Pokemon X and Y; Some Speculation

Well, two things I’ve noticed about these games from the screenshots and artwork alone.  First of all, you know how the titles are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y versions?  I think that’s probably not due to running out of colours (like so many people seem to have said), but a play on the whole 3DS thing.

Why?  Well as someone put it elsewhere, X might stand for X coordinates and Y for Y coordinates.  You know, like how a 3D image exists on the X, Y and Z axis.  It seems like the titles and theme are a play on the whole 3D thing.  So the legendary stag like Pokemon might represent the X axis (aka width), the legendary bird creature like the Y axis (aka height) and the mysterious third version one the Z axis (aka depth).

That would kind of explain why X version’s mascot seems to be ground based and Y version’s mascot seems to be air/sky based.

That doesn’t seem to be the only interesting thing about the ‘3D’ theme though.  Look at the official artwork showing the logos for both versions:

Pokemon X Logo Pokemon Y Logo

The X  and Y symbols seem to look a bit like the Pokemon shown in the screenshots.  I guess the fact the bottom of the X symbol looks ‘normal’ might symbolise how the deer like legendary is meant to represent the X axis and ground whereas the bird like one is meant to represent the Y axis and the sky.

Some things in the game footage themselves seem to hint at this sort of theme being the case.  Like this mysterious set of lines that the trainer bounces up from, that are presumably based on some kind of symbol:

weird lines

The other thing I’ve sort of figured out is that the region in these two games seems to be based on France.  Kind of obvious with the Eiffel Tower in the background, the Palace of Versailles type buildings and the very smart fashion sense of the people seem in the video:

Francepokemon Fancy Building


So that’s what I’ve noticed about Pokemon X and Y versions already.  Is it accurate?  Probably, although you can only tell so much from a few minutes of game footage.


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I think the X and Y is related to the X and Y chromosomes as the Japanese Logo of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y indicates a little DNA icon.