New Chinese Mobile Game is a Blatant Ripoff of Splatoon

When it comes to mobile games and poor attempts to copy Nintendo, there’s been quite the list over the years. Like Mole Kart, a kart racer which stole whole tracks from Mario Kart Wii. 3D Land Safari, which tried so hard to copy Mario 3D Land it got removed from the app store. Or heck, all the Pokemon clones we see advertised on Twitter every day.

But a new game called Sepia Go! Is arguably even more blatant than some of those! Because you see, this game is a poor copy of Splatoon, right down to the art style and basic gameplay. Here are some pictures comparing the game to its obvious inspiration:

What’s more, even the site you get the game from seems to know it’s a rip off. The website (as linked below) is absolutely covered with pictures of Splatoon on the Wii U. The screenshots seem to be magazine scans showing parts of Splatoon. The icons show the Inklings from the game. Comments are flooded with Splatoon comments and plagiarism accusations.

sepia go site

Above: The official site clearly cashes in on the Splatoon brand.

And if you think the screenshots weren’t obvious enough… well, the video might be. Every single aspect of this is copied from Nintendo’s game:

The music is clearly inspired by Splatoon, as if everything from the hub world to the weapons and sound effects.

Either way, this game won’t last long. Nintendo’s legal team are not going to take this one lying down. Especially not when players outside of China can also download and install the game, taking it from a Chinese market only issue to a potential worldwide one.

But what do you think? Are you shocked that such an obvious Splatoon clone is now available as a smartphone app? And what’s the chance Nintendo will take it down within the next week or so?


ZhugeEX’s Tweet about the Game – Twitter

Crash Bandicoot is coming to Skylanders

It’s been a while since Crash Bandicoot has had a video game appearance. Once popular in the days of the Playstation 1, the character hasn’t got a new console since all the way back in 2008. Even his mobile app appearances petered out in 2010 or so.

But now, Crash might be making a comeback. For example, like his counterpart Spyro, he’s now been confirmed as a playable character in the Skylanders series. He’ll be making his debut in the franchise in Skylanders: Imaginators in 2016.

Here’s a picture of his figure for the game:

Crash Bandicoot figure

As well as a video showing him in action:

It’s not gone down too well with some fans.

But before you get too annoyed just yet, there’s a bit more positive news for Crash Bandicoot fans.

Namely, the original trilogy is getting remastered! Yes, in 2017 we’re getting Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remastered, with redone versions of the first few games in the series! They’ll be made by Vicarious Visions (the company behind the GBA games and Crash Nitro Kart), and released on the Playstation 4.

So while everyone looks at Activision’s Skylanders version of the character and sighs a bit, the original games are at least getting some attention. Hopefully this will open the way to a full reboot or continuation of the series in the near future.

What do you think of Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remastered? Or his appearance in Skylanders?

Pokemon Sun and Moon To be Shown at E3!

Has all the controversy been in vain? Is Zelda not the only game that Nintendo’s going to be showing at E3 this year?

Seems so, since it’s now been announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be shown during the Nintendo Treehouse live stream at E3 2016. Apparently, Pokemon GO will also be shown off there too. Here’s the post about it on Twitter, via the official Japanese Pokemon account:

But what’s more interesting are the implications of this. Basically, back when Nintendo’s E3 plans were announced, Zelda was the only thing mentioned. The whole event would be about Zelda, the livestreams would be about Zelda, that’s the only game at the actual event location.

Yet now, three Pokemon games are being shown off as well, at least during the Treehouse live thing. Does this signal a change in direction?

Possibly. I suspect Nintendo have realised that a ‘one game event’ wasn’t the best use of resources. Then again, maybe they just realised they needed to market Pokemon Sun/Moon a bit more. Or got strong armed into it by the Pokemon Company or something.

Either way, it provides a tiny glimmer of hope that this E3, this Nintendo might not be completely stupid and might show off a few more games than they were otherwise planning to.

What do you think about this announcement?

SEGA Survey Asks About Crossover Choices…

Do you like seeing Sonic in Super Smash Bros? Or the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games? Do you ever wish to see yet more crossovers involving the Sonic the Hedgehog series and third parties?

If so, well SEGA seems to hear you loud and clear. Because on their latest survey, the company asks what franchises the user wants the Sonic the Hedgehog series to have a crossover with.

And the choices?

Well, that’s where it gets ‘interesting’. Behold:

sonic survey

Seems like SEGA’s going for all the internet popular franchises here. They list My Little Pony, Disney, Looney Tunes, Adventure Time and even Dragon Ball Z among the possible series that Sonic could have a crossover game with! It’s like the company are reading Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter account and taking it a tad too seriously! Heck, why not add Five Nights at Freddy’s and Minecraft too? You’ve got everything else that’s popular online there!

