All the NPCS They Could Have Used in Paper Mario

In recent years, a certain ‘defence’ seems to pop up online in regards to Paper Mario. Namely, that the Mario series only has generic Toads as NPCs, so Sticker Star and Color Splash are limited to that for their cast. Heck, even Kensuke Tanabe was dumb enough to say so:

there’s really only Toad in various colors!

But guess what?

This is 100% incorrect. How do I know this? Well, look at this chart:

It's not only Toads

Notice anything there?

How about the tons and tons of friendly NPCs and races from the main Mario series?
Super Mario 64 had Toads, but it also had Penguins, Bob-omb Buddies, Hoot and MIPS the rabbit. Why couldn’t any of those guys be in Paper Mario Sticker Star?

Super Mario Sunshine not only introduced Nokis and Piantas, but then also added Tanookis and Sunflowers too. Again, why aren’t these guys in the newer Paper Mario games?

Super Mario Galaxy introduced a ton of new friendly species, and brought back quite a few as well. Don’t tell me Lumas, Bees, Rabbits, Penguins, Piantas, Gearmos, Whittles, Flabberjays, monkeys (the Chimp) and orcas couldn’t return, right? Because come on, they all appeared in a 3D Mario platformer!

Even 3D World included Sprixies and not Yoshi… Okay, Plessie. Heck, even Super Mario Bros 3 had seven unique designs for the kings of each world!

So why can’t Paper Mario do likewise? The Mario franchise has plenty of variety, yet only about 1% seems to be used in these games. Why? What does Intelligent Systems have against varied NPCs in a Mario game?

It has nothing to do with a lack of interesting characters and species in the Mario series. The franchise has thousands of characters, and an equally large number of species as well. And with the main series usually introducing a ton of unique NPCs and NPC species, the ‘limitation’ some refer to is an utter pack of lies.

Either way, the NPC and friendly species selection in modern Paper Mario is pathetic, and there’s no justifying it. Share this page so we can finally lay the “it’s only Toads!” myth to rest once and for all.