Why A Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Remake May Never Happen

Update: I was wrong.  Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have been officially announced and are due to be released this year.

With Fire Red/Leaf Green and Heart Gold/Soul Silver being remakes of Red and Blue and Gold and Silver respectively, quite a few Pokemon fans seem to be interested in the idea of a Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remake. But might it never happen? I think so, and here are some reasons why.

1. Backwards compatibility makes it Unnecessary

First and mostly importantly is this point. Put simply, the main reason Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Gold and Silver were remade was because you couldn’t trade anything from these games to the latest installments.

So to remake them meant not only could people who’ve not tried them go back and play the games, but they could carry their progress over to later titles and catch any legendary monsters you can’t find in Ruby/Sapphire or Diamond/Pearl.

But this isn’t relevant for Gen 3. You can trade stuff straight from Gen 3 to Gen 5, assuming you go in sequential order, so there’s no need for a remake. And as for getting the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire in gen 4 or 5, that’s no big deal either.

Why? Because here’s everything the Gold and Silver remakes let you obtain without connecting to older titles:

  • Ho-oh and Lugia
  • The legendary beasts/dogs/cats
  • Mewtwo
  • The legendary birds from Kanto
  • The weather trio (Grouden, Kyogre and Rayquaza)
  • The gen 4 box art mascots (Dialga, Palkia and Girantina)
  • Latias and Latios

And for the legendary Golems/Regi Trio? All obtainable in Pokemon Black and White 2. Same with the lake guardians.

Of course, that does leave Jirachi and Deoxys, but those are given out in wifi events now. There’s no practical reason to have a gen 3 remake, since it doesn’t solve anything or let you get any Pokemon you couldn’t otherwise get easily.

2. Content and Pokemon from Gen 5 couldn’t be logically included

Here’s the second issue. Remember how easy it was to justify including things from later games in the remakes due to how all the games took place in different regions of a Pokemon equivalent to Japan?

Well that’s not true of gen 5 or perhaps any generations released after that.

Which means including things from Unova in Hoenn would just seem illogical. How can a species (especially a non flying one) get from the equivalent of the United States to the equivalent of Japan? You might as well have Polar Bears show up in Mexico or Kangaroos in Japan.

Land based legendaries from Unova like the Musketeer Pokemon have no reason to show up in Hoenn or other ‘Japanese’ regions.

It just seems unlikely anything from the later gens could be included in the remake without it seeming strange (like these supposed ‘unique’ Unova Pokemon suddenly being native to Hoenn and Sinnoh), and there’d be no point in it all.

3. No Major Gameplay and Design Tweaks would be needed

Finally, there’s no gameplay or design related reasons to remake gen 3. What do I mean by gameplay or design related reasons? Well, look at the first two generations:

Generation 1 had a whole bunch of game breaking glitches that completely changed/ruined the metagame and anything related to it (ghosts were supposedly immune to psychic attacks instead of weak to them), two whole types didn’t exist yet, Psychic types were really overpowered due to a lack of ghosts and dark Pokemon, abilities didn’t exist and things like graphics and sound were really primitive to the point they might bother fans of newer games. So there was plenty to change in a remake, and plenty of things that were added on.

The games were rebalanced to make psychics like Mewtwo less overpowered.  Worked for Alakazam, although not really at all for Mewtwo.

For Heart Gold and Soul Silver, similar technical limitations applied and made the regions seem much smaller and more empty than later ones and yet more gameplay mechanics weren’t introduced yet. So the remake gave Nintendo a chance to make massive changes to the game structure and add tons of additional content.

Like this new Safari Zone in Johto!

But Ruby and Sapphire have far fewer things that could be fixed up or brought up to date. Sure they could try the physical and special attack split or the gen 5 level up system, but is there really a point now? And the major criticism level design wise was too much surfing and too much water, which short of Team Magma succeeding would be nearly impossible to logically fix in a remake.

There’s just less than needs to be fixed up and hence less reason for a remake to exist. And when you factor in content related issues and how backwards compatibility with these titles still exists today, it just seems like a fairly pointless endeavour that would take time and effort away from making new games.

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  1. Who cares if BW2 is nine years from hoenn games? why not just make the gen 3 games as gen 3 with just a gen 5 format?

    1. You’re a fucking retard. You think you know pokemon but you don’t. The gens are solely divided into the time they were made. They were made so that each game within that gen could trade with one another. If they made a 3DS remake of Ruby and Sapphire (which by the way is the only console they would make it on) then trading between games would be impossible with the new pokemon, and the new types, and moves and all of that. So NO, they could not remake Ruby, Sapphire OR Emerald as generation 3 games.

