Super Smash Bros 4 Character Poll in Final Round; My Thoughts

Well, looks like this is it.  VG Tribune’s Super Smash Bros 4 character poll is in its final round and the character who wins now is the one they recommend to Sakurai.  Here’s who the finalists are:

  • Professor Layton
  • Isaac
  • Shulk
  • Skull Kid
  • Mega Man
  • Ridley
  • Ghirahim
  • King K Rool

As you can see, the joke entries from the likes of Dunsparce have been filtered out and a couple of unlikely nobodies have been ‘sent home’ so to speak.  But what do I think of each character listed here and whether they should be in Super Smash Bros 4?  Read on to find out:

Professor Layton

Surprised he’s in the final here to be perfectly honest, I’d almost expected him to lose simply because he’s not as popular with the Smash Bros crowd.  But he is a fairly plausible character for a future Smash Bros game considering the team who made his games said they’d allow him to be chosen as a playable character and how the mega success of the series he stars in means Nintendo might want to choose him to represent those types of games in general.

Still, I don’t think he’ll win the poll at this rate, so any fans of the series had better either get mass voting quick or hope Nintendo chooses him for Smash Bros 4 anyway.


The main character from the Golden Sun series and a fairly reasonable choice of character for the next Super Smash Bros. I mean, it’d be no problem coming up with a stage, music and other elements to represent the series and he’d be fairly easy to design a moveset for.

But he might potentially be screwed over by being made by a second party team, since I hear rumours that characters and franchises made by these companies are a bit harder to get the legal rights to for Smash Bros (hence why Pokemon’s representation is always a bit limited and why WarioWare got pretty much nothing compared to the other series represented in game), so whether him being owned by Camelot is a potential issue I don’t know.

He’s still a fairly plausible Smash Bros character though, and I guess he has a reasonable enough chance.


Guess the Xenoblade Chronicles hype hasn’t quite worn off yet?  Guess so, since Shulk apparently made it right the way through to the finals despite being a playable character in exactly one game in history.

Still, it’s sort of understandable since he was in a great game with a lot of fan support, and there are far worse characters to put in future Smash Bros games than him.

Skull Kid

What?  Why are people voting a one shot character from Majora’s Mask?  Is the 4chan/vote for the worst/troll vote?  Oh well, I have to say I at least prefer him to Dunsparce and think his possible inclusion in a Super Smash Bros game wouldn’t be the worst thing in history.  Because sure, he wouldn’t be the most deserving character, but like with Ghirahim I have nothing against him either.

Still, I doubt he’ll ever end up playable in Smash Bros somehow.

Mega Man

Come on, you kind of guessed he’d make it through to the final, right?  Because like it or not, Mega Man is ranked alongside Ridley for ‘extremely obvious character people want playable in the next Super Smash Bros game’ and kind of deserves to be in it.

I’m not even going to say how many things from the Mega Man series would work in Smash Bros, because it would take all day.  But basically, every Wily fortress boss and machine could be a boss for the single player and would work well as one, the music is just perfect for remixing, the number of possible stages is near endless and well, Mega Man himself has an absolute ton of possible choices for attacks given how many weapons he picks up in the series.

He’s already a plausible character for Smash Bros 4, and he’s what I’d say is probably the favourite to win in the poll too.


The OTHER main character everyone wants to see in Super Smash Bros, Ridley seems like a fairly safe choice for a future playable character and Metroid series representative.  Not much to say here since well, he’s a reasonable choice for a character.  If he wins the poll it’ll be a fairly good representation of what people over here generally want in the next Super Smash Bros game.


Eh, not the worst character choice ever, but he’s not quite as special as his fans like to think.  Indeed, he’s probably also a bit too much of a recent character to really consider for a game like Super Smash Bros since no one knows how much staying power the guy has (will he ever appear again?) and whether any other Zelda games will be released prior to Super Smash Bros 4.

And the latter is still a concern, at least in respect to a 3DS Zelda title in the style of either Minish Cap or Spirit Tracks since such a game could easily be made in the time frame between Skyward Sword and Smash Bros 4.

King K Rool

My personal favourite for Super Smash Bros 4 character and the most likely next Donkey Kong series representative, King K Rool seemingly made it to the final round as well.  Come on, he has the most obvious character choice ever.  He’s got enough attacks for a full moveset, three or four different alternate costumes and various theme songs that can play when he wins or on his stage.

Unfortunately, I kind of doubt he’ll win the poll without a bit more support, these things tend to attract the vocal minorities of the internet who like ultra obscure things and would rather support a one off character from a series like the Legend of Zelda or Mario or maybe someone who only appeared in one game back in the old days.

Generally, the choices of characters listed in the poll are pretty good, although there are still a few too many one shots for my liking.  Still, they did bother to filter out troll entries like Dunsparce and limit votes by IP address, which is at least some sign than the poll’s being taken seriously and that the results won’t be as screwed up as they were in the semi final.

