The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes

Continuining the visual style of the beloved Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds for 3DS, The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes is a new adventure for everyone’s favourite hylian hero.

In this one, three players team up (each as Link, like in Four Swords) and use their abilities to make their way through clever dungeons and to battle tough bosses.   Stack three Links on top of one another with the totem ability to solve puzzles and collect loot to create new outfits with special powers.


  • As Link, buddy up with two other Link characters and cooperatively solve
    inventive puzzles to progress through the game.
  • All three players share hearts, so they must work together to defeat
    enemies and solve puzzles.
  • Stack three Links on top of each other with the new “Totem” mechanic,
    which makes it possible to reach new locations to solve puzzles.
  • Collect loot to create wearable outfits, each with a different boost or ability.
    Each dungeon is structured with four main areas.
  • Single-player mode allows the player to rent two paper dolls to take along
    to complete the team of three and face challenges in dungeons.
  • Choose from a set of emoticons to communicate with each other while
    playing in multiplayer mode.
  • Team up with two other players in multiplayer mode via local wireless
    connection, online and with download play

Metroid Prime Federation Force

Join a four-player local or online squad in this co-operative sci-fi shooter
set in the Metroid universe. Hop in a specialized battle Mech suit and work
with your teammates to take down enemy forces and complete objectivebased
missions. Then, take a break and play a fun, pick-up game of Blast Ball with fellow troops.

  • Up to 4 players take on a variety of co-op missions in this first-person, sci-fi
    shooter set in the Metroid universe
  • Work together as a team to clear out enemy-infested bases and complete
    objective-based mission
  • Take on enemies with a blaster and special sub-weapons
  • Aim using the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyroscope
  • Join a pick-up game of Blast Ball, a 3-on-3 sci-fi sport in the Metroid
    universe where players shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal to score

Super Smash Bros 4; Ryu, Roy and Mii Costume Trailers

Straight from Nintendo themselves, here are the official trailers for the newest additions to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS.

Roy Trailer

Ryu Trailer

And because Nintendo UK hasn’t uploaded it yet, the trailer for the Mii costumes:

As was mentioned in the recent live stream, all the above characters and content are available to buy in game right now.  So if you want anything you see in this post, start up Super Smash Bros for 3DS or Super Smash Bros for Wii U, open the DLC show and buy at your heart’s content.

Enjoy the new characters and costumes!

Super Smash Bros 4 Live Stream; As It Happens

In this post, we’ll be updating you on all the things said during today’s live stream of the Super Smash Bros for Wii U (and 3DS, though that doesn’t seem to be the focus any more).

This will include information on any new characters, information on any ballot results (if announced), information on new stages and items and assist trophies, stuff about new modes and much, much more.

So what are Nintendo going to announce?  Let’s find out!

03:40: It’s starting!

03:40: Oh look it’s Roy.  Who’d have guessed?

Hint: Everyone who’s seen the videos.

Roy Joins the Battle!

03:42: Lucas too.  Apparently they’ll be released at the same time.

03:42: Both at $4

03:43: Mega Man X, Animal Crossing, Splatoon and Virtua Fighter Mii costumes.  Does anyone actually care for these?

03:44: Splatoon trophies too.

03:45: Mii Amiibos, which can be used with DLC costumes.  Interesting, but… does anyone care about these Miis?

03:45: Mr Game & Watch, ROB, Duck Hunt Duo and Falco get Amiibos.

03:47: New stages.  Dream Land from Smash Bros 64. It’s in both the Wii U and 3DS versions.

03:48: They’re also adding Mario Bros and Hyrule Castle from the original!

03:48: The Miiverse stage is free.

03:48: Tourney mode is coming, with both regular and timed versions.  Coming in August!

03:49: You’ll now be able to upload videos to Youtube.  Cool. Especially given they’re normal video files that can be used anywhere else!

03:50: Yep, it’s Ryu now.  Didn’t see that one gaming![/sarcasm]

03:51: Still, he does have cool moves and a home stage. And he gets different moves based on how long you hold the button!

03:51: His moves can be activated with the original combo controls.  Cool I guess.

03:55: The stage for him looks cool.  The music actually changes when the fight is about to end!

03:56: Tekken is represented with a costume.

03:57: They’re both getting Amiibos too!

03:58: Everything’s been released too!

03:58: And that’s everything.  Okay, but I wanted to hear who was decided from the character ballot.  Any results yet?  Anyone?

Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS; Nintendo Live Stream

As you likely know by now, Nintendo is making a Nintendo Direct style video about the new Super Smash Bros game at 3:40PM today (GMT time zone).  So in advance of the stream actually starting (and Ryu and Roy likely being officially announced), we thought we’d better have the video player posted on the site.

So below is Nintendo’s live stream.  Just wait for it to start, and you’ll be able to see all the cool stuff announced later today:

We’ll be running a series of live updates as well, although those will be in a separate post.