It will also supposedly use cartridges for games. Like on a NES/SNES/Nintendo 64, except slightly more modernised. These cartridges would be around 32 GB in size. That’s not much; Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is 49 GB and Grand Theft Auto V is 80 GB.

nx cart

Euro Gamer’s ‘Depiction’ of an NX Cart

So third party support might not be as good as Nintendo was hoping. Especially not if the console has to compete with the new Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Neo hardware.

Processor wise, the console is supposedly running Nvidia’s Tegra processor. This is because Nintendo is more interested in trying to squeeze the tech into a handheld than reaching graphical parity with its competitors.

It’ll run on a custom OS, not Android.

Backwards compatibility is non existent cause of different hardware.

And apparently, Nintendo now has a decent marketing strategy this time around. They’re pushing the ability to ‘take your games with you on the go’.

They plan to reveal the console in September.

So that’s the rumour from Eurogamer. But is it really true?

Well, I’m very sceptical to be honest with you. For one thing, this seems like the kind of business mistake Nintendo wouldn’t make after the Wii U.

I mean, think about third party support a minute. You know how the Wii U barely got any?

Yeah, this rumoured machine wouldn’t either.

Because it’s simply too weak to run it. Games like GTA and Call of Duty would take up far too much space and resources for a cartridge based machine like this, and the difference in hardware would just make them even harder to port over.

As a result, it seems unlikely Nintendo would do this. They can’t carry an entire system on their own, and they wouldn’t take risks with third party support like this again. It’d mean they hadn’t learnt from the Wii U debacle.

Then there also the matter of backwards compatibility. Or the lack of it.

This seems like another thing Nintendo likely wouldn’t want to leave behind. Why? Because backwards compatibility is a great way to give people something to do on a new system. It’s why every Nintendo handheld basically comes roaring out the gate with a full fledged software library courtesy of its predecessor.

I’m not sure Nintendo would want to lose that. Especially not if the NX is being designed like a handheld console.

Finally, there’s also the obvious issues with a ‘hybrid’ in general. What issues?

Well, read this article if you haven’t done so already:

Why a Hybrid Console is a Bad Idea

Basically, a handheld’s needs are very different from a home console’s ones. It needs a decent battery life. Size and form factor that makes it easy to carry. And for the most part, games designed to be played in short bursts.

There are rumours that games can somehow run differently based on how they’re loaded. That ‘mechanic’ might fix the last problem somehow. By say, running a game in different ‘handheld’ and ‘home console’ modes. That’s possible (albeit ridiculously complicated to implement well).

But it doesn’t deal with the problems of battery life or size. The former is a huge issue, given that the Wii U GamePad runs out of power quickly and the 3DS has a far shorter battery life than the DS ever did. A handheld that requires constant charging is nearly useless for playing ‘games on the go’.

I also wonder whether the NX as a portable is a bit of a big leap for handhelds. I mean, seems kind of unrealistic to go from this:

To this:

In the equivalent of one generation.

Cause that’s what it’s implying. Has handheld console technology really got that much better in 5 years? I’m not convinced to be honest. It seems unlikely a portable could compete as a home console in the eighth generation like this.

But it’s just a rumour. Let’s just see what happens, shall we?


NX is a Portable Console With Deatachable Controllers

Project Sonic 2017 Announced for Nintendo NX

It was revealed at Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party last night and is due out on various consoles in 2017. Here’s the trailer for the game:

As you can see, it follows on from Sonic Generations with the two versions of Sonic working together again this. In a game described as a new experience rather than a sequel, it asks you to ‘join the resistance’ against what seems to be Eggman’s rule of the world.

So it’s definitely going for a darker tone than before. Hopefully it won’t be another Sonic 2006 or Shadow the Hedgehog this time.

The game is coming to NX, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017.

What do you think about the new game? Is it a title you plan on buying when 2017 rolls around?


Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter