Is MH Nintendo’s Next Handheld Console?

No, not Monster Hunter (though a lot of people have made that joke already). Basically, there’s a Japanese ‘Traders Web’ article which mentions a possible Nintendo portable console codenamed MH, which has gotten people hyped over the idea of a 3DS successor.

But as prominent industry analyst ZhugeEX says, this is not a confirmation of anything. There’s no word from Nintendo on the possibility of such a system and there’s evidence either way for something like this being in development.

Instead, what we’ve got is a prediction for what might happen, made to give investors an idea about what the company might be doing in the future. Or in other words, the NX is coming. Nintendo has always made a handheld to go with their home consoles. Hence by any logic, a handheld is coming at some point too. We’ll just call it ‘MH’ because we need a two letter codename to go with it and that’s as good as any.

Does that mean we won’t get a new handheld console?

Not at all. In fact, I’m pretty confident we will get one at some point, and presumably quite soon. 3DS sales aren’t as good as they once were, the cycle is coming to a close and Nintendo generally does like to release their portable consoles within a year or so of their home system. What’s more, the idea still makes business sense for now. Why? Well, because Nintendo tends to make a profit on their consoles, and their handheld ones are no exception to the rule (3DS as the initial sole exception so far). There’s also the fact that the company collects licensing fees from companies who release games on it, they take a share of the money spend on games for the console and they make more money from people buying their games there than they often might on mobile. Well, at least in the short run, the revenue made on Mario games sold at 40 quid a pop is pretty sizeable even without the sheer number of users on mobile platforms.

And hey, they also make more money of us too. Don’t forget that part. A lot of Nintendo fans will happily buy the same game on multiple systems. A lot of gamers in general will buy similar games on multiple systems. Nintendo thanks you for buying Super Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U, or New Super Mario Bros on DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U! 10 million or so of you bought New Super Mario Bros 2! Another 5 million bought New Super Mario Bros U! There’s real money in releasing the same thing on two different systems, even if the mobile market is getting bigger than the console one!

Either way, the ‘MH’ is not confirmed and there’s no proof that Nintendo is working on it. We’ll likely be getting a new handheld games system from the company, but there’s nothing to say that this is it.


Translation of Trader’s Web news mentioning Nintendo’s new portable console MH – BlackKite on Twitter

Opinion: The Seven Most Controversial Video Game Announcements

Apparently one of the Paper Mario videos was stolen, so I’ve updated it to the latest version. Thanks to the Loney Goomba on Twitter for making the video in question! And to main_gi for reporting it!

Usually, most criticism of a game or show tends to happen after it’s been announced for a while. Like say, when a new trailer shows off a character that everyone immediately dislikes. When the game is released and turns out to be broken to hell and back. Or heck, when the game just turns out to be utter crap and doesn’t live up to early expectations.

But then, you have the times where it all goes pear shaped right off the bat. Where for good or bad, the fanbase/public/internet immediately hates a new game the minute it’s been announced. Maybe it doesn’t look very good and people’s expectations are sent crashing through the floor. Maybe it’s nothing like the original and the fanbase now wants to storm the developer’s office in an angry vigilante mob. Or hell, maybe the reveal was done in such a batshit insane, stupid way that marketing experts worldwide are smashing their heads into the wall at just how poorly thought out the trailer was.

Above: Just your stereotypical angry mob!

And that’s what this is about. Here are the six most controversial video game announcements. The games whose trailers and announcements were so poorly done that the internet collectively lost it minutes afterwards.

Wii Music

So let’s start off with an extremely infamous game. Back in 2007 to 2008, the Wii was on top of the world. Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart Wii were doing great, Super Smash Bros Brawl had been released to mass critical acclaim and well, everyone thought E3 2008 was just going to continue the trend. Afterward, we’re on top of the world! What could possibly go wrong?


After one hell of a boring, mostly uninspired E3 presentation, Nintendo announced a mystery game.

