Mario Party 1 Board Editor in Development!

With Mario Party 9, Island Tour and 10 all sticking to the ‘vehicle’ formula, it seems like old school Mario Party fans won’t be enjoying another game for quite a while.

But now, it seems hope is coming! Bored of waiting for Nintendo and NdCube to make a traditional Mario Party game? Want more boards in the style of the Nintendo 64 titles? Think the increase in board linearity is ruining the series?

MP10  Board 5

Above: Not quite the same, is it?

Well if so, you’re going to love PartyPlanner 64, the new editor for Mario Party 1 boards! In development by an unknown individual or team, this editor will let you:

  1. Change the background image for the board
  2. Place spaces in whatever layout you like
  3. Add board events like Toad and Boo
  4. Change the music to another song
  5. Rename the board and change its description
  6. Set the difficulty level

partyplanner 64

Here’s a video showing Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam (from Mario Party 4) remade as a Mario Party 1 board:

As well as custom boards based on Pac-Man and Super Mario World’s Donut Plains:

There’s also a general promo for the tool here:

And if you want any more updates on its progress? You can subscribe to the PartyPlanner 64 channel on Youtube here, or follow their PartyPlanner 64 Twitter account. There’s no download quite yet (nor an official site), but from the videos, that doesn’t seem too far away at this point.

Either way, it’s good news for us old school Mario Party fans, isn’t it? Heck, the guys at Mario Party Legacy certainly think so, since they’ve posted the videos and news on their home page. So for anyone getting bored of the vehicle gameplay and linearity in the last couple of Mario Party titles, PartyPlanner 64 should be a godsend.

What do you think of this new editor for the game?


PartyPlanner 64, The First Mario Party Custom Board Editor – Mario Party Legacy

Gaming Reinvented is Now an Affiliate of Mario Fan Games Galaxy!

Yes, really. As of earlier this morning, Gaming Reinvented is now an official affiliate of Mario Fan Games Galaxy, the biggest site on the internet for Mario fan games and resources. Want to download some of the games mentioned in our interviews, like Psycho Waluigi and Midas Machine? That’s where you’ll find them.


But you don’t really need me to tell you that, do you?

I mean, most of the Mario fandom knows MFGG exists by now, and I’d be surprised if there were many dedicated Nintendo fans that didn’t know of it.

None the less, we’re now affiliates, as seen by the links in the affiliates list. So if there are any major fan game releases or other updates over there, we’ll let people know on Gaming Reinvented too.

This has been a public service announcement from Gaming Reinvented.

This Paper Mario Comic Based on Luigi’s Adventures is Amazing!

Back in Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door on Gamecube, you could encounter Luigi at various points throughout the game. There, he would mention his quest through the Waffle Kingdom to save Princess Eclair from the evil Chestnut Kingdom.

It was an interesting story (to the point it got an in-universe book written about it), and the various partners he was with seemed like fascinating people. But there was one issue.

We never saw any of it. We saw the outcome, with Luigi and his partner of the chapter. We got a small taster in some (highly exaggerated) in game books. But no one did we actually get to see or play through Luigi’s quest. So for years, the Marvelous Compass, Jazzafrazz Town and all that cool stuff were unseen subjects that the fans could only imagine.

But now this isn’t the case! Thanks to the wonders of the internet, a webcomic series has started up about Luigi’s adventures through the Waffle Kingdom, showing exactly what scrapes Luigi and his partners may have gotten into! Named Super Luigi, the series follows the basic outline of the original story while adding all kinds of new characters, places and jokes into it to make it more entertaining as a Paper Mario story. Here’s the link:

super luigi title

Super Luigi and the Marvelous Compass – Tumblr

As well as a quick preview:

super luigi preview

Above: Image from the comic, used to illustrate its concept. If anyone knows who exactly to credit, tell me via contact form or social media.

