Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Secret Mine Guide

Secret Mine

After the Old Clockworks, your next location to explore is an abandoned mine located high in the mountains of Evershade Valley.  Thankfully, this place only has three real missions rather than the five or so found in the other mansions.  Unfortunately, it’s also a rather difficult level to complete with a maze like layout and tough puzzles to solve, so you’d better be ready for the worst.

P.S. There’s also a couple of indications that this place was a bit rushed and that some puzzles and bosses weren’t tested as well as they should have been.  Sorry about that.


D-1 Cold Case

It’s your first mission in the Secret Mine… and it’s an escort mission that involves bringing a Toad to the exit.  Oh what a great start to the level.

As you begin, Professor E Gadd will talk to Luigi about where the Toad might be.  Meanwhile, anyone with even the slightest amount of genre savvy (think anyone who’s played this far into the game) will realise immediately that this poor Toad has been kidnapped and isn’t quite having a nap in front of the fire.  That said, time to make our way to the Chalet through this snowy path.

So head right.  You can see a treasure chest you can open for a bit of money, as well as a tree that Luigi can kick to make some gold crows fly out (which can be hit with the Strobulb for even more cash), but what you really need to be doing is heading north up the path towards the mansion itself.  Once you do (and have passed a few snowmen and paintings on the way), you can look into the window to confirm the worst.

Toad is nowhere to be seen, a Hider is relaxing in the rocking chair and the Chalet has been entirely taken over by ghosts.  This should surprise absolutely no one.

Head into the Chalet via the front door to fight the ghosts in here.  There’s some Hiders and Sneakers here, so take care of them first, and then pull on the bear rugs tail to make a Gold Greenie appear.  Catch it for some cash, then exit via the north door to reach the Smokehouse.

In this room, examine the stove to make some Greenies attack, then defeat them to make the stove spit out some hot coals.  You can use these to melt the ice on the rope to the west (which will unleash some money), but their main use is to melt the ice by the door to the right to let you exit the Smokehouse to the Icy Lake.  Before then though, use your Dark Light near the scarf on the wall near the door to reveal another one, then pull both with the Poltergust 5000 to make a secret compartment open with a gem inside.  That gets you gem 1 in the Secret Mine.

Out here, watch King Boo fly past in the background (and take a good look at the ominous figure of Treacherous Mansion in the distance while you’re at it), and then head towards the hut to the right.  This is the Fishing Shed mentioned by one of E Gadd’s phone calls.  But before you wonder where the door is, use the Poltergust to get rid of some snow to the east to make a hockey puck appear.  Grab this with the Poltergust and shoot it in the ice hockey goal to make two Gold Greenies wearing hockey gear appear.

Yes, there are actually Gold Greenies in this game that attack you rather than run away! So either use the Dark Light or avoid their attacks to make them visible, then blast them with the Strobulb to stun them, sucking them in with the Poltergust afterwards for a significant amount of money.  With this done, head back towards the Fishing Hut and look for a door…

Hang on, where’s the door?  Yes, it’s invisible and has to be revealed with the Dark Light, so shine that on the blank wall and then open the door that appears.

In here, you’ll see a Boo fly off, as well as a ton of snow and fishing rods.  So suck up all the snow (and the fish from the fishing lines), which will give you some extra cash and another gem for the effort.  Now make the invisible Toad painting appear with the Dark Light, then use your Dark Light to free the Toad.  Invisible paintings to trap people in?  I have to say that’s a surprisingly clever decision by the Boo responsible for trapping this guy.  Once the Toad is freed, watch as he jumps around and…

You both plummet beneath the ice into a mine shaft.  See what happens when you’re too enthusiastic?  You make it so Luigi can’t just damn exit the way he came in and be done with the mission in ten seconds.  Still, now Luigi and Toad are trapped down here, you’d better find them a way out.


Above: You brought it on yourself for being too damn enthusiastic kid.

First things first, pull the two ropes near the giant fish head to the left to make a Gold Greenie appear.  Catch him for more money, since you’ll need all the money you can get for that lovely three star rank at the end of the mission.