Cue Wii Music. Or more accurately, cue a ‘band’ of Nintendo employees badly trying to play the Super Mario Bros theme by waving Wii remotes around on stage:

In one foul swoop, any chance of Nintendo doing well at E3 that year was blown straight out of the water. They’d do better in the next one (thank you Donkey Kong Country Returns!), but in 2008, Nintendo was the laughing stock of E3.

Oh, and what become of Wii Music?

Not much. No one really gave much of a damn about it, it got discontinued really quickly and as of now, even Nintendo has basically forgotten that it even exists.

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

Which brings us onto this game. One which a significant portion of the Banjo-Kazooie would prefer to forget. And to be honest, it all came down to one thing:

Bad expectations.

Basically, trailer 1 for ‘Banjo-Threeie’ promised a normal Banjo-Kazooie game. Okay, we never got to see any real game footage, but it showed Banjo and Kazooie using their special moves to try and break into a locked room and gave glimpses of a HD version of Spiral Mountain:

Unfortunately, that’s not what we got. Instead, we got this:

Oh boy. Suddenly, our (maybe second) favourite platformer star was driving vehicles and doing random missions in strange and somewhat generic worlds, with the actual platforming few and far between.

That didn’t go down well. Why? Well, imagine if you saw a new Metroid game announcement, and then it turned out it was Metroid RC Car Racing. And was an online only, multiplayer focused title.

Metroid Prime Federation Force

Above: We’ll get to that.

Of course, the controversy when the game actually came out (hello LOG basically saying old school Banjo was crap and that kids nowadays would never play it) made the trailer controversy look tame, but it wasn’t well received regardless.

That still, it still got better received than…

Young Conker

Two Rare series in a row? Yep, and if you think what Rare did to Banjo was bad enough, just wait till you see what they did to poor old Conker:

Seriously, what the bleeding hell is that thing? It looks like a dehydrated rat in a space suit! That’s not Conker! It’s got the same voice, sure. But the game doesn’t look to play like a Conker game, the characters look horribly off model and absolutely no one thinks it’s a good idea.

And if you think I’m exaggerating here… well, just look at that dislike counter. 1000 or so likes compared to nearly 25,000 dislikes. That’s not so much a vocal hatedom as much as just about everyone’s who watched it thinking it’s terrible! Even die hard Rare fans couldn’t manage to defend this thing!

On a more positive side, some negatively received games can turn out to be really good…

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Elite Beat Agents Might Be Getting a Sequel?

Quite a few DS owners might remember the game Elite Beat Agents. Meant as a Western sister game to the Japanesw rhythmn game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, it was hugely popular in its day and got some great review scores back in 2006.

Unfortunately, activity in regards to its series has been… slow at best over the last decade. Indeed, since Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 in 2007, the series has basically been on hiatus for years on end.

But could thing be changing? Possibly, since popular gaming site Polygon got a chance to speak with the game’s director Keiichi Yano. What did he say when asked about the possibility of another game in the series? This:

I have a great relationship with Nintendo. I think, as with many of these types of games that have this following and at some point they come back, I think there will be a right time when it feels like [the series] should come back. A lot of times, the platform will dictate those kind of things.

I think, as with many of these types of games that have this following and at some point they come back, I think there will be a right time when it feels like [the series] should come back. A lot of times, the platform will dictate those kind of things.

I’d certainly love to make another version of it, and hopefully it’s on the next platform

So what does it all mean? Well to be honest, it means that the game could get a sequel if the console seems well suited for one.

And what kind of platform could that be?

Well, the original one was on DS, which was a touch screen focused system aimed at a wide audience that wanted quicker and easier to play games. So my guess is either a system with an interesting new gimmick that makes this kind of game more creative or one aimed at an audience like the DS’. Could it be the Nintendo NX? Possibly, though we can’t take any set in stone confirmation from the quote above.

But what do you think? Do you want a new Elite Beat Agents game? And what system should it be released on?

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Nintendo Outlines E3 Plans for 2016!

A short while ago, it was mentioned that the only playable Nintendo game at E3 2016 would be the Legend of Zelda. There would be no Nintendo NX titles. There would be nothing about the console itself. Nor would there be playable versions of titles like Pokemon Sun and Moon or Paper Mario Colour Splash.