      1. you’re very unintelligent eh? he is saying why not remake the Gen 3 game for a newer console, it would still be a gen 3 game, just a remake. We don’t call heart gold soul silver gen 4 do we? no we say that they’re gen 2 remakes, and personally they are the best games since the original gen 2. It gave that proper pokemon novelty, left out all the stupid contests and girly aspects and let you actually be a trainer again. The new games take away focus from what pokemon is about.. it’s about catching all of them and becoming the pokemon master. Not who can get more ribbons bahaha, of course if you’re secret feminine side enjoys that aspect of the game well gen 3-5 are filled with that poor excuse of entertainment, and it looks like gen 6 is even worse with the new aspect of nintendogs and pokemon combined… pretty sure metwo a cold blooded clone doesn’t want to be petted. Remaking Ruby and Saphire is a great choice for Nintendo, for you fucking idiots that think it only needs to be done for gameplay and catch pokemon you otherwise couldn’t which yes you can, not it’s not about that. It’s about playing an old classic pokemon game with new good graphics and reliving the Gen 3 era. Gen 1-3 were the best because they were straight forward. Little storyline, had the team rocket missions in the first two nd magma aqua in the third, but they were simple and fun. Go beat all the gym leaders, catch legendaries, beat the elite four. Now it is way too complex and boring, the stories are all run on and dry. No one cares about half of the story lines, and they are ruining the simplicity and fun of pokemon which made it so special. This is why the company is losing money on these games, they try to change things for new crowds but hey hate to break it to nintendo, PS4 and Xbox 1 are going to fuck them, because no one wants this childish era anymore, I personally as a nostalgia fan would play the new game remakes but no children are going to want to, they all are growing up with COD and the EA Sports break through century

  2. I personally believe RS remakes are going to happen. Maybe it might be the first Gen 6 title, who knows?

    The DS lite is a dying species and I’m very sure people will not buy that as there are already far superior hardware that can play DS games just fine (DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL), even if the console isn’t discontinued.

    Gen 5 was a DSi enhanced generation, that’s why the pal park doesn’t exist anymore. Plus I believe the GBA games have a battery of some sort which will stop time-based events if it runs out.

    RS remakes are, IMO, bound to come. It’s just a matter of time.

    That said, this logic can also be applied to FRLG. However, I don’t think a FRLG remake will happen because we can already go to Kanto in every single generation besides the current V.

  3. I Think that they should make a remake of ruby/sapphire because I think Black/White2 series ended. I mean Unova can be the last time (or memory) of Pokemon. But if they remake old games like ruby/sapphire, people will buy it and Pokemon will last a little bit longer. so….. TRY AND TOP THAT NINTENDO 3DS DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 1. Backwards compatibility makes it Unnecessary

    More and more people are picking up a 3DS, the younger generation are being introduced into a time where there is the 3DS which has no GBA slot, Nintendo DS/Lite’s are becoming redundant, same goes for the DSi model which again has no GBA slot making trades from RSE to DPPT/BW, for those who have the 3DS impossible.

    2. Content and Pokemon from Gen 5 couldn’t be logically included

    I don’t think Game Freak are bothered in the slightest at this and really, I don’t think this could hinder a Ruby & Sapphire remake. It may be illogical but I wouldn’t class it as something that could go against them remaking the games.

    3. No Major Gameplay and Design Tweaks would be needed

    You still get glitches here and there in Ruby & Sapphire, in comparison to Black & White these games are dated, this month they mark their 10th anniversary. Another thing I’d like to add is the battery, it can run dry on these cartridges making all time-based events such as berry growing, legendary events and Mirage Island impossible to access.

    So although you say they may never happen, that’s fair but there are also reasons against why they can as I’ve stated above.

  5. If Ruby/Sapphire remakes are going to happen in Gen 5, they`ll be released for DS. That means, the remakes are possibly gonna be the last new games for the DS. BW2 is for DS, but though there are many 3DS only features, such as Dream Radar. I think and really hope the reamkes will be for the DS, cause they shouldn’t be too much different from BW. Unova Pokémon shoudn’t appear until you obtian national Pokédex. Tell me if you share my opinion.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  6. One more thing:

    I personally would love a RS remake, since Hoenn is the only region we haven’t seen in 3D. Also, I don’t know much about Hoenn. I started to play the original but I just didn’t have the same feeling (that I have in Diamond, HG, White, B2) cause of the missing 3D graphics. The remake would just give me the feeling of a new game. I would love to explore the Hoenn region in BW style. If you ask me, that game really needs a remake.

