Should Nintendo release a patch for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

Because while the main adventure itself generally has few glitches (although some people say that putting the 3DS into sleep mode and opening it again causes the game to fall apart in general), the ScareScraper seems like it’s got quite a few problems.  For example, you can very easily have a key not spawn at all in a room where it’s marked on the map, which causes the entire floor to become unwinnable by mistake.  Is it outside the room in the void?  In a room not marked on the map and hence not where it should be? Just not there to begin with?  Either way, it’s a massive problem online that numerous players have encountered and multiple reputable sources have written about, so I think it’s time Nintendo releases a patch to fix it once and for all.

Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 1

Above: The ScareScraper has quite a few bugs, although there’s no pictures of them yet.

Another problem a patch could fix is the ‘boss not dying’ glitch.  This is where you capture all the boss ghosts in a ScareScraper room, yet the battle still goes on until the time runs out without them even being there.  It’s not always the worst thing ever (when it happened to me, returning to the boss room automatically ended the level), but it does seem like a recurring problem that has different levels of severity and is quite commonly seen when fighting ‘teleporter’/Sneaker bosses.  This should probably also be fixed soon.

Finally, the ScareScraper has quite a few minor glitches involving people falling through the floor or getting pushed through walls.  It’s not a big deal (you just respawn on solid ground near where you fell out the level), but it’s definitely a bit of sloppy coding in general and something that really shouldn’t be happening in a released game.

So in my opinion, I think a patch should probably be released for the game soon to fix the worst of the multiplayer bugs, kind of like how they patched those shortcuts in Mario Kart 7.  Do you agree?  Would you want to see a Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon patch that fixes up the ScareScraper and gets rid of the infamous key glitch?


15 thoughts on “Should Nintendo release a patch for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?”

  1. Nintendo NEEDS to release a patch. Not only because the glitch’s are insane (I hate the no key/red coin glitch) but also because people randomly Disconnect from the game. >:(

    1. there was another glitch where someone got stuck IN the wall after sponing at the beginning of the floor. He/she ran around , and green lines like doors appeared. He/she couldn’t get out,well in the scarescraper and was FORCED to quit.This was floor 15 or 20 of rush mode, can’t remember the floor.

  2. I am unable to finish the game due to an incredible glitch on the final level! I complete the level up to the big knight and instead of being warped to face King Boo, I’m teleported to the lab and that’s it! I did confronted him once but couldn’t defeat him and decided to turn the system off and try later. To my surprised, I was given 2 stars just for defeating the knights and can’t restart the level. I’ll have to play the game from the beginning! Not fun!!! :@

    1. Freaking hell. Is this for real? I’m not sure how you can’t restart the level, but if it’s truly the case it’s pretty much the worst glitch found in the game as of yet.

      1. I can restart it, but it finishes as soon as I defeat the big knight. I don’t get to fight King Boo. When I’m about to go to his arena, the game saves and I go to the lab instead. 🙁 The only solution will be to start the game over and hope it doesn’t happen again!

          1. Yes, I though of that and may as well end up writing them an e-mail. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

  3. I found a glitch is co-op thats bot funny and easy to get rid of but its rare and can only happen in rush mode. if you suck up the last ghost in a room and get stuck in a carpet trap right after (you need PERFECT timing) then a BUNCH of maps come out of your poltergust! you can fix by your teammate getting you out and sucking up the maps.

  4. after someone got a boss ghost i flew through the wall. this was at the stage room ( this glitch does nothing , you don’t even lose health).

  5. someone revived somebody and the reviver ziped › this way twice.The revived person tried to KILL me with a green spiney ball, what are they called?

  6. “Would you want to see a Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon patch that fixes the infamous key glitch?” WOULD I?! It’s impossible to even try to get 100 floors up otherwise!

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