Once that’s done, vacuum the snow towards the back of the room to make an updraft appear.  Pick up Toad with the Poltergust and walk over onto it to be catapulted to the upper level of the room, and then toss him down the mine shaft for a gem.  Return to the bottom floor via the rope thing to the right, then carry Toad back up to the upper level.  Exit via the door to the left to reach the Terminal/Station.

In this room, first look for a hidden vase using the Dark Light, and check it to make the Boo for this mission appear.  Catch it, and now walk through the left door to the Airway.

Unfortunately, the zipline/cable system is out due to lack of power, and hence the easy way back to the Chalet is now unavailable.  But don’t leave just yet.  Nope, launch Toad into the elevator you see to make another one rise up with the key, then grab it.  This will let you open the door to the Prospector’s Crossing/Path.  You should also look into the binoculars to the sight to see a bat pick up a gem and drop it in a pot on the lower level, this will let you collect it once you reach the Airway properly.

With that done, head back into the Terminal/Station and take the lower door to reach the Prospector’s Path/Crossing.  In here, you can’t just run across the ice since it won’t support the wait of both Luigi and Toad.  Instead, pick up Toad with the Poltergust and launch him across the ice, then walk over it after him to get to the door.  Exit through to reach the Drift Passage.

This room is a slope leading down to the Basin.  But the door to the Basin is locked by default, so head up to the right and cross the ice to find a treasure chest blocked by snow.  Now, don’t just suck off the snow yet.  Why?  Well you see that huge flock of bats in the background?  Those attack whenever they hear the sound of the Poltergust 5000.  Instead, aim towards them and blast them all with the Strobulb to defeat them, and then get rid of the snow by the treasure chest once all the bats are gone to get a key.

Now head back to the left and down the slope (ignore the weird capsule to the left, it leads to a rather annoying bonus game that has nothing of importance as a reward and is more trouble than it’s worth), and enter the Basin through the door.  In here, you’ll have to face some Sneakers. Thankfully though, the ice on the floor shows their reflections, so you can aim up at where it shows them to be to stun and catch them easily. Exit the room once the battle is done (you may have to calm down the Toad first) to reach the Airway.

Well, we’re nearly at the end of the level.  So what do you want to hear first?  The good news, or the bad news?

The good news, is that there’s a nice conveniant elevator leading to the Chalet just across that rope bridge.

The bad news… there’s currently no rope bridge.  You can fix this by pulling on two ropes to raise it up again.  One is right in front of you, so grab the rope with the Poltergust 5000 and pull it back, then press A.  The other one is the other side of the abyss.  No you can’t just toss Toad over there and make him straighten the rope.  Instead, you have to cross this precarious looking rope like a tightrope.  With gyro controls.

Rope Crossing

Above: The bane of many players.  Use my advice to get across here.

This rope crossing section, put frankly, sucks.  You’ve got wind pushing you off to the right, very oversensitive gyro controls that never usually work the way they’re meant and all round lack of margin for error.  You can’t just shove the 3DS on a table or something either, otherwise that wind WILL throw Luigi off even if you don’t move the 3DS an inch.  Nor can you time it, people have tried and failed.

So how do you cross this?  Well it sounds extremely counterintuitive… but run like mad while tilting the 3DS in the opposite direction from the one the wind is blowing/Luigi is falling. Where everyone goes wrong is that they think they need to go slow and steady.  They don’t.  They need to run like hell and tilt the 3DS quite firmly against the direction starts falling.  Once you do this, you should get across the tightrope of near imminent death fairly easily.

Once across, check the barrel for the gem the bat dropped in earlier, then pull the other rope to straighten the rope bridge and make it safe to walk across.  Go back over to get Toad, then bring him across and enter the elevator in front of you to reach the Chalet.

In here, you’ll see a few strange furry creatures.  Ignore them, they’re completely harmless and just exit to get in the way of the Poltergust.  Just go towards the Pixelator console and press X to send Toad back to the Bunker, at which point the mission will end.