    Also, they should add the Day/Night feature.

  7. 1.- Yes, because relying on an outdated, discontinued version of a console is an intelligent move. Nobody has an original DS, Nintendo and GameFreak cannot rely on people having it when DSi and 3DS, the current consoles, which do not have backwards compatibility with GBA games, needing to transfer pokemon three times (From R/S/E to D/P/Pt/HG/SS, to B/W/B2/W2 to X/Y) is not reliable.
    2.- I really don’t get this point: Doesn’t Hoenn have it’s own pokedex to fall back on? What have the other remakes done? Added the Hoenn and Sinnoh pokedex to Kanto and Johto? No, they reused their own ones, you see, that’s kind of what makes the remake attractive, to get old stuff you can’t get in the newer version, not to traverse Route 125 on a Jellicent.
    3.- Since Generation 3 ended, most TM’s have changed places, been removed or overhauled, at least a hundred of new attacks have been added, most old pokemon have gotten movepool and ability upgrades, Triple and Rotation modes have been added, online capabilities have been added, graphics have been upgraded but most importanty, NEW POKEMON THAT CAN TWEAK THE GAMEPLAY HAVE BEEN ADDED.
    4.- This is a business, not the hour of practicality on QVC, if the remake has a target market it will be made. Under your logic, the convoluted backwards compatibility of the fourth gen with R/S/E/FR/LG and with Colosseum/XD would have made the G/S/C remake moot too, that was markedly EASIER to do than it is gonna be to transfer a Gen 3 pokemon to a Gen 6 game.

  8. The dawn of X&Y gives new life to RSE remake rumors. The fully realized 3D world changes everything. Everything from Generation 3 is about to change, and deservedly so. Fewer and fewer of kids (and yes, despite all of you, pokemon is still a kids’ franchise) don’t have old ds lites and never did. I for one am just as excited about the prospect of a fully 3D Hoenn as Generation 6!

    1. Maybe not remakes, but new games that take place in Hoenn, with new legendaries, that were summoned after the battle of Groudon & Kyogre. New regular Pokemon that were made by interbreeding or by mixing different Pokemon in the daycare center. Even new starters that aren’t your usual boring fire, water, grass types. Sure is an awesome game idea.

  9. The 2nd one makes no sense, there were a shitload of Pokemon not included in BW & B2W2, & it was still a functional game title. The other 2 make sense, sure wish they would remake Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald, fans already gave them names: Royal Ruby, Sacred Sapphire & Encrypted Emerald. Just thinking about the remakes gets me excited.

  10. I think a Hoenn remake would be awesome because in the original, there isn’t much to do after finishing the Pokemon League except for finding the rest of the pokemon (almost a quarter of which can’t even be found in the wild or safari zone) and battling trainers you’ve already battled before. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like Gen 3, but it doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to be when I began the game, so a remake would be reasonable to do, IF, Nintendo could make other regions accessible, including (if possible) Unova and also adding the combined pokemon center/pokemart into the game.

    1. You actually can challenge all gyms again after the elite four. they have different pokemon and higher leveled. at least in emerald, i dont know about ruby/sapphire.

    2. Battle Tower/Frontier?
      PKMN Contests?

      I have 516 hours on my Ruby. Please, there is plenty of stuff to do post-Champion.

  11. Remakes are cool, but what I want to see is a new game with all 5 regions. A super long ultimate pokemon game where you have to complete every game in one. I may be a dreamer, but that would be awesome.

    1. I completely agree with you. I hope that they could make a king of game where all the Pokemon games so far had been programmed into one game card, and when a new game is released you can buy it and add it to your game card, so that you move to a new region, without having to lose all of your precious pokemon.

    2. They should wait until the very end of the pokemon cycle and combine every single games pokemon regions and add ALL of the pokemon existing ( including the starters and legendries) and the plot should extend through all of the regions

    3. That is quite a good idea, but theres a few problems for that.
      1. Overpowered Pokemon. You will probably have Lvl 100 Pokemon by the time you get to Hoenn. But there is a conclusion. Drop off your Pokemon from the previous region to the PC, then start fresh again when you get to a new region, just like Ash Ketchum. (Ash keeps them at Prof. Oak’s lab)
      2. Too much memory. If you dont have enough space on your 3DS (or later DS version) there could be a memory overload and you save file could get corrupted.
      3. PC Boxes. Usually you have 8 boxes, but you could catch so much Pokemon that there won’t be enough. they could add more Boxes but they need so much boxes its gonna be hard to search for the pokemon you need. Maybe they could add a box search though.
      I would like a new game with all the regions though

