The Gaming Reinvented Contest is Now Over!

Well, it’s finally happened. The Gaming Reinvented contest is now officially over. If you’ve not submitted your entry by this point it won’t be counted (though you can still post it on our platform and potentially make money from it).

So what happens now that’s over?

Answer: We spend the next week or so judging all the entries and deciding who deserves the prize. Why a week for this? Because we’re not just giving out scores here. We’re not just saying ‘Bob came 1st, Alice came 2nd, John came 3rd’ or whatever.

Instead, we’re actually writing out a full breakdown of every entry’s score based on the following factors:

  1. How well it’s written
  2. The uniqueness/interestingness of the subject

These will each get a score out of 10, and the entry marked best overall will win. This way, you can see for yourself exactly why one article won the contest and the others didn’t.
So yeah, it’s now over. All you can do now is wait and see who’s won the grand prize!

Pokemon Showdown Hacked, Database Stolen

Heads up Pokemon fans! Because just a day ago, Pokemon battle simulator Pokemon Showdown was hacked and the database stolen.

For those that don’t know, Pokemon Showdown is a service that lets you simulate and play Pokemon battles online. With it, users can instantly build or generate a team and use it to battle others under various metagame rules, like those used on Smogon. It’s kind of like a training system for tournaments, or a way for people to easily test out Pokemon strategies in battle. Saves a lot of time for expert players.

Either way, it’s been hacked just a day ago. Here’s what it looked like before the site was cleared up again:

pokemon showdown hacked page

Which can be seen via

That’s pretty messed up, huh? Yeah it is. But the defaced page layout isn’t the important thing.

Oh no, that’s password security. Basically, if you have an account there, change it now. If you’ve reused passwords like a moron, change them now. Because anyone with a Pokemon Showdown account is now vulnerable.

So yeah, be careful if you have a Pokemon Showdown account, since it’s been hacked a day or so ago.


The hacking on September 17 (Pokemon Showdown site)

Forever in Development Hell

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An Update on the Gaming Reinvented Contest

As you all know, we’ve been running a special contest on Gaming Reinvented for the last month or so. Based around article writing and offering 200 dollars in video games to the winner, this contest has drawn some incredibly entries. From No Man’s Sky variation to Paper Mario Color Splash and the design of the Gamecube, the articles in this contest have been a lot more interesting than we’d ever expected. Indeed, it’s so good I’ve been struggling to think of a clear winner.

Either way, I thought it’d be a bit interesting to let the users judge some of this for themselves. So now, we have a page listing all the entries in the contest and letting you read them in full! Here it is:

Contest Entries

So what ones are your favourites? And if you’re a writer, do you think you’ll be able to beat out the contest?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!

Super Mario Run Has Been Recreated as a Mario 64 ROM Hack

It’s been just three days since Super Mario Run was announced for iOS. But impressively, it seems the game has already been part recreated as a Super Mario 64 ROM hack!

Yes, you read that correctly. Kaze Emanuar (the Mario 64 hacker responsible for Mario 64 Last Impact and other such projects) has already made his own ‘version’ of Super Mario Run in the Super Mario 64 engine! More impressively than that, it was made in just three hours!

Here’s a video showing it in action:

It’s a decent recreation, all things considered. Oh sure, it has a few minor flaws (Goombas can move into the background), but it nails 99% of the concept. Mario runs forward automatically, as expected. Collecting as many coins as possible before reaching the goal is the main aim. And heck, Mario seems to be locked to a single path too. Pretty good for a day’s work!

So what do you think of the mod? Are you impressed it was created in just one day? Or do you think that says something about the game its based on?

Post your thoughts on the forums and social media today!