What Happened to Mario Party 3DS?

A few months back, a new Mario Party game was announced for the 3DS at a certain Nintendo Direct event.  It was shown to have Augmented Reality using mini games, a system based around racing rivals to the finish line rather than the standard board game navigation or car gameplay of the first nine games and some pretty interesting levels based on games like New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy (with one level being a reference to Rainbow Road from Mario Kart too).  Here was the trailer:

But since then, what the hell happened to it?

It’s not supposedly been delayed, so in theory it’s still due out sometime later this year.  But when was the latest trailer for the game shown?

APRIL 2013

That’s four months back now, and since then we’ve seen not a trace of it anywhere.  No screenshots, no videos, no detailed information on how the game works… it’s kind of like the game has basically fell of the planet sometime back and Nintendo isn’t too interested in letting people know what’s going on with it.

So what’s happened to this game anyway?  Why does it seem like Nintendo has completely forgotten about it and its release date that’s due in only a couple of months from now?  And are this game, Yoshi’s New Island and Mario Golf World Tour basically the forgotten trio of 3DS games or something?

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Rosalina better be playab
Rosalina better be playab

they can work on them very hard to make them at their finest, you never know