    4. if they did do this it would be awsome however i agree with pokemonmaster442
      it would also be cool if you could do the kind of things that ash did on his adventures
      finally if they added more boxes that would be great

  12. Why is everyone so against the poster? There was ONE major reason for the remakes; You simply couldn’t get Kanto or Johto pokemon in the later games until the remakes. Sure there was Colossem/XD for Johto pokemon in Gen 3, but they aren’t main series games. And everyone *****ing about how the NDSLite is outdated, SUCK IT UP, it’s still possible to get all 649 pokemon (well however many of those aren’t event-exclusive) through catching and trading/sending. Honestly NDSLites aren’t that rare or outdated to any extent, I have one, and it’s done me FINE.

    My $0.02

    1. It baffles me how you consider not being able to get starter Pokemon a ‘Major’ reason for creating these games.

  13. I would like to start by saying I agree with this article and that they are all valid reasons why a remake should not take place.
    I believe, however that there are a few things a remake does for us that wasnt covered.
    1) Making something we enjoyed when we were kids available for updated tech so we can share the experience with the next generation
    2) The ability to test the waters with new things potentialy added to following games.
    3) To say “This was good when we made it, and heres another chance to play it….with all the bells and whistles of this new and great system.”

    In closing, it shouldnt just be about why it should be technicly made. It should be about the continuing of the artform and bringing something old and memorable around for a new generation.

    I know that was a little long winded, but I feel very strongly that this should happen. I honestly hope we dont see the next set of original versions without these being redone.

    1. I agree, I remember playing this game a couple of years ago, but then my console broke, so I have no way of playing, even though I would love to. So they should make remakes,so they can be played on the new Nintendo consoles.

  14. Apparently pokemon R/S/E remake may come after pokemon X and Y gets released, if that doesn’t happen, then, we’ll never get these remakes,’cause they’re starting to make pokemon only for 3DS , i mean come on, the 3DS can handle games up to 3GB games or more and R/S/E plot was very short,that would make the rom hold a lot of junk space, i highly doubt these guys come up with another idea for R/S/E…

    1. Well, you’re argument on Disk space is kind of incorrect. Pokemon Games always are large (the BW and B2W2 games were on 512MB Carts) But more importantly, while 3ds games are larger in size (they tend to be around 1.3-2 GB in my experience) This is due to larger files. The 3d pokemon take up more space than a sprite sheet, the sound files are larger, so a remake of hoenn would take a LOT more space than the original games (many GBA carts were 16 or 32 mb)

  15. Whoever agrees with this article’s reasons for why there “can’t possibly be a remake for gen3” is a total nutcase and does not deserve the right to talk about pokemon that way and should just get out and rethink what they have just said because a remake of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald would be so awesome and I would hate to have that opportunity just disappear in front of my eyes and be passed up like a remake of majora’s mask for nintendo 3ds, but that is off topic. Anyway, its true what all these people are saying about the NDS Lite, that it has become obsolete and it IS difficult to find them anywhere including places like game stop which sells used dsi’s anymore and if you want to believe that DS Lites are still being sold at these places, go ahead, just you wait they WILL do a remake.

    1. Why wouldn’t they? They would make TONS of money!And It would be awesome to see the Hoenn region with X and Y graphics! I totally agree with you! The DS Lite is getting harder to find every day…And I don’t think the profits of someone buying a DS Lite would go to Nintendo, since they stopped making them…They have every reason to make a remake! Those reasons above are COMPLETELY irrelevant to whether or not they make a remake! Maybe if US, THE PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET, make a petition. Game freak will see how much the Pokemon fans want a remake of gen 3, so they will make one!

      1. I’m glad you agree with me, as for all the non-believers, they can just leave now and wait their boring remake-less lives, I just want a freaking remake now.

        1. you all are just dillusional if you think this remake will be made and you can’t find DS Lites anywhere? Ebay Amazon 2nd hand stores still have them so quit your bitching and just get over the fact there WILL NOT be a Hoenn remake. to be frank Hoenn was trash. hg/ss were needed because that’s 2 birds with one stone

          1. why a remake would be great? because Nintendo shuted down the NDS and Wii Internet Service now is even harder to get the hoenn pokemons (pokebank and poketransfer still works, but the GTS of gen 4 and 5 doesn’t), with a remake it will be easier to get them again and Nintendo would get tons of money from the sales and I would totally buy a 3DS and that game (if Emerald Remake then better) the day it comes out.

