Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Old Clockworks Guide

Old Clockworks

With two mansions done, the next Dark Moon piece Luigi has to find is in the Old Clockworks.  A deserted watch making factory located in a distant desert, the area was apparently abandoned after horrific accidents occured and caused injury and death to the unfortunate souls working there.  It’s also built on top of an ancient Egyptian style tomb, if the hellish factory itself wasn’t bad enough.

Can Luigi brave this dangerous place to get the Dark Moon piece and stop the Overset Possessor here?

C-1 A Timely Entrance

It’s time to enter this creepy desert factory and hunt for the Dark Moon piece!  Use your Strobulb to lift the barrier in front of you, and then go towards the giant clock in front of the door.  You’ll need to move the wheel to the left so that the clock’s set to 3:30, this will lift the clock and let you enter the door to the Warehouse.

In here, you’ll have to deal with a Greenie or two first of all, then find a key to open the door to the right of the room.  To do this, you first need to pull the ribbon in front of you to pull apart the pot and free the machine its placed on, then go towards the far right of the room to find a safe.  Open this with a Strobulb blast, then grab the gold pot you find inside.  Take this back to the machine at the other end of the room and place it in with the X button, then pull the ribbon to unravel the pot/spool and reveal a key. Collect it and go through the door to the far right to reach the Workshop.

This room has some Greenies hammering away a giant robotic bomb.  Blast the bomb with the Strobulb to make it explode, then capture the Greenies once they’re stunned by the explosion to clear the room.  Once this is done, you can also pull the chains above you to unveil a Gold Greenie that can be caught for extra money.

Exit through the door to the right to reach the Clocktower Gate.  Oh, did you think this mansion would be an easy ride and you could just walk into the Clocktower?  Think again, the ghosts have stolen the hands from the clock!  After talking to E Gadd and figuring out what to do, you get a new mission; find and collect the Special Compass located within the Drafting Office.

You also get some unexpected guests to deal with, as some Greenies dive into the sand and try to attack you in the form of mini tornadoes.  You can either activate the robotic bombs to blast them out of this and make them vulnerable to the Poltergust, or just wait until they stop moving and capture them as usual with the Strobulb and Poltergust 5000.  Either way, once it’s done you need to exit the room to the Cargo Room to the east.

In here, you may realise the floor level is a bit too low to let Luigi just walk to the right side of the room.  Hence you need to blast the robotic bomb on the window with the Strobulb to break it and let in some sand, filling up the room and providing a way across.  Once this is done, pull the cord to reveal some stairs and try heading up them…

Which will cause a Greenie to appear and scare Luigi so badly he falls backwards down the staircase!  You’ll need to battle two Greenies and a Slammer to progress (the latter enters covered in sand, so use the Poltergust to suck it away and make the ghost vulnerable to attack).  Once the ghosts are dealt with, head up the stairs and through the door to reach the second level of the Clocktower Gate.

You will probably notice here that the floor is broken.  Obviously you want to avoid falling off (which will you put you back on the first floor of the Clocktower Gate and result in quite a bit of backtracking), but you also want to fix the missing bridges.  To do this, shine the Dark Light on each missing section to reveal that it was hidden via Spirit Balls, suck them up like usual to make the bridge section appear.  Repeat this to reach the door at the east side of the room and enter.

This is the Drafting Office.  First of all, examine the objects lying around to make some Greenies attack, and then capture them as normal.  Next, spin the fan on the ceiling around with the Poltergust to push the back wall back and reveal another part of the room.  Unfortunately, a Sneaker will scare Luigi away once you try this, so take down the three Sneakers that enter the room to clear it of ghosts for once and for all.  Now with them out the way, use the fan to push the wall back, go through the gap and examine the desk you find for the Special Compass.  Collect it to end the mission.

C-2 Underground Trek/Expedition

To start off, head past the barrier at the entrance and round to the right side of the Clockworks Court.  Here you’ll see a mound of sand with what appears to be a screw sticking out the top.  Walk/run over and press X when near the sand to place down the Special Compass and open the secret passageway.

This leads down to the Storm Cellar.  While down here, you might notice there’s no way back out again.  This isn’t really the case (there’s an alternate path halfway through the Underground Passage that leads back to the Clockworks interior), but it does mean you can’t go back to the Clockworks Court from the Storm Cellar.  Either way, defeat the two Greenies in this room (the second appears when you approach the bed) and place the rock on the scale to raise the gate and make the door to the north accessible.