D-2 Hit Rock Bottom

The second mission here, and it seems like the security footage has returned.  Why are those ghosts in crystals?  What are the Boos using the mine’s resources for?  Let’s start the mission and find out.

You’ll start in the Chalet.  Now, do you want a gem?  If so, exit back out the front door and light the barbecue to set the chicken that’s lying on top of it on fire, then pick up the cooked chicken and use it to melt some ice opposite the snowman to reveal a painting of a gem.  Use the Dark Light to get it, then head back to the Chalet.

Next on your agenda here is getting the Boo for the mission.  So use your Dark Light where the rocking chair was to reveal it again, then defeat the Boo that emerges.

Now use the elevator reach the Airway again.

Thankfully, the bridge itself is in good shape this time, so just walk across.  Now, go left and through the door to reach the Crossroads.

In this area, you’ll see some strange circular machines with Strobulb sensors on top.  These are E-Gates, which are teleportation portals.  You activate them with the Strobulb to turn it on for the rest of the mission (and any missions afterwards), and then interact with it to walk through and end up teleported to the other E-Gate.  So activate the E-Gate in front of you, then walk through to reach the other side.  Here you’ll find a key locked in ice, so pick it up and enter the E-Gate while still holding it (this is the other crucial thing you need to know, you can take items through E-Gates).  Back on the other side, take the key to the torch and melt the ice, then grab it.  Head back through the E-Gate to the other side and enter the door to the Slip Slope/Icy Slope.

This is pretty much identical to the Pit Slide from the Old Clockworks.  You can’t stop or go back up when you go down, so keep that in mind.  Go sliding, then slide down the passage to the right to find a key.  Charge through the key to grab it (Luigi will pick it up when it hurtles to a stop near the bottom of the slope) then keep going.  At the bottom, activate the E-Gate to provide a shortcut back to the top of the slope, then interact with the barrel to make a propellor appear.  Use the Poltergust on this to raise the metal grate thing and reveal a door.  Enter to reach the Smuggler’s Hideout.

The Smuggler’s Hideout is a room filled with valuable objects and treasure as well as a camp fire.  Pick up a log and set it on fire, then use it to melt the ice blocking the door to the north.  A Sneaker will come through the window with a few Greenies though, which will then let it in the snow and put out the log.  Defeat these ghosts to clear the room of enemies, then use the blow function on the Poltergust (via the L button) to shut the window.  Now that’s done, pick up the log, take it to the fire and use it to melt the ice blocking the north door.  Enter to reach the Shaft.

In here is an elevator that takes you down to a lower level of the room.  Use the wheel to lower to it via the Poltergust, then take careful notice of the ghosts moving past with crystals.  Not just because they’re up to something, but because one of them is a Gold Greenie.

Keep going down, and you’ll see this same Gold Greenie get fairly close to the shaft.  Use the Poltergust to pull away the crystal it’s holding, then stun it with the Strobulb like normal, next catching it with the Poltergust to get some money and light up the room.    Continue riding the elevator down, and you’ll find a chain.  Pull this and go back up a bit to get the gem from the now open compartment, then head back down to the bottom of the shaft.  Use the wheel to the right to enter the Coward’s Chasm.

This room is so named because while there’s a gigantic pit in front and no apparent way to cross it, the whole room layout is actually a trick.  Indeed, just go towards the north of the room and go behind the mirror to cross, coming out where that weird box like hole is.  Once you’re at the other side, you can either use the Poltergust to activate the wheel and lower the torches so they’re in front of the cave opening halfway down the chasm (which will cause a bunch of Gold Bats to fly out, letting you blast them with the Strobulb for more money), or just enter the door next to you for the Deep Hall.  Either way, exit through said door to the right.

This is the Deep Hall, and it’s a corridor that provides access to the Cinder Mine, Crystal Quarry and other areas down here.  So first of all, look through the hole to the left into the Cinder Mine.  You’ll see a Gold Greenie flying about here.  Then once you stop looking, Luigi will trip over a Sneaker crouching behind him, and the Gold Greenie will exit into the room you’re in.  Capture both ghosts.