  16. The “It isn’t necessary argument” isn’t an argument.

    By that logic they should have never made Heart Gold Soul Silver. We can already get everything in that game by trading up from FireRed and LeafGreen. The Sevii Islands had the Johto pokemon and there were chances to catch all the GSC Legendaries in that game too.

    In fact, now we need RSE remakes more than ever because they have cut off direct backwards compatibility by eliminating Pal Park. BW owners are cut off from having a complete pokedex without buying multiple games to trade up. And if they considered trading up difficult enough to justify HGSS, then RSE remakes are super justified.

      1. “GSC were the BEST games.” Is an opinion. We should get a RSE remake because it is has a lot of water. Maybe they could add boats for a new way of transportation or bridges could be built so you wouldn’t have to surf all of the time. Game Freak can also modify the region. Meaning, they could show what has happened over time. RSE remakes are also 10 yrs old. They can be remade because according to the Pokemon RPG game chronological order, RSE are next.

        1. Also, given they are ten years old, then I follow the argument that IGN made on the topic that most of the kiddies that played the Gen 3 games will now be reaching late teens and (for me at least) the nostalgia is starting to kick in. RSE are functionally the oldest games (in terms of console) whilst also fans have seen Hoenn only once. Remember, Kanto was shown in Gen 4 too, so Hoenn now really is the oldest region on a game that has lost trading functionality. Given the updates provided by Gen VI (3D being a major factor) a RSE remake is a no-brainer. Seeing the Groudon-Kyogre-Rayquaza grudge match in full 3D would be far more spectacular than 2D ‘sprites’ shuffling around on a GBA screen. I mean, 3D gameplay gives us the chance to bring the games more in line with the anime, something I have waited for for years now. IMO, Gen IV should have been full 3D gameplay on the DS, it’s not as if the DS couldn’t have handled it (Mario 64 remake, anyone?).

  17. I don’t think they are necessary either. Good job original poster. I like gen 3, but it does not need a remake. The 1st point is the entire reason why. Seriously, some of these people are almost as bad as sonic the hedgehog fans.

  18. How can you people say stuff like this!?!?
    I mean, if they do a remake, they are going to do a remake, all those reasons not to do a remake are irrelavant to whether or not they do a remake.

  19. Well why can’t Nintendo/Game Freak just remake them with the new X and Y models? After all they would just have to remake the NPC’s and the over-world, since they already have the Pokemon….And Since almost everybody wants the remakes, Nintendo will just make more money, so why wouldn’t they do it??

    1. I know that. I’m just pointing out the non-believers who think that an R/S/E remake would not make any sense. I mean, what true pokemon fan wouldn’t want a remake of R/S/E, I mean, come on people, think about it.

        1. I know a remake has been confirmed, but… Transferring from older games… GTS… events…

        1. umm… i think that all of us have different views but come on, why can’t they just remake r/s/e? or add a whole new story to continue the 1st one. don’t think that what others like is shit because anyone out there can also badly judge you

        2. Then you’re not a true pokemon fan. I’ve been around since gold and silver, still play it. went back, bought a gameboy on a second hand store, played the first ones. Hoenn/generation 3 is actually my favourite generation, i remember when i caught them all. yeah, i bought FR, LG, R, S, E. Just to catch em all. the point is. Many people want a remake, and sooner or later, it will happen. wether or not your ***hole wants it.

  20. r/s/e will happen in 2014 or 2015 i have figured the remake process out. gen 1 was remade in gen 3 and gen 2 was remade in gen 4. so now that gen 6 is almost out gen 3 will get a remake.while 1 was remade in 3 instead of 2 was because there was no need for it even though half of 2 is 1 and they put kanto in there anyways it just wasnt the kanto storyline. so we will get a gen 3 remake in gen 6 if we get to gen 8 we will have gen 4 and if we get to gen 10 we will have gen 5.

    1. Your logic is wrong.THe games are made after leaving a gap between a console.Eg gen 1-gb,gen2-gbc, gen 3,1 -gba,gen4,2-ds,gen6,3 3ds.

  21. You can’t say that having Unova Pokémon in Hoenn is a remake limitation. The gen II remakes didn’t have any gen IV Pokémon native to Johto until the player got the national dex, and these still have the same problem that you bring up here – how did these land based Pokémon from Sinnoh get in Johto? Besides, species that aren’t native to an area are transferred there many times, either by accident or on purpose. That may be what happens in the case of gen IV to gen II, and it might be the case for gen III remakes.