This room is the Canyon Hall (Ravine Passage in European versions of the game), one of the biggest areas in the Old Clockworks basement.  Head right to reach a hallway leading north, but you’ll find it blocked by rubble.  So keep going right to reach the Canyon/Ravine Narrows and take the zipline to the other side.

Here, there’s a shaking door you can enter to play a pretty cool mini game.  This one has you open various treasure chests and free/catch Gold Greenies for a whole ton of cash, so go ahead and play through this bonus mini game for a good 500 or so extra gold.  It’s got some nice music too!

Once you’re done playing the mini game in the bonus dimension, cross the zipline to the left of the door you entered to reach the next part of the Canyon Hall. You’ll see a ghost pass by as you walk through here, and the door will suddenly lock as you approach it. So you’ll have to defeat the Sneaker in here to progress.  Once that’s done, enter the north door to reach the Roundhouse Pit.

This room is mostly optional, so you can easily just head through the north door and continue on if you please.  But it’s best that instead you examine the sarcophagus to the right side.  This will pull Luigi inside and trap him for a while, letting Luigi see a Boo and a Hider enter the room and hide in various objects.  Once Luigi gets chucked out the sarcophagus, examine the pot with the Hider in and catch it, then reveal the other hidden objects to make this mission’s Boo appear, which you should catch like any others in the game.

Either way, head through the north door to the Pit Slide.  You’ll hear a very loud crash once you do, so go back the way you came to find the path is blocked by rubble!  Yep, you’re trapped down here now, so you’d better continue with the mision!  On the bright side though, the falling rubble has dislodged a ton of Gold Spiders that you can defeat for easy money.

Continuing on, you’ll notice a giant slide in front of you.  This is the Pit Slide, and once you reach the bottom you can never get back to the top again (in this mission at least).  So run forward and slide straight down to the bottom (avoiding the spiders and collecting the gold coins and bars as you go), and then reveal a hidden vase at the bottom with the Dark Light for some more cash. Enter the north door to reach the Quarry.

In here, the door you need to reach to exit is at the top of the room.  Unfortunately for Luigi (and you), there’s no stairs, ladder or other easy way to reach the top.  So how do you progress?  Well you go over to the mine cart to the right and pull the tassle to drag it out the cave.  Pull it a few times to make sure it’s positioned under the falling sand, and it’ll collect it, slowly filling the room with sand.

However, this causes a few ghosts to attack you.  First some Greenies will appear, so take care of them like normal.  Then a Gold Greenie and another normal one will appear, capture the two of them.  Next you’ll see some Greenies with hammers and shields, as well as some that make tornados in the sand.  Finally, three Sneakers will attack you, so take care of them to finish off all the ghosts and light up the room.  Now the sand has reached the top and the ghosts are gone, exit through the door to the right.

This long room is the Antechamber, and as you can probably tell, it’s absolutely pitch black to the point you can barely see anything.  Jeez, and people act like the rooms in this game aren’t as dark as those in the original title’s mansion…  Guess they never got here then.

It’s also covered from top to bottom with spider webs.  So walk right and then forward to find a spider web ball, and then take it to the torch near the door to light it on fire.  Now, bring it down the passageway and use it to light all the webs (and spiders) on fire to get rid of them.  You can also go into the various caves along the side of this passageway to find extra money and hearts if needed.

Either way, go through the opening at the end to reach the Tomb.  Check the coffin first and you’ll find that the Ancient Poltergeist (Boffin Elder in PAL versions) has grabbed the clock hand and will proceed to escape with it. Damn, all this for nothing?  Oh well, we can wait until the next mission to take down that guy.  Don’t expect to be teleported out just yet though!  Nope, a Mummy will now rise from the ground and shamble aimlessly towards Luigi! These enemies are fairly common in the Clockworks, and here’s how you need to defeat them.

First, shine the Strobulb at them to make them charge, and then make sure they hit a wall while charging.

Next, wander over and pull the loose bandage away with the Poltergust to unravel them and reveal them as disguised Greenies. Finally, capture them like any other ghost.

Once you’ve done this and defeated one, two more Mummies will appear from the ground, so repeat the process to beat the mission.

C-3 Roundhouse Brawl

Another mission, and it’s finally time to take down that Ancient Poltergeist and retrieve one of the clock hands!  You automatically start inside the Warehouse this time around, hence don’t have very far to go to reach the Roundhouse itself.

