Ubisoft Asked for Beyond Good and Evil 2 Article to be Removed?

Yes really. They asked the people at Destructoid to remove an article about a possible Beyond Good and Evil sequel, heavily hinting that such a game is in development. It can apparently be heard about 5 or 6 minutes in the podcast linked here:

The Destructoid UK Podcast – Episode 37

So yeah, seems like something might happening on the Beyond Good and Evil sequel front, since companies never usually comment on completely unsubstantiated rumours. What’s more, it might be a Nintendo NX game, based on the latest rumours going around…

But what do you think? Is this evidence that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is being made and will actually be a thing or some point? Or is there another reason that a company would ask for an article about a random rumour to be removed from a video game news site?


NeoGaf Post About Rumour (Archived)

LEGO Star Wars the Force Awakens Announced

Officially at least, since the game’s existence was actually leaked by Amazon’s Italian branch a good few days ago. None the less, here’s the official trailer for the game, released by Disney on the offical Youtube channel for the franchise:

So what can we say about it? Well, not a lot really, the trailer is only the briefest possible glimpse at what’s likely to be in the game. None the less, it seems like everyone from the movie is here, from villain Kylo Ren to circular droid BB-8 to new characters like Rey and Finn. And it also seems to maintain the… somewhat light hearted sense of humour from the other LEGO adaptations too, which could be a breath of fresh air for some people.

But what do you think? Are you excited for the new LEGO adaptation of Star Wars the Force Awakens? Or would you rather see the characters in other games, like Disney Infinity or a non LEGO related adaptation?

New Super Smash Bros Game Coming As NX Launch Title?

Well, this would certainly be exciting if true, though I certainly wouldn’t count on it. Basically, the current rumour going around at the moment (courtesy of a Twitter user and known gaming info leaker called Dr. Serkan Toto (and his anonymous source) is that a new Super Smash Bros game will be coming to the Nintendo NX as a launch title. Here’s the tweet about it:

But is it true? To be honest… that’s hard to say. I mean, it’s an anonymous source, that’s already a sort of red flag in itself, regardless of what user or publication is passing on their message.

What’s more, nothing says this has to be a NEW game. Oh sure, it’s supposedly got something to do with Super Smash Bros. But it’s just as likely (and somewhat hinted at) that it could be an improved version of an older title, like an improved Smash Bros 4 with the DLC stuff included by default. Or heck, if you want a really insane idea, maybe a HD Melee remake or something equally crazy.

Either way, Smash Bros might be coming as an NX launch game. Maybe this might be what the system needs to sell right off the bat!

Possible Nintendo NX Details Leaked Online?

As per usual, take this with a pinch of salt, since it’s from an anonymous source and has that definite ‘too good to be true’ feel to it.  Either way, this interesting document about the Nintendo NX was sent to Twitter user Liam Robertson or Tamaki, and gives away what appears to be new information about the Nintendo NX, its features and its game line up.  Here’s what it says:

You will now see some more information about the Nintendo NX console.

Nintendo NX

  • Exclusive game franchises featuring Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and more
  • Connect with other Nintendo players around the world via the Nintendo Network
  • Gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handheld device.
  • Earn and share gaming achievements, triumphs and defeats with your gaming friends and the Nintendo gaming community.
  • Surf the Web or make video calls on your TV
  • Supports 4K/60fps video streaming
  • Gameplay graphics at 900p/60fps

What’s in the Box

  • Nintendo NX console
  • Sensor Bar
  • Game Controller
  • HDMI Cable

You can also view the original document in PNG format here:

Nintendo NX Info

But is it true? Well to be honest, we’re not sure. We’d say it’s more likely the document is fake than real, given some of the features and the unlikelyness that Nintendo will include them in their system.

For instance, would they really include a bunch of video streaming features? Or the ability to make video calls on your TV? Or implement a full fledged achievement system similar to the Xbox and Playstation ones? They’re definitely all features people would like, but they’re also not really the kind of thing we can see Nintendo doing for a new system.

But don’t let that count it out as false. Companies change, and Nintendo’s management has changed significantly to the point they’re taking a lot more ideas from their competitors than they used to. On disc DLC, freemium games, product placement, day one patches and updates. It’s not exactly all good stuff, but hey, perhaps if they’re taking those controversial idea, they’re also looking at the possibility of achievements and video streaming too.

On another note, it’s interesting to see the whole ‘hybrid console’ thing seemingly play out here as well. A Nintendo NX handheld device and a Nintendo NX home console? Guess if it’s true, they really are merging the product lines together, and having them act as a more interconnected experience. It’s also interesting to note the presence of Donkey Kong in the Nintendo franchises list, which might potentially imply a Donkey Kong Country Forever game could be a launch title for the system. Could this the return of King K Rool and the Kremlings?

Either way, those are the rumoured details. Do you believe them? Do you think the Nintendo NX really will have all this stuff? Or is it just another hoaxer pretending to be a Nintendo insider and sending people false information to see people’s reactions?


Nintendo NX Survey Rumour – Liam Robertson’s Twitter Page

The Nintendo World Store Is Getting a Makeover!

From January 19th to February 19th, the Nintendo World Store in New York will be closed while it undergoes major renovation work.  It will be getting a new look and feel, demo units for 3DS and Wii U games, a large demo screen for games and (apparently) a giant bronze coin at the entrance with the tagline ‘Where everyone comes to play’.

But that’s not the interesting thing.  Okay, it’s certainly interesting to some extent (as is the other info like the store having giveaways, selling exclusive merchandise like T-shirts and having costumed characters).  But what truly interests me is the new title; Nintendo NY Store.

Why?  Well, the original was the Nintendo World Store.  So the implication was that it was the Nintendo store, that no others would be opening in other locations.  But a mention of the term ‘New York’ in the name?  That’s interesting.  It implies that in future, we might get multiple Nintendo stores, perhaps in different parts of the world.  And if places like the UK, or maybe Canada, or Australia, or France (or anywhere else in the world) get them, that’s gonna make things a whole lot better and more convenient for the Nintendo fans unable or unwilling to pay the price of a plane ticket to the US.

But what do you think?  Is this rebranding a possible sign the Nintendo World Store might not be exclusive to North America in future?  And if so, where would you want another one to open?


Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Plaza Gets a Massive Makeover – My Nintendo News