Nintendo Shuts Down AM2R

For good. Because previously, they didn’t really do anything about the actual official site or creator. The file hosts, sure. Metroid Database’s version of the file, yeah. But DoctorM64 previously hadn’t heard anything from the company and hence decided to keep working on it regardless.

Unfortunately though, it seems like someone at Nintendo disagrees. So now his main blog got a DMCA notice, and he’s officially stopped working on the game as a result. It’s not hugely unexpected (in fact, a lot of people kind of thought this would have happened before the file hosting takedowns), but it’s still disappointing that such a great game is now basically dead.

So yeah, AM2R is now toast. There will be no more updates, and no more releases for any platform.


No Future for AM2R (Dev Blog Update)

Nintendo Takes Down 500 Fan Games on GameJolt

When it comes to Nintendo fan games and takedowns, it’s not been a good year. Pokemon Uranium had its official links removed. Another Metroid 2 Remake was removed from various sites by DMCA notices. And heck, with a copyright faker going around as well, it seems like fan games and mods are coming under fire from all angles.

And now, things have just gotten worse for anyone looking for Nintendo fan games. Why? Because Nintendo has sent a DMCA notice to GameJolt ordering them to remove 500 fan games from the site. These include:

  • The Legend of Zelda Shattered Worlds
  • Mario Editor
  • Super Mario Fatal Error
  • Flappy Mario
  • Mario 4
  • Sonic vs Mario
  • Zelda 2 Thanksgiving Edition
  • Bowser Gets Clever
  • Normal Super Mario Bros
  • Mario Challenge
  • Mario Test
  • One Night at Mario’s
  • Pokemon Blackhour
  • Bill Mario
  • Five Nights at Mario’s
  • Luigikid’s Quest
  • Mario Fun Time
  • Pokemon All Stars League

And many, many more. You can read the DMCA notice sent on Game Jolt’s GitHub account here:

DMCA Notice – GameJolt on GitHub

So why was it taken down? Well, the notice hints part of it was the monetisation. The ad banners displayed next to the fan games and pictures of Mario characters are pointed out in the letter, and seem to be a part of why they were removed. This wouldn’t be surprising given how GameJolt has a program where creators can get 30% of the ad revenue for their work.

Either way, it’s worrying. What’s more, it’s having a rather unfortunate effect on some of the other fan game scenes out there. For example, the Nintendo Community Fan Game Convention is now implementing a policy to hopefully lessen the chances of any DMCA takedowns, and a few other Mario fan game development teams are making sure there are no ads on any of their pages.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big takedown, and it’s one that’s kind of worrying much of the community as well. Hopefully this sort of stuff won’t get too common with Nintendo fan games in future, and that this is a bit more of a one off.

What do you think about these fan games been taken won?


DMCA Notices for Fangames (GameJolt Blog)

YouTube ‘Advertiser Friendly’ Monetisation Guidelines are Terrible for Gamers

Recently, a bit of controversy has started up about YouTube’s new ‘advertiser friendly content’ rules. Basically, they’re a list of things that are seen as ‘inappropriate’ for monetisation.

They’re bad. Bad enough that just about every big channel on the site has complained about them and said that enforcing them will kill YouTube. Seriously, Gaijin Goomba may have said it best here:

But while they’re bad for most people in general, the rules are worst for one specific group above all others. Namely, gamers and gaming fans in general.

Why is this?

Because by definition, they make it a risk to post gaming content on YouTube.

This is because every one of these points is dangerous for gaming videos. For example, take the point about ‘sexually suggestive’ content. The one about ‘partial nudity’ and ‘sexual humour’. What can that easily describe?

Oh wait, a lot of video games. Dead or Alive is the obvious one, and the VR demo footage makes this even more apparent. As is the entire Leisure Suit Larry series, or any other gaming franchises that focus around adult humour and a character spending the entire game trying to get laid. And that’s just the start of it. What about games like GTA, where some games are shown in a sexual way in some situations (like say, the strip clubs)? How about a typical racing game where attractive women are shown next to the cars at the start or end of the race? The list just goes on and on.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Mod Fixes Difficulty Level

As far as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire go, they are generally great remake of the gen 3 Pokemon titles. From their astounding 3D visuals to the remixed music and nice extras like the Delta Chapter, they improve on the originals in pretty much every way possible.

Well, except one thing. Difficulty.

Cause like Pokemon X and Y, these remakes are not particularly challenging to long time fans. They’re still fun, but they’re pretty much a cake walk with things like the new EXP Share set up and what not.

Thankfully though, help is at hand. Why? Because Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire take these titles and greatly increase the difficulty level for expert gamers.

For starters, all gym leaders now have a full party of six Pokemon. So if you think first leader Roxanne will still go easy on you with just two Pokemon… think again. Now you’ll have to cope with her full team, likely similar to the one used in the World Tournament in the last generation.

example battle

And to add even more fuel to the fire, Mega Evolutions have become more common too. Now, random trainers throughout the world will have them, as part of their redone team line ups. And from Wattson onwards, this includes every gym leader and elite four member in the game.

Levels have been increased too. For example, now the average level for Wattson’s team (gym 4) is level 41. For comparison, that’s about as high as Wallace and Juan’s teams were in the original gen 3 games.

There are other neat changes too. For one thing, all Pokemon that evolve via trading now evolve via being levelled up while specific items as well.

So you can now get a Gengar by levelling up a Haunter to level 36 while at night. Or have Scyther evolve into Scizor by having it level up while holding a Metal Coat.

Add various distribution changes (rare Pokemon are common, while common ones are rare), better held items (many Pokemon hold their mega stones in the wild) and other minor changes, and it’s a pretty impressive ROM hack for such a recent set of games.

eevee horde

Either way, you can find more information about it here in its GBAtemp topic:

Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire – GBAtemp

So what do you think? Is this the type of ROM hack you might be interested in? Think it’s something that might tide you over until Pokemon Sun and Moon are released?

Post your thoughts here or on social media now!

The Gaming Reinvented Content Contest Begins!

Do you fancy yourself a video game journalist? Have a game or gaming event you really wish to give your opinion on, but have nowhere to post it? Want to potentially win 200 dollars in video games of your choice?

If so, then you’re going to love the new writing contest at Gaming Reinvented. It’s pretty simple really; write a good article, and if it’s better than everyone else’s, you can win up to 200 dollars in video games of your choice. There’s no catch, no fees and nothing to worry about, it’s purely about who can write the best article on Gaming Reinvented.

Here’s how it all works:

  1. You register on Gaming Reinvented via the forums. This gives you access to the article posting features on the main site.
  2. Once you’ve registered, you return to the site and post your article. It can be a standard article, a review, a walkthrough or an interview.
  3. The article then gets added to a list of other articles posted by contest entrants.
  4. This contest will then end on the 22nd September. No wait, 23rd September, 10pm
  5. Then, each article is scored by a group of judges (once of which is myself). These judges will rate the article based on the following factors:
    1. How unique or interesting the topic of the article is. Things you can’t easily find elsewhere will score well here, while bland top/bottom ten lists and clickbait will score low.
    2. The written quality of the article. Does it flow well? Has anyone proofread the thing, or is it filled with spelling and grammar errors?
  6. Once everything else is done, the winner will be contacted and the prizes sent out.
    And that’s it.

So what are you waiting for? Write your dream article today!

[button removed, contest over]

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