Unfortunately, if you try and reach the Elder Poltergeist via the ground floor, you’ll realise that a wooden board is placed in just the right way to act as a slope that you can’t traverse, blocking off the easy way to reach the boss.  So go back to the Warehouse and ride the elevator to the left of the room by using the Poltergust on the wheel.  Up here, you’ll see a robotic bomb has been revealed near the rubble, so activate it with the Strobulb to open the way to the door, then go in.

This place is the Clockmakers Chambers (Clockmakers Room in the PAL version).  There’s a Greenie sleeping on the bed holding a gem, a giant rug on the floor below and things like a desk and wardrobe to the left here.  Now, if you just want to head through the door to the next area, there’s nothing stopping you doing so, but there’s one more thing you can do here for a gem…

Gem 1: Vacuum up the carpet to reveal a valve in the floor.  This valve sets the time on the digital clock above where the Greenie is sleeping, so set it to 9:00.  The alarm clock activates, the Greenie wakes up and you can defeat if for the gem it was holding.

Now head through the door to the north to reach the upper level of the Roundhouse.

And have a guess what’s right in front of you here.  Another beam crossing section with gyro controls!  Yep, you didn’t think you’d never see this type of gameplay again after beating Gloomy Manor, did you?  So make your way across the beam carefully, then jump right to the next beam when you come to an obstacle.  Go further up again and jump left to land on the other side of the beam you started on, then go north for the other side of the room.   Thankfully you won’t ever have to cross these beams again in this mission.

Here, go right and enter the door to reach the Transportation Hall.  See that Boo putting a key in the painting at the other end?  Well we need that key to open the door that leads back down to the bottom floor of the Roundhouse and to the Ancient Poltergeist.  So try and walk down the corridor and…

You’ll notice you can’t.  Yes, this area is a conveyer belt, sort of like the Endless Staircase from Super Mario 64.  What this means is that you’ll have to go laterally around the room, entering the different doors and navigating through the rooms to the left and right to gradually make your way along the corridor.  It’s a pain, but it’s the only way forward.

So start out by entering the west door to the Finishing Room. In here, shine your Dark Light on the welding masks to make Greenies appear behind them and attack, then capture the Greenies to clear out the room and continue your mission.  Head through the north most door to reach the Transportation Hall again.

Now go east through the door to reach the Container Yard.  This place is a large storage room filled with crates and machines.  There’s also a raised ramp leading to the north of the room, so pull the chain to drop some robotic bombs into a lift and lower it.  Unfortunately, this also causes some Slammers to attack, so take care of them as well before progressing onwards.

Cross the ramp you just lowered, and then hit the bombs with the Strobulb to remove the weight from the lift and lower the bridge further north.  Cross this and go out the door to the west to reach the Transportation Hall again.

In here, exit through the west door to reach the Kiln Room. This place is full of steam that must be turned off to let Luigi use the Strobulb, so turn the valves to off by using the Poltergust on the wheels nearby (the right one must be revealed with the Dark Light first).  Once this is done, use the Strobulb to activate the door ahead and unleash two Greenies, and defeat them both to clear the room of ghosts.

Exit through the door to the back right to reach the area with the painting, and shine your Dark Light on it for the key.  Now with key in hand, walk back down the Transportation Hall and use it to open the ‘first’ door on the right to reach the Roundhouse again, except on the other side.  Head down to the circular sand pit to fight the Ancient Poltergeist/Boffin Elder.

Mini Boss: Ancient Poltergeist/Boffin Elder

HP: 100

Another Poltergeist/Boffin, you may have realised by now that these guys tend to act as the mini bosses in 90% of the game’s mansions.  However, the Ancient/Elder one is a tad tougher and controls sand/wind instead of books.

His first attack is to create a tornado that sucks Luigi to the centre of the arena.  Not hard to avoid, just stay on the outside to get away from it.

He also chucks bombs and rubble at wherever Luigi is standing, which can easily be dodged just by waiting for it to fly into the air and running to a different location.

To catch him, what you need to do is use your Strobe Light on the centre of the arena, then suck him in with the Poltergust as normal.  It’s not particularly hard to do (and you can use the Dark Light to find where he is in the room), but he will send out Sneakers that’ll try and break your hold by either scaring or physically trying to hit you.

So either keep trying and catch him and avoid the enemy Sneakers as best as possible (not recommended), or catch the Sneakers first and then go after the Elder/Ancient Poltergeist/Boffin.  Probably best to do the latter given that this battle doesn’t end until all the enemies he summons are dead too.

It’s not a difficult battle in the slightest, and you should be done with it pretty quickly.

