The Business of Review Copies; More Evidence of Industry Corruption?

Take this with a pinch of salt, since no sites are specifically named in the original Tweets or messages about it, but it seems an interesting set of allegations have been made about corruption and the review copies some video game sites receive.

What kind of corruption?  Well, how about flogging the things on eBay before the game’s release date?  Or companies trying to sabotage smaller sites by convincing PR firms to delay or ‘run out’ of review copies to stop them getting early information.  Either way, here’s the full set of corruption allegations, by someone called Chihiro Onitsuka on Twitter:

300K hits? Is that hits, visitors or page views? Because 300K hits is nothing. 300K page views is slightly better, and 300K visitors is actually impressive.

Well, every site I use is probably blacklisted then. As is this site, though we arguably blacklisted ourselves back we were a 3DS specific site. We pretty much told every Youtube network and gaming company (Nintendo included) that we weren’t interested in ‘agreements’ or deals and that they should sod off.

Not surprising, unfortunately. Ever wonder why IGN and Gamespot get games so far before everyone else?

Okay, this annoys the hell out of me personally. If anyone can get evidence, can we sue them for anti competitive practices?

I think most people already knew this. Some of this also ends up on eBay.

On the other hand… perhaps independent sites could take advantage of this. All we need are a few corrupt journalists willing to flog review copies, and we’re in business!

In other words, don’t believe all the ‘hardware issue’ stories you read, some are made up for cheap hits.

*Drops old 3DS out of third story window*

See? The console has a hardware fault!

Wonder where all those early copies of games on torrent sites come from? Reviewers on large gaming sites apparently. Wonder what Nintendo would think of this? Especially if Super Mario Maker somehow ends up on a torrent tracker…

So those are the allegations. Are they true? Probably. In fact, someone at a certain subreddit confirmed many of them in a comment on the article:

Journalism is Dead Discussion – Reddit

Either way, it seems like corruption in this industry is even worse than we thought, and some journalists are outright abusing their positions to get in good with video game pirates and thieves.

What do you think of these interesting ‘allegations’ about video game journalism and the industry?


Chihirodev’s Allegations – Storify

Chibi-Robo Zip Lash; New Trailer

Now complete with various different costumes he can unlock and wear in game, based on various animals and Nintendo characters!  Here’s the video:

So, who’s excited for this game?

Miyamoto Reveals ‘Mario Myths’ Tomorrow!

Or in simple terms, Shigeru Miyamoto reveals everything about ‘Mario canon’, including who Bowser Jr’s mother is and various other things the Mario fanbase have been wondering for a couple of decades.  Nintendo actually released an amusing trailer announcing this:

So yeah, what’s going to be revealed?  Other than the identity of Bowser Jr’s mother (is is Clawdia Koopa like the Official Nintendo Magazine stated in about 1996?), that’s a good question.  Maybe it’ll include stuff like ‘why Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach in the first place’.  Or what those ‘hell valley trees’ from Super Mario Galaxy 2 are supposed to be.  Or how exactly the Koopalings are related to Bowser and Bowser Jr, given the recent games’ refusal to say they’re the former’s children.

But what do you think?  Are you a bit excited by the Mario ‘myths’ being resolved tomorrow, on the 10th of September?


Mario Kart 7 Has Been Hacked with Custom Tracks

Need a reason to return to Mario Kart 7 after the eighth game outclassed it in every way?  Well, it seems like you might now have one, since custom GPs and track content has now been hacked into the game, by the good folks at the community.

Here’s a video showing it in action, complete with footage of such tracks as Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road!

Either way, you can find links to download this and install it on your 3DS in the video description.  Looks like Mario Kart 7 could be getting a whole new lease of life when this is all done, couldn’t it?

No, Samus Aran is Not Transgender

So a couple of hours ago, we had a bit of a… controversial article posted about the Metroid series. Quoting a really obscure comment by a Metroid 1 developer to say that Samus was ‘transgender’, the Nintendo fanbase kind of went mental over it. Add the usual idiocy from the site that posted it (The Mary Sue, a ‘feminist’ website that seems to find joy in aggravating everyone in sight) and the responses getting all caught up in the GamerGate fiasco… and you got a complete disaster.

Metroid Prime Samus

Above: Not transgender


Above: Also not transgender. The manga said nothing about it either.

But more importantly, it was also completely wrong. Samus Aran from the Metroid series is not (and never was intended to be) transgender.

As per a Twitter post showing a Japanese interview with Sakamoto Yoshio:

So that settles that. Samus isn’t transgender. But didn’t that other developer/designer say she was?

Not really. One person who worked on the game was asked this question by some strategy guide writers. Yet when someone else involved in the series was asked, they said the opposite.

So who to trust? Personally, I’d go with the person whose worked on the series more and had more of an influence over it and its canon. That person is Yoshio Sakamoto, not Hirofumi Matsuoka. It’s a bit like asking Shigeru Miyamoto and Mahito Yokota how old Mario is. They might give different answers, but the guy who had more of an influence in the series and its creation is a better authority than the one with slightly less importance to the series.

Either way, we think it’s pretty clear; Samus is not transgender. One person may have intended that at one point in time, but that goes against the rest of the series and what some of the more important figures in the franchise’s history have to say about the matter. Let’s let it go, and stop trying to revise history. If this was ever true of Samus in the past, it certainly isn’t now.