Now that’s done, head through the door to the right of the room to reach the Pit Mine.  Ride the elevator down here to reach the ground, and then activate the machine to the north.  You’ll also wake up some grey Beetles (that act identical to the green ones from the Old Clockworks), so try and avoid those and walk towards the bottom right of the room.  Here is a wheel you can move with the Poltergust, so do so to make some rocks fall onto the conveyer belt.  You’ll see these go along and get warped through the E-Gate to the Deep Hall.  Return back there with the elevator.

Those rocks sent through the E-Gate are here now, so pick one up and light it on fire by holding it near the camp fire.  Now, shoot it at the gem embedded in the ceiling to the right, then go back towards the left and use it to melt the ice blocking one of the chains.  Pull both chains to open the door to the Cinder Mine.

This room has a key stuck in a block of ice near the ceiling, but no apparent way to free it.  So to do this, first move the valve to the right so it’s all the way round to start a small fire, then pick up a log nearby and light it on fire.  Take this to the ice to the left and melt it to reveal a bag, and interact with said bag to make a coal fall out.  Take this to the flame, light it and then shoot it at the ice with the key to make it fall from the ceiling. Pick up the key and exit the room.

At which point you’ll notice the room has turned dark again.  Yes, two Greenies are now in here, one with a crystal and one wearing a welding mask.  Defeat both to light up the room, then enter the locked door to the Crystal Quarry.

This is the room with the trapped ghosts you saw earlier.  So investigate the crystal with the strange Greenie.  It’ll then break out and a battle will begin.

This is a Strong Greenie.  Much more powerful than a normal one, it’s been augumented by the power of the crystals in the mine and has now five times more health than a standard one.  It fights much the same though, so catch it like you would a normal Greenie.  Once you’ve done this, the Strong Slammer and Strong Sneaker will also break out (you’ve also fought one of the latter in the Old Clockworks if you think back a bit).  Defeat both of them like you would their normal variants, and try and get both ghosts in one go to avoid them ganging up on you.  Once both are caught the mission will end.

D-3 Across the Chasm

The final normal mission in the Secret Mine, Professor E Gadd tasks you with making your way to the Workshop here via the Gondola.  Unfortunately for you, the snow has been let into the Chalet and everything’s frozen over.  So go and investigate the fireplace to be taken upstairs via the hidden elevator.

Up here, shut the window by blowing it shut with the Poltergust (like you did in the Smuggler’s Hideout), then use the wheel to raise the lower chadelier to the higher one and light it.  Then, blow the wheel with the Poltergust so the chandelider comes down and melts the ice on the elevator.  Go back downstairs and take the elevator to the Airway.

Here, activate the machine to the left with the Strobulb, and ride the wire/zipline/poll to the upper level.  Enter the right door to reach the Terminal/Station.

Here, you can see some robotic bombs on the wall.  Activate them all to reveal the Gondola and try and enter…

At which point a Strong Gobber, Greenie and Slammer appear and attack!

They use Paranormal Chains to block the Gondola door, and run off to various places in the mine.  To get rid of these chains you’ll have to defeat all of them in battle.  More exploring time!

The nearest one to you is the Strong Gobber, located in the Basin.  So head back to the Station, then take the bottom door to the Prospector’s Crossing.

Inside this area, take note of the gem you can’t reach embedded in the floor. With that done, head down and use your Dark Light on the right wall to make a pickaxe appear, then spin it with the Poltergust to open a secret area with some logs.  Drop some of these on the ice near the gem to break it, then collect the gem like usual.  Now head out via the bottom door to the Drift Passage.

Here, head left and through the door near the end to the Basin.

In here, you’ll see the Strong Gobber behind the back wall.  So use the Dark Light to make a hidden robotic bomb appear, then activate it to alert the Strong Gobber to your presence.  He’ll first send out three Hiders, so capture all of them in one go quickly.  Next, the Strong Gobber itself will emerge and drop down in the main part of the room.