Note: The above is copied from my boss guide on the forums.  The original is found here:

Once the Ancient Poltergeist is done, collect the clock hand and see the mission end.

C-4 Ghosty in the Middle/Play Catch

So, we’ve found one clock hand.  Unfortunately, E Gadd finds he can’t just track the location of the others with the Parascope because it’s only designed to detect ghosts, and hence just sends us back to the Clockworks in the vain hope that a minor reading happens to be related to the missing hand.

And when you arrive, it seems the clock hand is right in sight!  Couple of Greenies are shown messing around with it and throwing it around, and hence this mission should be a breeze!  After all, how hard can a Greenie be to defeat?

Then… it all goes pear shaped.  Cut down to the Polterpup looking at the Greenies from a nearby clock and wanting to play with the clock hand.  Cue said ghost dog then leaping into the middle of them, grabbing the hand and running off in the Old Clockworks!  Oh great, it’s another ghost dog hunt like the one in Haunted Towers…

So head off into the front door of the Clockworks, at which point you will encounter a Greenie with a Paranormal Shield.  These are forcefields that certain ghosts have (mostly Greenies in the Dark Moon quest, but other ghosts also get them in the ScareScraper).  Watch the colour of the shield and charge the A-Pull meter so the bar turns the same colour as the shield.  Press A and the electric shock will shatter it and let you catch the Greenie as normal.  Head right and go through to the Workshop.

In here, follow the Polterpup tracks and investigate the machine to send the pup running away to the Drafting Office.  You know how to get here by now, right?  Well, go to the Drafting Office via either the lift in the Warehouse or the stairs in the Cargo Room. Once in the Drafting Office (follow the instructions in the first mission guide if you need more specific information), examine the dresser to make the Polterpup appear and run off again.

Now, head out the door to the Warehouse and go through the north door up here to reach the Clockmakers Room.  Examine the wardrobe to reveal the Polterpup again, who runs out through the wall to the north.  Follow to find him on the other side of some narrow rails.  Oh, you have to be kidding me here!  More narrow rails to cross with gyro controls?  Come on… You also have to jump between the rails by holding that direction on the Circle Pad, which is annoying.  Once you’re across, a Greenie will scare the ghost dog away, making that gyro section feel like an even more frustrating waste of time.

Go right there and through the door to reach the Transportation Hall.  Yes, this place from the last mission with the annoying conveyer belt stopping you just walking down the passage.  Go to the Finishing Room via the door on the left.

In here, battle the ghosts and watch the Polterpup escape to the Container Yard.  So exit the door at the north east and cross the Transportation Hall to the Container Yard… at which point the pup will run back to the Transportation Hall.  Just stay still darnit!  Navigate the Container Yard (see the last mission guide for instructions how) and exit through the door to the north west to enter the Transportation Hall.

This will put you behind the Polterpup, letting you stun and capture it at long darn last.  With that done, the mission is now complete.

C-5 Piece At Last

Good grief, these jokes just get worse and worse.  Indeed, this title pun must tie with ‘A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit’ and ‘Its-All-Mine’ for the worst level name puns award…

Jokes aside, the level starts Luigi in the east wing of the Old Clockworks, just past the blocked door in the Cargo Room. The area you explore here is entirely unique to this mission and leaves you no way to return to the main rooms of the mansion, so I guess it’s a very different setting than you’re used to.  That said, when you start you see a strange ghost holding the clock hand.  This is a Super Sneaker, a more powerful version of a Sneaker that you’ll fight more of later in the adventure.  No one knows why exactly its here (given that the story behind the Strong/Super ghosts isn’t explained until the Secret Mine), but it’s sort of like a mini boss and your main antagonist through this mission.  Once it sees Luigi, it runs off an exits the room.

Exit through to the right to the Gear Chamber.

In here, take the lift down to find the Super Sneaker again, which will run off into the next room.  You can look through a small hole in the wall to see where it went, but eventually a Greenie will come by and notice Luigi staring in, at which point it’ll fill in the hole with a brick.

Go back to the west and head down the staircase to the lower level.  If you want a gem, go right, if not, skip past the next paragraph:

Gem 2: Go towards the right in this room to find some crates.  Climb up the ramp so you’re on top of them, then walk along to the gap between them.  Make the missing crate appear with the Dark Light to fix the bridge, then go through the door to reach another mini dimension.  Collect the red coins in the maze here for the gem.

Either way, exit through the door to the west here on the bottom level of the Gear Chamber.

Go west again through this lower part of the Service Elevator to reach the door to the right.  Enter through to get to the Maintenance Hub.