  22. Your logic makes sense but they should still make RSE cause how is everything eles is gonna get remakes but RSE it’s not fair plus Hoenn or Hoeen is the best reigion ever

  23. I’d really just like it if they released the Games to be compatible with the 3DS. I don’t own any of the older systems, and the idea of having to buy a DS or a Gameboy Advanced just to play Pokemon Ruby is frustrating. I personally loved Pokemon Ruby, it was the first(and to date, only) Pokemon game I ever actually completed. Unfortunately I lost both the game and my Advance when my house flooded, and they’re really too expensive to replace, especially considering I already purchased a 3DS. A ‘reboot’ isn’t really that important to me, I just want to be able to play it without having to shell out 100+ dollars for a new system.

  24. You raise some valid points, but I feel like some of your logic is flawed. For instance:

    1. Backwards Compatibility makes it Unnecessary

    I think you’re forgetting how much money it would cost to actually do this. You’d have to have at least two DS systems (with one being a regular DS to get the Mons off of RSE, and the other being a 3DS to play X and Y as well as serve as the second DS needed to transfer Mons between DPPt and BWB2W2) and at least one of each of the games of each generation. Assuming the prices are based off of when everything was first released, a 3DS is $250 a DS Lite is $120, RSE is $30, DPPt is $35, BW is $35 and XY is $40, then that’s instantly $510, just to get a Rayquaza from Ruby to X.

    Furthermore, even if you have played the games naturally and are at such a point, this whole chain can easily break if you happen to lose the game with all your Mons on it. Shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve already gotten your Mons to BWB2W2, though. But my Platinum game was recently scratched up by my DS, and all my Mons from Ruby were lost.

    So with all due respect, I think Backwards Compatibility is crossed off the list.

    Number 2 sort of made me chuckle when I read it, since the exact same thing you said wasn’t logical is happening in Unova right now in postgame Black and White. Pokemon from not only Hoenn, but Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh are making appearances in Unova, despite being continents away.

    Number 3 is technically true, but as someone said, there’s plenty of room for additional stuff. The entire region can be expanded, a la B2W2. Or heck, instead of a full remake, make a successor. Maybe add in some twists. What if Version Respective Nefarious Evil Team of the Week had succeeded in their plans to awaken the ancient Pokemon and flood/parch the earth, and it was up to you to set things right by awakening the other ancient Pokemon and bringing balance to the world?

    ^All that, plus people want to experience the Hoenn region again.

  25. Ruby and Sapphire has no day and night system. The music sounds really dull and underwhelming because they didn’t get the hang of the GBA soundfonts until they did FR/LG (Compare how intense and exciting the Kanto Gym Leader theme is compared to the Hoenn one), the atmosphere is really, REALLY off, like overly cheery and childish as if you were watching the anime, wheras all games before and since have had darker undertones. The villains are pathetic and ridiculous, they need more menace and better names than Archie and Matt, or Maxie and Tabitha (Who are both males!) The supporting cast needs a ton of character development. Remember Professor Birch? No, didn’t think so. The “rival” gives up and leaves halfway through the game, to be replaced by a sickly dying kid who never amounts to anything important. There is sod all to do after the Elite Four.

    And, most importantly, the graphics are absolutely hideous. Gen 3 has a ton of charm and it contains by far the most explorable non-linear overworld. It just needs PLENTY of the kind of aesthetic improvement Game Freak couldn’t be arsed to do when they made Emerald.

  26. Lol this is terrible. You do not consider the primary motivation for any company to produce a product. Money.
    Making a Hoenn Remake – Remember it’s been a decade since the games – will definitely sell in large numbers. If there is money to be made, it will be done.

  27. The reason we need a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald remake isn’t because of the necessity of it, but because all pokemon fans absolutely love the hoenn region and the gameplay of it. If it was brought up to date (i.e. superb graphics, possibly 3D, animations even then introduction of earlier gen1&2 pokemon) then it would be a great seller. Hell I may be a dreamer here, but you can’t blame me for having ideals 😛

    1. you have some really crappy ideas then and really speak for yourself. I played gen 3 and let me tell you if it wasn’t for the newer gens, gen 3 wold’ve made me quit pokemon. oh my god it was so terrible -_-

      1. Can someone please explain why there are these extreme Gen 3 haters? What did it do to get so much hate, really? They had the best Pokedex, contests, secret bases, a good story, the Golem Trio were awesome…