Either way, here’s how I suspect each choice would go down:

My Little Pony X Sonic the Hedgehog: Oh god, the internet was basically keel over and die under the weight of all the flame wars. People are already getting sick of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic references in their games and media due to the brony crowd, and a crossover like this would just get buried under a flood of Youtube dislikes.

Adventure Time X Sonic the Hedgehog: Well, it’d be less controversial than My Little Pony, that’s for sure. Still not sure how it’d actually work in game format though.

Pixar X Sonic the Hedgehog: A Sonic the Hedgehog game where he meets the cast of Toy Story or Monsters Inc or The Incredibles would certainly be unique, and hey, the latter does at least have someone with super speed in it. But would Disney agree to a crossover with only Pixar characters and elements? They seem to be merging Pixar with the Disney animated universe at the moment…

Capcom X Sonic the Hedgehog: It’d make one hell of an interesting fighting game, I’ll say that right now. That said, I can also say a Mega Man crossover working, given how Eggman/Robotnik and Wily have worked together in the past.

Looney Tunes X Sonic the Hedgehog: Huh, that’s a strange choice for a possible crossover premise. Though maybe him racing Speedy Gonzales might work out well. As might a team up with Taz or an adventure involving Wily E Coyote and the Roadrunner.

Disney X Sonic the Hedgehog: Well, Disney Infinity isn’t a thing any more. Guess this could be a pretty good alternative.

Nintendo X Sonic the Hedgehog: A crossover platformer, racing game or other type of non party game would work well here. After all, they did try and put Mario in Sonic All Stars Racing at one point, and fans have been clamouring for a Mario/Sonic platformer for a while now.

Dragon Ball Z X Sonic the Hedgehog: Wasn’t this Super Mario Bros Z? That had Sonic and friends in it too. Still, this one could work on a thematic level, since Super Sonic is basically a Super Seiyan in all but name.

So there are definitely some interesting possibilities there, if SEGA decides to pursue them in the future. They might even decide to make a game which crosses over with more than one of the choices, if Sonic Lost World’s special levels are anything to go by:

But what do you think? What series do you want to see Sonic cross over with?


SEGA Survey Asks About Sonic Crossover Games – Gamespot

Nintendo Patented a Gaming Phone in 2001?

Ever since smartphones became such a huge thing all those years ago, the idea of a Nintendo phone has been omnipresent. Whether it’s people on forums asking why Nintendo doesn’t cut out Apple and Google or bloggers thinking Nintendo should enter the Android handset market, the concept has been brought up time and time again.

But did you know that Nintendo themselves may have considered the idea? That at one time, a Nintendo mobile phone may have actually been in consideration?

Yes, it’s true. Back in 2001, Nintendo patented something called an ‘Electronic apparatus having game and telephone functions’. Possibly intended for Pokemon Crystal (or other similar titles released around that time), the device would contain both a ‘game CPU’ and a ‘phone CPU’ and switch between them as necessary. For example, if the player was playing a game, then an incoming call would pause the game so they could answer it.

And as the illustrations included show, this was very definitely going to be a traditional mobile phone. Well, of the type released in the early 00s anywhere. Remember, this was before touch screens or iPhones were ever a thing, so the design looks a tad ‘retro’ now:



Above: 2001 mobile phone design is nothing like that of today…

They also provided some other pictures showing the games would pause if you received a phone, as well some diagrams showing the device’s workings:

nintendo phone2

nintendo phone 1


Above: Seems like Game Boy/Game Boy Color games would work on this device.

So Nintendo was definitely working on a phone/console hybrid at one point in time. But why did they stop?

Well, a few reasons really. For starters, it was a time when both the Game Boy Advance and GameCube were brand new. So Nintendo likely had to spend a lot of time and effort on making games for their two systems, both of which were likely seen as greater priorities than this device. Does that sound silly now? Maybe, but in 2001, mobile phones were nowhere near as big of a deal as they are now. Neither Android nor iOS would debut till about six years later, Blackberry wasn’t much of a thing yet and people likely thought mobile gaming was something akin to playing Snake on a Nokia device.

In addition to this, it was also a market that Nintendo didn’t really have the most experience in. Could they do well there? Maybe, but they’d need to work with carriers. They’d need to build in all the needed phone features like a contacts list, dialing systems, etc (remember, no Android yet). They’d have to market it as a phone, likely outside of video game stores. It was an ambitious idea, but perhaps not the right one for the market at the time.

Either way, if anyone asks about a Nintendo smartphone, tell them that the general idea was already patented back in 2001. Now that’s an interesting bit of history!


Electronic apparatus having game and telephone functions – Nintendo Patent Description