The Strong Gobber is an annoying opponent.  Not only does he have a ridiculously high amount of health (300 or so), making him a boss in all but name, but you have to fight him in a fairly small room with an icy floor, meaning that it’s very easy to accidentally slam into him.  Still, capture him like you would a normal Gobber (by Strobulbing him, then walking around him and blasting with A when the meter fills to avoid his gunge attack), and you’ll break the first Paranormal Chain.

The Strong Greenie should be your target next.  So head through the Airway to the Crossroads.

In here, you’ll notice the mine cart the key was in has vanished.  Make it visible with the Dark Light to reveal a frozen gem, then take it through the teleporter and thaw it out with the fire to get it.  Now enter the door to the Slip Slope.

In this area, take the left pathway down the slope past the big wheel (you can use the Poltergust’s blow function to make Luigi slide slower) for a gem, then use your Dark Light to reveal the door to the Smuggler’s Hideout at the end.  Enter.

Now in this room, use the Dark Light to reveal a suit of armour.  Go near it to make it pull the other armour’s helmet off to reveal the Strong Greenie.  However, this Greenie will go and open the window to let in some Sneakers, and then hide itself.  So defeat the three Sneakers that enter first, then capture the Strong Greenie when it appears again to remove the second Paranormal Chain.

The Strong Slammer is next, so head through the Shaft to the Deep Hall to find him.

In here, you’ll notice that the kettle near the fire has vanished.  Make it visible again with the Dark Light, then blow it with the Poltergust so it’s above the fire to find the Boo for this mission.  Defeat it as normal.

Now, head into the Crystal Quarry.

Remember this E-Gate you couldn’t use before?  Well now the Strong ghosts are gone, it’s working now.  So use it to be dropped off back in the Chalet, except high in mid air.  Luigi will then fall and dislodge a gem from the sofa, so collect it and prepare to fight the Strong Slammer.

Where is he you may ask?  The dresser to the right of the room!  So examine it to make him appear.

He’ll escape up the chimney, so defeat the Greenies he summons first, and then catch him when comes out to fight directly to remove the final Paranormal Chain.  With all three broken, head back to the Airway, and take the zipline thing to upper level.  Enter the Terminal/Station via the door.  From here, go right and enter the Gondola.

At which point you’ll find out some more bad news; the Gondola is busted and won’t be moving anywhere.  So activate the cannon in front of you and use it to shoot the moving poles in the High Wires to melt the ice and make them possible to grab when you get there.  You should also melt the ice on and shoot the tree to the left to make it fall and provide a bridge to a distant hut.

With that done, head back out and head through the next door on the left to reach the High Wires.

In here, grab a moving pole with the Poltergust to ride across the chasm, and then let go when on the other side.  Now if you want some more gems…

Gems: First, pull down a gem from the birds nest with the Poltergust.  Next, cross the tree trunk to the north and enter a hut to find a bonus game.  In here, you’ll need to win a snowball fight with some Hiders.  So pick up the snowballs and toss them at the Hiders when they stick their heads out from behind the wall.  Once all are defeated, you’ll get a gem.

Either way, you can now ride another pole down to the right.  Go through the door here to reach the Workshop Landing.

This area has some more narrow rails to cross with gyro controls.  You can either take the one on the left or the one on the right, but the left one has a ton of crows flying down it that could cause Luigi damage or knock him off on contact.  Either way, get off at the other side to find the Workshop.

Look in the window here, and you see the Shrewd Possessor (Scornful Possessor in the PAL version) trying to blow up some innocent furry creature with bombs!  Wow, way to be a complete jerk there, makes you hate this boss already!  He also sees Luigi and scares him away from the window after this.

Now try and activate the door mechanism and you’ll realise quite quickly that the power’s out.  Darn, no boss battle in this mission then (thank goodness).  So enter the door to the right to reach the Maintenance Room.