  28. But gen 3 is going to have to be remade eventually. The 3DS isn’t compatible with Gameboy Advance games and I doubt they will ever make a newer system that will have a GBA compatibility. Thus, Leaf Green&Fire Red as well as Ruby&Sapphire&Emerald are essentially useless to a collector who can’t transfer them to a new DS game, especially to those who don’t have a DS that has GBA compatibility. I can honestly say, the only reason I keep my DSLite is for the reason that the GBA games work on it. But my 3DS doesn’t have to compatibility. Eventually, Kanto and Hoenn are going to need remakes in order to keep up with the time, Hoenn especially since the Pokemon from that region are less featured than those of Kanto (which I think is a load of bull because Hoenn had some great Pokemon). I don’t know a person who can full heartedly say they hated Hoenn, nor do I know anyone who would hate a remake. Silver and Gold were huge in success with remakes. And they wouldn’t even have to remake necessarily the game plot itself, but maybe make like a remake of Emerald(which was the best of the three) or an entirely new ‘ten years later’ plot that would make Hoenn more interesting than it already was with its diversity and cool cities.

  29. I only liked three things about RSE;
    1. Secret bases (I LOVED the secret bases, and DPPt screwed this up royally)
    2. Mawile
    3. Deoxys

    Other than that, I’m fine without a RSE remake.

  30. I couldn’t disagree more with this article. Your first two points seem to suggest that the sole purpose of the remakes of the Pokemon games were implemented to fill in the gaps of missing pokemon to add them into the generation. Your third point then suggests that battling mechanics also play a very large role in the remakes of the older generation games. While the remakes of the older generation games fufill these points you made, I believe these are definitly not big reasons the remakes had come out. My logic is as follows: there were 10.49 million copies of LeafGreen/FireRed Version sold worldwide and 11.56 million copies of Heart Gold/Soul Silver Version sold worldwide up to date as of the release of X/Y. I could not find a representation to the amount of players in the world who care about pokemon to the extent that mechanics or competitness matter, but I’m going to make a farfetch comparison. In the DotA2 International 3, a game tourny that was well known in the Major league gaming scene around the world, Dota2 managed to pull off 1 million concurrent viewers of the game. The record that is held as of now is the League Championship Series Season 2 finals with 1.1million. This should give people an idea of the amount of people who are into high level gaming. Take a step back and consider the amount of Pokemon copies sold, now think of how many of those people cared about competitive play or even completing the pokedex and then think of how many copies were owned by players who simply beat the elite 4, played the postgame content and then was done with the game. The answer would be the vast majority. I believe these games were made to appeal to casual gamers, like all pokemon games. Their audience for the most part doesn’t care for these three points you have mentioned, which is why I believe nintendo will remake pokemon Sapphire and Ruby version in order to further the pokemon franchise and net more profit.

    NOTE: This is rebuttle to the claims of this article, I don’t have a strong way of saying that nintendo wants to remake Ruby and Sapphire versions but I want to point out the claims of this article are weak because it falsely assumes the main audience of the game would care about game mechanics and missing pokemon.



    ^By: Eddie Makuch

  31. The problem I see is when they ake a remake of generation 3, they must make remakes of the remakes of generation 1. Maybe they can make a remake of Pokémon Yellow Version and Pokémon Emerald Version with extra’s so you can travel from Kanto to Hoenn and from Hoenn to Kanto. I think it would be fun if you can travel to a different region within a game like generation 2 and remakes of it. I think it is fun to collect 16 badges instead of 8. I think they first make Pokémon Z with Zygarde as it mascot.

  32. the whole point of remakes is motivation. I loved playing the older games, but its the graphics. people arent going to be motivated to play older games because pokemon is getting better at graphics and theres always a new game coming out every year. i play pokemon x all the time, and when i try playing an older game, even like soul silver or W2, im not as easily motivated cuz i think pokemon x has more of a draw in.

  33. Another reason for a remake: new fans. Why should little Johnny have to put up with a now-obsolete GBA system when the 3DS is available? A remake brings classic games up to date for a whole new generation (no pun intended). I know the exact feeling because FR/LG and HG/SS allowed me to play through updated versions of Gen 1 and 2, the originals of which I was too young to play. Gen 3 is my nostalgic memory of Pokemon, and having the chance to revisit that is no less special than, say, revisiting The Shire in The Hobbit Trilogy. Everyone knows that nostalgia is a great way to screw money out of gamers, so even from a basic, financial point of view, a RSE remake would be a no-brainer for Nintendo’s already large pockets.
    Game Freak: Groudon. Kyogre. Fighting. 3D. Make it happen.