You’ll see another zipline thing here, except it’s inactive.  Use the Strobulb on the mechanism to the north of the room to activate it and ride it across.  Once here, go down and unfurl the folded up bridge to make a path to the gear, then do the same with the one to the north to reach a door.  Enter through to reach the Crank Room.

This place is a giant hall filled to the brim with gears and machines.  Follow the path round and go down the stairs to the gear, then make an invisible one appear with the Dark Light to restart the machinery.  This will make the gear to the west of the entrance door move, letting you ride it up to the next level.  Just avoid the hammer smashing down, staying under it will knock Luigi right off the gear and force him to climb up again.  Get off the gear to the walkway and then head round to find a piece of wall you can vacuum off.  Enter the passage behind it, then use your Dark Light to reveal a chest with this mission’s Boo inside.  Catch it like normal and exit this area.  Go between the spokes in the giant wheel to the north and head around to reach an area with various lockers and Slammers.  Catch the Slammers, investigate the lockers for a Gold Greenie and key, then ride the gear to the east to reach the front of the room.  Head back to the Maintenance Hub.

Now go through the door to reach the Synchro Gantry.  You’ll see a clock to the left, so examine it to make a creepy looking cuckoo appear and pull Luigi through the wall to the other side.

In here, head down the steps to find some wheels that can be turned with the Poltergust, then reveal the missing one with the Dark Light.  These wheels turn the gears towards the back of the room, so use the wheels to open a path to the Toad’s portrait, then use the Dark Light to rescue him from the painting.

And it turns out this Toad just happens to be scared of gears.  Oh come on!  He’s working in a CLOCK FACTORY!  Why is someone scared of gears working in such a location?  Couldn’t E Gadd send him to work in Haunted Towers and then send the Toad there to work in the Old Clockworks?  It’s like someone who hates other people working in customer service or someone who’s scared of heights working as a pilot or skydiving instructor!  Either way, this will turn out to make this mission rather annoying and far more complicated than it should be.

So go towards the door you came in via, and defeat the Paranormal Shield using Greenies that attack.  You should know how to defeat these guys by now.

However, Toad doesn’t want to take the cuckoo path (this I can’t blame him for), so you’ll have to stand on a nearby switch to lower a gate at the back and shoot him onto the distant conveyer belt.  Once he’s there and heading off past the wall, take the usual cuckoo clock path you used to come in and head to the other side of the room.

Some Greenies will attack, so defeat them.  Like usual.  Then head through the door to the Maintenance Hub.

In here, you’re probably wondering how to get Toad across.  Well let me say something…

Toad doesn’t like crossing gears.  He won’t cross them on his own.  Unfortunately for him, Luigi can pick him with the Poltergust 5000, and carry him across the gear whether he likes it or not.  So do just that, and then shoot him towards the door on the right side of the room.

Unfortunately, when you try and take the zipline path, some armed Greenies will appear and attack.  Take care of them like usual (either use the Dark Light to make them vulnerable or wait for them to attack first), then go back and take the zipline route across the room to meet Toad at the door.  Well, if you don’t want a gem that is.  If you do want a gem?  Read this:

Gem 3: Drop below the gear to the bottom floor of the room, then use your Dark Light to make an invisible chest appear with a gem inside.  Take the spring back to the gear.

Whatever you decide to do, exit as normal via the zipline and door near Toad.

This leads to the Service Elevator. Cross to enter the Gear Chamber, where you’ll finally take on the Sneaker.

This is a mini boss battle that comes in waves, with different types of enemies to defeat.  Think of it as sort of like practice for the boss battle of this mansion really. Take out the three normal Greenies first, then the armed ones, then the sand Tornado ones and then the Mummies, at which point the Super/Strong Sneaker himself will attack.  He’s not difficult to defeat, just fight him like a normal Sneaker (the only difference is more health).  Once this is done, go upstairs with Toad and to the east, and shoot him inside the elevator on the upper level to lower it.  Enter the door to the Storage Room.

In here, remove the posters and shoot Toad into the mesh covered area with the rotor.  Wait for the Toad to exit this small passage, and meet him to get the rotor from him.  Now, exit to the Service Elevator.

Right near the door here is a rug on the wall which you should pull off to reveal a mirror.  See that ahead?  It’s a gem, so if you want it, shoot Toad over to the walkway with it and let him grab it for. Once this is done, head over to the Pixelator and send Toad off to the Bunker to end the mission.