This place has a backup generator, but it’s currently frozen over.  So pick up the bombs that come down the conveyer belt and lob them up at the top of the ledge to make them roll down on top of the ice blocks you want destroyed.  Then flash them with the Strobulb to make them explode.  You’ll need to throw them in this order:

  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Centre
  4. Left
  5. Centre

This gets the machine working and the power goes on.  But you also hear a rather loud crashing sound…  Try and open that door…

And you’ll find you’re snowed in. Well, no Possessor battle this mission.  Which considering the description for the next mission, is very much good news for all players.  The mission will end in about two seconds or so, so you may want to take Professor E Gadd’s advice and take a break before fighting the upcoming boss fight.

D-Boss Chilly Ride

Warning: This boss is annoying as hell to fight for a significant percentage of the population. Anyone with potential health issues or stress related problems should probably stay clear of this mission and boss battle, as should anyone prone to breaking things.

Now with that warning said, time to begin the boss mission that’s caused so much anguish to Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon players across the world.  You’ll start right outside the Workshop, so use the Strobulb to activate the mechanism and enter the door and walk right in.

Cue cut scene.  Luigi looks pretty happy when he realises he can’t see the Possessor anywhere.  Then he pretty much walks straight into him and gets the scare of a lifetime straight afterwards.  What happens next is one of those crazy situations that just has to be seen to been believed.

First the Shrewd Possessor tunnels into the ice and takes over the entire ice lake, sucking the whole workshop into the floor and causing Luigi to be pulled closer and closer to the centre. Then, what looks like a sleigh with a cannon attached to the back comes hurtling towards Luigi, flinging him up into the air so he lands on top of the sleigh behind the cannon.  You can probably tell right now that this battle is going to work absolutely nothing like anything else in the game.

And so here’s how to beat the boss:

Boss: Shrewd/Scornful Possessor

HP: Infinite

What you need to do is shoot down the ice panels covering the boss’ ‘face’.  To do this, you have to launch bombs at them to blow them up.

This is much harder than it seems however, since these bombs are both affected by gravity and kind of slow, so you have to aim quite a bit in front of the panel you want to destroy, and compensate for the arc movement as the bomb flies through the air at the same time.  And the boss can also regenerate these ice panels if you take too long.

You may have also noticed a small gauge on the right of the screen.  This is basically a ‘temperature gauge’, and it goes up the more bombs you throw/the quicker you throw them (and goes down over time).  If it maxes out, that’s it.  Instant Game Over there on the spot.

So yes, you need to shoot down all the panels, at which point the Scornful/Shrewd Possessor will charge.  Now, you need to shoot a bomb into his mouth before he reaches you to reveal his ‘true’ form and begin the next stage of the battle.

If you fail this and he reaches you… well, your machine massively overheats and you end up getting Game Over.

Once his ‘real’ form has been revealed, you then land in an ice arena and have to dodge his charges like any other Possessor.  Nothing out the ordinary here, although he does use portals when attacking rather than just turning around. Hit him with the Strobulb when he stops, then suck him in to make him change colour.

Cue the bomb sleigh ride again.  Same drill as before, so do that again to make the Possessor fight you manually again.  Just do these two phases now until he finally loses.

Complete this process three times, and the battle is done and the next Dark Moon piece is yours.  You’ll also be happy to know you never have to shoot bombs at anything ever again.


D-Bonus Severe Infestation

Ghost catching time trial time again, this time with added Strong versions of enemies.  The same procedures as before are in play here; the rooms chosen are entirely random, the ghost combinations are based on two or three preset ones that would take too long to write down and you don’t really have to go that fast to get a three star ranking.

Above: This mission has catchy music

Thankfully, any rooms beyond the Shaft or High Wires are never infested with ghosts, so you shouldn’t have to travel that far.  Additionally, the room layout is identical to how it was in ‘Across the Chasm’ (with the exception of running power to the Maintenance Room and Workshop), so you can’t reach the area Beneath the Ice via the Fishing Hut.