Interestingly, the art style isn’t the traditional Paper Mario style, but a cross between that and the rubberhose limb stylings of classic Disney cartoons. It’s an odd style to get used to at first, but it suits the story very well and gives it a certain charm that sprite edits wouldn’t have achieved.

Unfortunately, there’s just one snag here.

Despite being around since late 2014, the comic is only up to chapter 2. What’s more, it was last updated in February 2016, so it seems like updates for the story might be few and far between. Which frankly speaking, is an utter shame. It was fun to read, the art style look cool and damn, the little jokes and details and expansions on the original plot were really amazing. And in a time like this where Paper Mario fans have the horrors of Colour Splash to look forward to? This sort of story could be just the thing to cheer them up and bring back memories of the good old days.

Still, if you’re a Paper Mario fan, go ahead and read what’s there right now. You probably won’t regret it, and it’s a million times more interesting than Sticker Star ever was.


Super Luigi and the Marvelous Compass – Tumblr

Mario Explores Donkey Kong Island in Super Donkey Kong 64!

Do you ever want to see a return to the version of Donkey Kong Island featured in Donkey Kong 64? Or just see how the game would work if Mario was the main character?

If so, you’re in luck! Youtuber and Super Mario 64 hacker Kaze Emanuar has just released Super Donkey Kong 64, a hack of Mario 64 that sends Mario to the various worlds and locations of DK’s Nintendo 64 adventure! Here’s the release trailer:

So what’s interesting about? Well, for one thing, it has references to both Donkey Kong Country and the arcade Donkey Kong games, with Mario’s original love interest Pauline visiting DK Isle alongside Mario. It also has extra moves like the spin jump, and level specific stuff like super high jumping from special pads (ala Banjo-Kazooie). Add in various Mario style missions added into each of the levels and other intriguing changes, and it should at least be a good nostalgia trip for anyone wanting to return to the Nintendo 64 days.

You can get it from the creator’s Google Drive here:

Super Donkey Kong 64 – Google Drive

What do you think about this interesting Super Mario 64 hack? Are you interested in exploring Donkey Kong Island with Mario and friends?


Donkey Kong 64 Hacked into Super Mario 64 – Mario Party Legacy

Nintendo Takes Down 101 Character Mario Kart Video

Okay, I admit I was probably too harsh on Nintendo in this article, and should have stepped back a bit and calmed down before writing this post. But I don’t like it when fan projects get shut down by companies, and in this case, my anger kind of got the better of me. But I do think Nintendo was unfair here, and that the video should have been left up regardless.

Back in February 2016, a popular Youtube user called ‘Hat-Loving Gamer’ posted an interesting Super Mario Kart video.  Namely, it was a crossover where 101 different video game characters were racing through Mario Circuit in Super Mario Kart.  And dear god, it was impressive.  The Koopalings were there.  Rayman, Sonic and Bioshock had characters included from them in the animation.

Heck, the main character even got mugged by someone from Grand Theft Auto, before then hijacking Captain Falcon’s Blue Falcon car!  It was incredible! Here’s an archived copy of the video:

Above: Also shows how the video was made.

Unfortunately, someone at Nintendo… didn’t like it for some reason.  So now, the good old video is ‘blocked on copyright grounds’.  Yes really:

So let me say something here.

What the freaking hell is wrong with the idiots at Nintendo? This wasn’t a hack. This wasn’t linked to any sort of playable game. Heck, do you honestly thing the SNES could actually run a game with 100 playable characters at the same time? Really? You made the damn console, you know what it’s capable of.

In simple terms, this was a parody. Parody videos are legally protected. Don’t like that? Tough crap. Honestly, The Simpsons was right. The world would be a better place if the vast majority of lawyers simply stopped existing. And this is a case of Nintendo’s legal team vastly overstepping their bounds and just ruining things for the fans.

Either way, I hope they learn from their mistakes and remove their copyright strike on this video right now. It is utterly pathetic than a normal fan animation is being shut down for no real reason.