Nintendo moving on from Game Boy games on 3DS Virtual Console

Know of a Game Boy that’s not on the 3DS Virtual Console game yet needs to be brought back?  Well if so, it seems like there’s bad news ahead.  When asked about the possibility of their Tail Gator title being released on the 3DS Virtual Console, Natsume Inc said that Nintendo has moved on from Game Boy games and that anything by them that’s not on there won’t be coming in the foreseeable future.  Here’s the tweet where this is mentioned:

So what does this mean? Well first up, it means anything by Natsume from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES or SNES era (that isn’t already out) isn’t going to be released on the Virtual Console. That’s bad news for anyone who grew up with any of their games.


Above: Apparently not coming to 3DS Virtual Console

Secondly, it hints that Nintendo themselves might not be interested in releasing any more Game Boy games on the 3DS Virtual Console, and that anything not already there is pretty as good as gone. That’s bad news for anyone who has a Game Boy favourite or two that’s not as mainstream as the Super Mario Lands and Link’s Awakenings of the world. There’s also talk that this is because of money, and that the 3DS VC simply isn’t making enough cash to be worth it to Nintendo or third parties (what with the costs for rerating games and stuff).

But what do you think? Are you disappointed by this? And is it only Natsume Inc’s games that aren’t coming to 3DS VC, or Game Boy games in general?


Nintendo moving on from Game Boy Virtual Console Releases on 3DS – GoNintendo

The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes; New Commercials!

From all parts of the world too!  So here they are, here are some of the new TV commercials and trailers Nintendo is releasing to advertise the game in various regions.  Let’s start with the Japanese ones, which seem to continue the weird trend of having random people act out video games in a ‘comical’ fashion:

There’s also a more serious video, where Eiji Aonuma himself talks about the gameplay and shows how everything works:

It’s nice to see a game designer and producer talk about a game like this, though perhaps it’d be better if Nintendo actually translated the video and posted it on their worldwide Youtube accounts as well.

On a more serious note, the UK commercials and trailers are surprisingly awesome:

Just showing the game in action?  Not having annoying kids and actors talking over it and acting like everything’s the ‘best game ever’?  It’s like Nintendo UK finally realised that the Cartoon Network demographic wasn’t their only one.  Or that trying to advertise directly to kids just annoyed them and stopped them caring about Nintendo’s games due to the perceived immaturity of the adverts.

Either way, those are the latest adverts for the game.  Do you think the Legend of Zelda Tri Force heroes looks like a game you care about based on them?  Is it the kind of game that’s actually likely to sell?

Post your thoughts on this (and more) over at the Gaming Reinvented forums today!



Skull Kid Announced as Playable Character in Hyrule Warriors

For what seems like months now, Zelda fans have been wondering why Skull Kid wasn’t a playable character in Hyrule Warriors.  With everyone from Zant to Tingle to even the King of Red Lions getting announced as playable before him. it seemed like Nintendo and Koei Tecmo were doing everything in the power to deliberately deny him a spot on the roster.

But now, it seems like things have finally changed.  Yes, Skull Kid has officially been announced as a playable character in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS, with him likely also being released as paid DLC for the Wii U version of the game.

Skull Kid

Above: Skull Kid is now playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

What’s more, he’ll use an ocarina during battle and have a fairy at his side, kind of like Link in the Nintendo 64 era titles.  Nothing has been specified about whether he can bring the moon down on enemies though…

Additionally, Phantom Ganon will be a boss.

What do you think about Skull Kid’s presence in Hyrule Warriors Legends?  Are you finally glad he’s made the jump from being an assist character to a fully fledged player one?  And what moves do you hope he has in the new title?


Skull Kid Playable in Hyrule Warriors – Nintendo Everything


Super Smash Bros Ballot Has Now Closed

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking here.  Didn’t the character ballot close a few days ago, like on Sunday?  Why on Earth are you guys posting about the ballot now?

Well you’d be right… sort of.  You see, in theory the ballot was supposed to close a few days ago.

Note the word ‘supposed’.  Nintendo closed the ballot to submissions in Japan.

They completely forgot to do the same for the rest of the world.

The result?  Ballot closing day came and went, and the votes still kept flooding in.  Hopefully Nintendo didn’t start counting them til they actually shut down the poll, since the amount of reslts coming in will have buried them under a couple of hundred thousand (or more!) late submissions.


Above: This page was still accepting votes on October 5th.  Oops.

But it’s finally done now.  Ballot has been shut down in all regions, with a message saying the process has concluded and (presumably) that the votes are being counted.  So now that’s over, who do you want to win the poll and be the next Smash Bros newcomer?


Nintendo Character Ballot Page

9000cc in Mario Kart 7!

Think 200cc is pretty fast in Mario Kart 8? Wonder what it’d be like if Mario Kart games let you race at near F-Zero speeds instead of the somewhat slow ones present in the actual games? Well if so, it seems like the hacking community has you covered. Behold, what is apparently a 9000cc cc speed hack for the 3DS Mario Kart title, as demonstrated on Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road track:

Above: Video by MKGirlism on Youtube

It’s pretty damn fast to say the least. See that first part of the track? Yoshi just flies over it like a jet plane at this speed, and only just about stops at the wall at the other side. And just watch him go at the end, the poor guy flies so far after finishing that he ends up blasting out of the solar system/galaxy/known universe as a result! Guess this sort of thing would certainly make Mute City and the Blue Falcon kart somewhat more accurate to the source material!

The mod used to be found here, with additional 200c and 500cc settings:

Mario Kart 7 Trainer – GBA Temp

So, yeah. Eat your heart out Nintendo, 200cc is nothing compared to this!