C-6 Show Time

It’s boss mission time again! Yes, it’s finally time to head up to the Clocktower and take on that Overset Possessor we saw in the earlier missions!  You’ll be warped to the Clock Tower Gate, so use X when near the giant clock on the back wall to put the hands back on it, then set the time to 7:30 to open the door.

This large room you enter is called the Movements, and darn it’s absolutely massive.  Unfortunately, the door you need is right at the top of the shaft.  So how do we get there you may ask?  Spin the wheels on the back wall with the Poltergust to raise the lift platform up the tower. You’ll have to be careful though, this place is littered with Bats that’ll attack upon hearing the Poltergust (so blast them away with the Strobulb first if possible), and each wheel you need to move is set on the opposite side of the back wall from the other one.  Either way, you can’t fall off, so don’t worry too much. Also, there are quite a few treasures and coins to collect in here, like a gem located past a window to the west of the room and a whole ton of gold bars, coins, notes and spiders to get for money.  Try and get all of those you see as well.  Once the platform is at the top, enter the door to the north to reach the Belfry.

In here, walk forward towards the steps to get a bit of a shock… Luigi gets literally launched upwards by a giant spring!  This puts him on the Belfry Clock, where the next boss battle takes place…

Boss: Overset Possessor/Belfry Clock

HP: Infinite

Here is it, the battle with the Possessor in the Old Clockworks!  This boss battle is a bit different from the last two in that you’re not really fighting a giant animal or object taken over by a Possessor, but waves and waves of enemies since the Possessor has taken over the clock itself.  Each wave is marked by the clock moving round an hour, at which point a horde of enemies will come out the ground and attack.  Deal with them before the other hand makes it round to 12 and you move on to the next phase; fail and you repeat the current phase again til you win and move on.

Here’s my guide for the boss battle from my Boss Walkthrough on the forums:

Honestly though, it’s not actually that bad and is actually pretty damn fun to play.  You see, every time you defeat the enemies, the hands move on an hour.  Then another set come out. Etc.  Here are all the times and what enemies you face in each:

One O’clock: One Greenie appears.  Not difficult to defeat obviously.

Two O’clock: Three Greenies appear.
Three O’clock: Five Greenies appear.  These hours are fairly easy to deal with.

Four O’clock: Two Slammers appear.  Getting a bit more tricky now.

Five O’clock: Bugs appear.  Strobe them to kill them in one hit each.

Six O’clock: Three Sneakers.  Best to try and get them all at once.

Seven O’clock: Three Greenies with hammers and shields.  Dodge their attack, hit them with the Strobulb after.  If it helps, you don’t have to suck them all up immediately, just get them all to drop their weapons first.

Eight O’clock: Three Mummies. You know the drill, hit ’em with a Strobe blast, make them run into a wall, unwrap them to reveal a Greenie and catch it like normal.

Nine O’clock: Fifteen Bugs.  Strobe them quickly.

Ten O’clock: Four Creepers.  You can either use the Poltergust or Dark Light to make them appear, then suck them up as normal.

Eleven O’clock: Ten Bombs.  Strobe them, run like mad and don’t stop.

Twelve O’clock: A Greenie, some bombs, bugs, a Slammer, a Sneaker and one armed Greenie.  Yeah, combo time.  Try and disarm the Greenie with hammer and shield first, then catch as many of the ghosts in one go as possible.

Now, the Possessor will come out every four hours.  Once he does, you probably know the drill by now.  Just dodge him when he charges, then after he’s a bit dazed, use the Strobulb to blast him.

Just follow the above pattern, catch the Possessor after every four hours and for the love of God, stay out the way of the clock hands in the centre of the arena as you have the potential to hurt you. You can also supposedly use the Poltergust on them to turn back the clock, but I never needed this myself.

Once you’ve done this and finally caught the Overset Possessor, the mission is over and the Dark Moon piece is yours.

C-Bonus Outlandish Interruption

Yet another time trial mission that has you catch as many ghosts as possible, there’s not really much to advise here.  The rooms the ghosts appear in are mostly random (although they’re usually located quite close together in a way that means they can be reached quickly), so I can’t really say where to go.  And while the ghosts you fight aren’t truly random (there are two or three possible enemy combos per room), the sheer amount of possible combinations would make this section too long to be manageable.

Still, look on the bright side.  The underground sections like the Tomb never have ghosts spawn in them in this mission, and as far as I can tell, neither do the rooms in the East part of the Clockworks (aka any location found to the east to the Cargo Room). So that narrows it down a fair bit.