Either way, the internet went crazy over it.

Well now they’ve given a few more details about their E3 plans. To cut a long story short, it will be their sole focus at the show. It will be the only playable game at said show.

And what’s more, it seems like there won’t even be a Nintendo Direct to go with it. Instead, their presentation will start on 9 a.m. PT Tuesday, June 14, when Reggie will introduce Treehouse Live. Which will be dedicated to a day of live streamed footage of The Legend of Zelda. Okay, it will have interviews and other behind the scenes stuff to vary it up a bit, but it’s still all about the one game.

Nintendo of America is also holding a contest on Twitter where a lucky fan can win a trip for two to E3 to play the game. To enter, they must tweet to @NintendoAmerica about what the series means to them, while using the hashtags #MyZeldaLegend and #NintendoSweepstakes. As seen in Nintendo’s Twitter post here:

So what can I say about these E3 plans?

Well on the positive side, this does look like it’s going to be an amazing game. The trailers for it looked really good, the open world aspect seems promising and the Sheikah symbol on Nintendo’s E3 site implies that it’ll somehow expand on the group’s backstory in some way. So for those of us who are Zelda fans, the game shouldn’t disappoint.

sheikah symbol

Above: Something that will excite many a Zelda fan. Especially the ones that like Ocarina of Time or Skyward Sword.

The problem is that not everywhere is a fan of the Zelda series. Sure, about 20 million people obviously are, as seen by the sales numbers. But another few hundred million prefer Mario or Pokemon or Metroid or Super Smash Bros or well… just about any other franchise that Nintendo owns. For these people, Nintendo’s E3 presence is completely uninteresting to them. There’s no reason for them to watch any coverage of Nintendo’s event. So off the bat, Nintendo have restricted their E3 audience to the Legend of Zelda fanbase. That’s not a good move.

There’s also the obvious worry that it could all go wrong. I mean, Nintendo isn’t perfect. They’ve made mediocre games in popular franchises, and they’re going to continue to make them in future. That’s just how the world works.

But with the new Legend of Zelda game being the only Nintendo related thing at E3, they literally have zero room to mess this up. If the game has an underwhelming first trailer or the coverage starts out in a boring way, then Nintendo will instantly becoming the laughing stock of the internet. If the game outright looks bad or broken in some sense… well, now they’ve got a situation on par with Wii Music’s announcement and the rest of the E3 2008 disaster. They can’t afford that to happen, since their reputation is already at an all time low with such hated games as Metroid Prime Federation Force and Paper Mario Colour Splash just around the corner.

They also can’t afford to have Zelda U as a mediocre game because of it’s likely role as a Nintendo NX launch game. A good Zelda game will sell people on the new console, like Twilight Princess did for the Wii. A bad one could just about kill the hype outright.

Either way, it’s a risky move Nintendo are making here. Will a one game E3 pay off? Hard to say. But the new Zelda game just has to live up to the hype now, since Nintendo have no margin for error and are resting their hopes for the next ten or so months on this one title.

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Nintendo New York Is Holding Private Event on May 5th

Well, this may or may not be a sign of any interesting happening. The Nintendo New York store has announced that the second floor will be closed for a ‘private event’ until 1pm on May 5th 2016, as seen in this Twitter post:

So what could this entail? Well, the last time this sort of thing happened, we got a Nintendo Direct out of it. And with the Nintendo NX being a no go at E3 and people’s imaginations running wild, there’s speculation it could be a Nintendo NX related presentation or something. Perhaps either for developers, journalists or retail companies stocking the system.

More practically speaking though, it’s probably nothing that important. After all, why have a Direct only a month before E3? Why show off the new console in a tiny presentation at a Nintendo shop rather than in a large convention where the whole world is watching? What’s more, given it’s happening tomorrow, it seems like we would have gotten a bit more warning if something important was on the way.

Either way, this is all just speculation till proven otherwise. Remember, Nintendo isn’t exactly a company that likes to do things logically at all times, so don’t rule out any possibilities.

What do you think the private event will be about?