Splatoon has been Recreated in Minecraft

Yes really:

What’s more, this isn’t just mimicking the feel of the game either.  The makers of this mod have actually gone and implemented many of the features from the original game, like painting the arena in your team’s colour, turning into a squid to go up and down walls and the ink having different effects based on whose team generated it.

It’s a pretty cool mod overall, I just wonder how long it’ll last before Nintendo gets all annoyed about it.  What do you think about this recreation of Splatoon in Minecraft?

NES Godzilla Creepypasta being Made as Actual ROM Hack

If you know about Creepypasta, you probably know about the NES Godzilla creepypasta.  A horror story based on a NES game called Godzilla: Monster of Monsters, this story by a user called Cosbydaf  on the Bogleech website involved a new villain called Red and a remade version of the game that turned it into something out a psychological horror story.


Above: A notable moment from the original creepypasta

Here’s a Know Your Meme article that explains it a bit further:

NES Godzilla Creepypasta – Know Your Meme

But now, something even better is happening to this story.

Namely, someone is actually making it as a real game!  In other words, they’re hacking the original Godzilla: Monster of Monsters game into the messed up version from the story!

Here’s a video showing the game as it is so far:

It’s obvious an early alpha at the moment, with many of the enemies and concepts not fully implemented into the game.  But still, to see this classic story created as an actual game is going to be amazing, especially if it contains all the clever ideas and hardware trickery of the version in the original legend.

What do you think of the NES Godzilla Creepypasta game so far?



Nintendo Fans are Making The Binding of Mario!

So you’ve got a game called the Binding of Isaac. Based loosely on Christian religious themes and mythology, it’s an interesting enough roguelike style title where the character has to fight his way through various dungeons located underneath his house’s basement, complete with a fair amount of disturbing content.

And it was rejected by Nintendo, at least initially.

So what better to pay it tribute… than with a Mario edition of the game!

The Binding of Mario Rebirth on Reddit


Yes, that’s right. Some people on Reddit have been making a very… unique modification of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. One where Mario takes the role of Isaac and explores various dungeons filled with characters from the Mario platformers and RPGs. No, we’re not kidding. Here are a few neat screenshots of the game taken straight from the original post:





Above: Some interesting screenshots from an interesting Mario fan project…

By god does this look interesting. You’ve got a clinically depressed E Gadd and Rosalina as playable alongside everyone’s favourite standbys of Mario, Luigi and Peach. Fawful is a boss, presumably complete with the same Engrish jokes from his debut games.

All in all, it seems like quite a fun experience if you’ve got a copy of the original Binding of Isaac Rebirth to use it with.

There just seems to be one unfortunate catch…

The game’s download link is broken. Why? Because the entire Binding of Isaac modding website is down for no apparent reason. Hopefully this is just a temporary issue that gets fixed within the next few days or so.

What do you think of this unique Binding of Isaac game mod? Do you like the idea of a religious horror themed game with Mario characters in it?