Mario Parody Kill the Plumber Rejected from iOS App Store?

Over on the iOS app store, clones and blatant rip offs of Nintendo titles are not particularly rare.  Some use art from Nintendo titles, like Era’s Adventures or the infamous Mole Kart.  A few are just close enough to the Mario series or the Zelda series or the Pokemon series to get Nintendo’s attention, like the now retooled ‘Super Lep World’.

Strangely enough, most of them seem to get through just fine.  Like when it comes to rip offs, Apple’s quality control is approximately zero.

And then, in a weird case of potential double standards, the one obvious ‘parody’ type game based on the Mario series gets rejected. Behold Kill the Plumber, a strange take on the Mario series where the obvious Mario stand in has to be killed by the enemies the player is using as a weapon:

It’s an interesting twist on the formula really, a ‘reverse platformer’ if you will.

And yet somehow, this was the title that Apple rejected on ‘copyright’ grounds.  That obvious Mario Kart ripoff that stole entire tracks from Mario Kart Wii?  Only took that down when Nintendo threatened to sue. Those 3D Land Safari titles, that were clearly trying to copy Super Mario 3D Land? Oh that’s fine apparently, despite very obviously being attempts to sell a shoddily made Mario clone on the app store.

Meanwhile, the one game that’s both a bit of a rip off and an obvious parody (and which actually has some semblance of originality) in the concept is the one Apple rejects off the bat.  Seems kind of strange if you ask us, especially given the service’s open door policy when it comes to giving a damn about stolen content.

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Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls Card Game

You read that correctly, no need to rub your eyes. Game developer Bethesda announced some new follow-ups to their A-list game series at E3 yesterday, such as Fallout 4, Dishonoured 2, A brand-new Doom installment and a strategy card game for The Elder Scrolls series entitled “The Elder Scrolls: Legends”.

Up until now TES has always been an RPG series gaining more and more fans with each installment; especially since the release of the third game, Morrowind. TES has risen to fame particularly for its breathtaking environments, ability to pop in and out between first and third-person perspectives, huge worlds to explore, and ability to create characters, shape them, and play the game however you wish due to the intricate skill and leveling system within.


Above: Example of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s beautiful environments.


Bethesda recently launched the console versions of their Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game version of the series, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. So, what could they possibly have announce less than two weeks after said MMORPG gets a console release? Downloadable content for the game? Updates and patches to be expected for it? A single-player version of the game to draw people into it? A… card game for PC and iPad?

That’s right, a strategy card game based upon the hit series is coming out; here’s the trailer.



Does this seem familiar to anyone else besides me? Does the animation and art direction spark any similarities to any other games? Perhaps another strategy card game comes to mind, particularly the one that started the craze many years ago? I’ll give you a hint:



Hmm, I can’t quite tell if Bethesda is paying homage to Magic the Gathering or blatantly ripping them off.

Well, what do you think? Is TES:L’s announcement odd to you for any reasons, maybe timing or just in general? Do you feel they are attempting to ride on the coattails of Wizards of the Coast’s popular TCG game’s video game adaptation? Are you looking forward to this game’s release or cringing at it instead?

I’ll admit, I have been a MtG player since shortly after the TCG’s initial release, so as an Elder Scrolls fan I’m a bit intrigued. I’m also wondering how much – if any – help Bethesda is getting from WotC, considering it would appear they’ve possibly obtained the artists from them for help with the cinematic trailer. I guess only time will tell.

Mobile Game Progress is being ported to the Game Boy

Yes, the original one.  The one released in 1989 with the monochrome green screen, that ended up being roughly the size of a brick.  Here’s a video of developer talking about why he decided to port the game to Nintendo’s classic system:

So what was his reason?  Put simply, it was a joke.  One of his friends presented him with a Game Boy port of the game as a birthday present, and he liked the idea enough to continue it from there.  He says it’s also about making the most of limited hardware.

Perhaps this is a route more devs will go down in future?  Maybe the love for classic video game systems might lead to similar games being ported back to the NES, SNES, Mega Drive or other consoles of the era?

What do you think?