  34. I would like it if nintendo made a super long super intresting game where they actually get out of office/out of country input for design and story line. along with a new region but you can go to every region after beating each elite four but to move to the next region, you have to beat the elite four for the region that you are in and some text from the protagonist also. But that is my idea and is impossible since nintendo won’t listen to their fans at times!!!!! >.<

  35. It would be a pretty good idea to do these remakes. GameFreak probably considers compatibility a little bit, but they’re a company, ego their motivation is making cash. If the fans are screaming for a Sapphire/Ruby remake, then they’re at least going to consider selling it to cash in on the hysteria. Additionally, as the point has been made before, its a pain in the ass to move Pokemon all the way from Sapphire to X and Y. I will however admit that they did give away a Torchic shortly after releasing X and Y, which is somewhat worrisome, as giving away the Hoenn starters in a Wi-Fi event allows GameFreak to circumvent the fan outcry. You can officially catch and raise all the pokemon, so a R/S/E remake becomes semi-redundant.

  36. 1. “Why? Because here’s everything the Gold and Silver remakes let you obtain without connecting to older titles:
    Ho-oh and Lugia
    The legendary beasts/dogs/cats
    The legendary birds from Kanto
    The weather trio (Grouden, Kyogre and Rayquaza)
    The gen 4 box art mascots (Dialga, Palkia and Girantina)
    Latias and Latios”
    My problems with this is you need both games, and 2 ds’ to do this. Why? because you need both games for Groudon, and kyogre, to even get rayquaza. The “box art mascots” you can’t even get unless you were apart of the Arceus event, even then here’s the catch you can only get one pure game (playthrough). Why not us diamond/pearl/Platinum? Some of us, like myself, have had the misfortune of having the ds cartridge breaking or getting scratched rending the game useless. So there goes argument number one.
    Number 2’s argument, how do you get pokemon from Hoenn originally to kanto and Johto? The hoenn starters are in it Steven gives you one, Latios and Latias are in there as well, heck even Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza (Fixed hoenn legends!) are in it. Now a counter argument could be made, “Those are legendaries and starters only” well here’s a good quote from Serebii,

    “Hoenn Pokémon
    To get Hoenn Pokémon, all you need to do is turn the PokéGear
    Radio onto the Pokémon March station on a Wednesday. On Wednesdays, the
    Pokémon March Channel is the “Hoenn Sound” show. If you have this
    playing while going through the areas and the wild Pokémon may be a
    Pokémon whom is originally from Hoenn.”
    Number 3. Design tweaks, Hoenn was divided in half with sea, and land specifically because of it’s legendary Pokemon. Now it’s tweak could be maybe less encounter rates while surfing and surfing could be sped up. However you seem to forget that you had four different transportation modes. Fly, and Surf, one to go to an old city the other to find a new city. The other two? Mr. Briney could take you to Rustboro-Dewford-Slateport city(s). The fourth was the cruise ship, Lilycove-Slateport. Now for the most part all you had to do for surf was find four locations (three if you didn’t care for pacifidlog) than you never had to surf again unless you wanted to. I will admit this game had more surfing than the rest but that is no reason to deny it a remake of any sort, when there’s other ways to get around it completely. So there for number 3 I solved the surfing problem, and gave you a tweak at the same time for it. Boom done I’m going back to TPP Emerald now.

  37. Now I was not old enough for RSE, my first game was platinum and I obtained diamond and others after but I would like to see remakes to know what hoenn was like.

  38. But would you look at that, there ARE new Ruby and Sapphire remakes coming out in November <3

    1. Posted on November 5th, 2012.

      Update: I was wrong. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have been officially announced and are due to be released this year.

      It’s an old article. It’s completely irrelevant now that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been announced. Best to ignore it now.

  39. they have already relesed delta emerald which is a emerald remake in japan and have said they are coming out
    so i guess you where wrong


  41. to me remakes are ruining the pokemon universe , like the new graphics , mega evolutions (they seem cool and stuff but its just a waste of data when u could actually add new pokemon) .what they should do is make a game where you can travel to all regions. the hoenn region is my favorite region but I feel like it would just be ruined

  42. I bet you feel silly for writing this article now. Hoenn remakes confirmed. They were always going to happen. I mean, with how many people that wanted them, that’s a lot of money to be made.

    1. Update: I was wrong. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have been officially announced and are due to be released this year.

  43. Its talking about how if there were to be a new game (which at this time there is), it would be illogical for Unova Pokémon to get into Hoenn.. However, when they made the HG/SS games, Sinnoh Pokémon were available therefore disproving their point.

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