Where to vote/source

You can vote for what character you want in Smash Bros 4 at the address below:

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I am going to politely attempt to challenge the arguments made against Skull Kid. We have seen him fight before. We’ve seen him shoot poison darts and summon mechanical puppets from the sky (the latter of which could work like King Dedede). We’ve also seen him transform and curse others with the power of Majora’s Mask. Plus, that disappearing-backflip that he does in OoT could be an excellent recovery move, if it worked something like Farore’s Wind. And the moon thing is an obvious final smash. Also, he’s not a one-shot character. He appeared in three games (and it was… Read more »
“Shulk- Not sure who this is either, but I figure that he wouldn’t fit in. He’s like a Final Fantasy character and anyone from jrpgs, just don’t fit in.” I’m literally laughing at this comment. So ignorant. You really do need to play Xenoblade if you think he’s not worthy or he looks like an androgynous Final Fantasy character. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Shulk is a first-party Nintendo character, just like Mario, Zelda (two Nintendo franchises you’re obviously only aware of) and Ike and Marth, who are both from a respected RPG franchise. I suggest you… Read more »

i dont understand why some persons says that characters like shulk are not fitting smash bros… why? because they are tall? they are to realistic? muscular? thats bullshit, if snake fits in brawl, and Heihachi, Radec, Kratos, Sweet tooth, etc. fits in Playstation all stars BR(kinda smash bros clone)… why not shulk or the Ryus(ninja gaiden/steet fighter) in smash bros? AAAND the MM incarnation of Skull Kid is fucking awesome thats why he won!

Layton – Layton IS from a puzzle game, but he has been shown to be able to fence, build a machine gun out of a slot machine, dodge and run away from things such as wolves and giant robots, and in every game he saves people from falling objects by grabbing them and doing a barrel roll. He is known fairly well in both Japan and America. I voted for him but right now he only has 2% of the votes. Isaac – Never got to play much of Golden Sun, so I can’t really say anything. Shulk – No.… Read more »

Skull Kid is not a one-shot character. And he could easily replace Young/Toon Link, who is basically just a Link clone anyway.


i dont understand why some persons says that characters like shulk are not fitting smash bros… why? because they are tall? they are to realistic? muscular? thats bullshit, if snake fitt in brawl, and Heihachi, Radec, Kratos, Sweet tooth, etc. fitt in Playstation all stars BR… why not shulk or the Ryus(ninja gaiden/steet fighter) in smash bros? AAAND the MM incarnation of Skull Kid is fucking awesome 🙂 thats why he won!


and sorry for my bad english… i guess 😛


I forgot :

King K. Rool – As you said, he does have the moves worked out, but for some reason I think he would fit better as an assistant trophy.


Either Megaman or Skull Kid is going to win. And the choice is mine.

Wanted to try and be an asshole? Well, now confront the consequences.

Layton: What would he do? I mean, seriously, he’s a professor. He would maybe make an appearance, but not be playable. His moveset would have to be like Cap. Falcon’s; completely made up. Isaac: He has a good chance, as he has alot of spells and stuff, as well as the moving power from his assist trophy. Of course, it would be nerfed down a bit, but he could still use it. Shulk: Probably not. Seriously, one game? Nuh-uh. Skull Kid: He could make it. He could actually have different attacks, I guess. Plus, his final smash? Crash the friggin’… Read more »
Jamal Fosters

Mega man


Everyone dissing on skull kid has obviously never beaten majora’s mask.

Really? Skull Kid? Why? He’s not a fighter. The last game he appeared in was released over 10 years ago. (And no, Twilight Princess does NOT count.) Are these just the whiny Operation Moonfall fans that are mad that Majora’s Mask didn’t get a 3DS remake, and now they’re trying to get Skull Kid into the next SSB? I don’t get it. Shulk would be my pick from this list. I just finished Xenoblade (Amazing game, by the way) and I think he would be a great fit in the next SSB. He has some sweet moves, and some awesome… Read more »
I don’t see Professor Layton making it any farther. He had a sword fight with Anton in Diabolical Box and made a slot-machine-gun thing in Unwound Future, but that’s pretty much it. Isaac seems like a decent contendor with his wide array of moves, he could be a very unique fighter. Shulk will probably make it on fan support alone, and his game was great. Who cares if he was only in one? Skull Kid? NO. GHIRAHIM. Seriously though, I’ve seen some potential moves for him, and they’re really grasping at straws, while they could make an entire Ghirahim set… Read more »
Kevin Mi

Definitely Megaman with his different diversity of moves and remixes. Although Capcom will probably not allow this…


In my point of view, I absolutely hate all bad guys, and not agree with your poll. I know I am hyped with the new Smash game coming up, but when looking out for your favourite hero (not baddie), it’ll became a little stressful for me. It happened at PSASBR, it might happen at the new Smash.
(Y U NO put thingamajig in, Legends is a Wii U only!)


I want MEGAMAN!!!!
I think he’s by far the best choice and that the possible movesets for him will be endless!
I recently fell in love with the saga and I still hope for another appearance of the Blue Bomber on a Nintendo console…
Also the stages dedicated to him could be parts of the Robot Master levels or parts of the Wily stages…
And the music, my god the music would sound awesome in an SSBB game…


I vote Mega Man only on ONE condition: he doesn’t replace Snake. I really want them to keep one of the Snakes in.


Holy shit, Layton will be mah main, enough said.
By the way, for you who say that Shulk is not famous enough, how do you explain him being there? I would love to see Skull Kid, Shulk and Layton. Mega Man is already there, so it’s cool.


i vote for sonic the hedgehog because i prefer to play as him plus he is one of my most favorite characters


plus he came out in one of the sonic comic series along side mega man


plus some improvements on sonic would be his final smash to attack as super sonic that would be even better



Link the Hero of Time
Link the Hero of Time

I know Ganondorf is my enemy, but he should really be with me, toon me, and sweet Zelda <3.