Pokemon X and Y; My Metagame Predictions

With one new type and numerous interesting new Pokemon and game mechanics confirmed for the generation 6 games, many people have been wondering about how all this could affect the competitive scene and tournaments.  Will Fairies dominate everything?  Will Mega Evolutions be super common now they’re confirmed?  What new Pokemon will be useful and what won’t?

So I thought it was time I got in on this stuff. Here are my predictions about how the metagame and competitive multiplayer will be affected by the new types and Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y…

Fairy will dominate the Gen 6 scene…

To the point every team of note will have at least some Fairy type moves on their Pokemon to deal with any dragons still in use.  This means that Ice type moves might get much rarer as a result…

Additionally, I suspect we’ll get at least one Fairy type Pseudo legendary, and this will absolutely wreck everything simply by how damn good it is.  I mean, every other pseudo legend Pokemon has become a staple on overused tier teams (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp and Hydreigon) already, and one that can basically counter all of the above bar Metagross has a definite role to play on most competitive teams.

Talking of pseudo legendaries, I also suspect that at least a couple of them will significantly lose their usefulness in generation 6.  Hydreigon is basically a given considering it’s typing gives it a four times weaknesses to Fairy type moves, but I also kind of see Salamence getting hit badly too (due to it’s relatively poor defence stats) and Metagross losing out as well (since apparently without the Steel type resisting Dark, it goes down in only one or two hits to your average Dark move).  So I can almost see literally half the pseudo legendaries of the series either falling down significantly in usage or being booted out of Overused altogether.

Sylveon vs Hydreigon

Above: An artists depiction of Hydreigon’s usefulness in the gen 6 metagame…

As for the Uber situation… well, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that Xerneas will destroy near enough everything in the tier given its fantastic typing and natural resistance to every Dragon in the metagame.

Sylveon could be quite viable too, especially if the videos and pictures of it taking down such powerful monsters as Hydreigon are any good indication of its abilities.  The other fairies?  Hard to tell.  Their typing indicates they could be viable threats (despite their goofy appearances), but I’m still not convinced that the likes of Flabébé, Spritzee or Swirlix will be able to slay the likes of Dragonite or Garchomp.


Above: Although watching a level 5 piece of cotton candy KO a level 100 Garchomp will make for an hilarious Youtube video…

So for starters, I think Fairy types and Fairy type moves could completely dominate the generation 6 metagame to the point of maybe even making Ice types completely obsolete.

A Viable Fossil Pokemon?

Another thing I foresee is that in this gen, we might actually have a viable fossil Pokemon thanks to Tyrunt and its inevitable evolution.


Above: An actually useful fossil Pokemon?

Because it’s got decent typing this time round thanks to being part Dragon.  So it actually resists far more attacks than the other revived fossil Pokemon do.

Add a really decent ability, an appearance that near everyone loves and some potentialy good stats, and I think the t-rex (in its final form) could easily end up in Overused or something.

On the other hand, I don’t exactly think there’s much there in the way of chances for Amaura.  Ice is apparently an awful type for defence purposes and it’s very likely that as a fossil Pokemon, it’ll only be blessed with a single evolution and not a whole lot in the way of decent stats.  So this one I see going straight to the lower tiers of play as a result.


Above: Maybe not so useful thanks to Ice as a type…

Still, a viable fossil Pokemon (as in a revived one, not Genesect) is pretty cool eh?

Mega Evolutions will become rather common

Although nowhere near as overpowered as people were expecting.

To begin with, there’s pretty much a 100% chance that both of Mewtwo’s Mega Evolutions will be just as broken and ridiculously overpowered as his normal form is, so will likely end up in the usual ‘Uber’ tier and banned by practically every official Nintendo tournament and ‘challenge location’ in the series. They might even be enough to completely outclass Deoxys to be honest, since the two forms are said to have greatly boosted Attack and Special Attack even compared to normal Mewtwo’s ridiculously high totals.  Add some actual bulk that basically guarantees they won’t go down in one hit (like pretty much every non defence based Deoxys form), and you’ve got two very dangerous Pokemon there and then.


Above: Both of these will be ridiculously powerful.  No question about it.

The others though are where it genuinely gets interesting.  So here are my predictions on how viable each Mega Evolution will know of so far will be:

Mega Charizard: Potentially useful (due to Drought).  Whether it can survive the switch in on the other hand…


Above: Will a Mega Evo make Charizard viable again?

Mega Blastoise: Also potentially useful, probably decent enough for competitive play.

Mega Venusaur: Extremely useful and rather powerful, going to be a great ‘wall’.

Mega Blaziken: Yeah… this is going to be an absolute killer. I fully expect it to become either a competitive team stable or end up kicked upstairs to Uber.


Above: Powerful, but maybe less useful in Ubers due to Mewtwo getting two Mega Evolutions and the ‘one Mega Evo per team’ limit.

Mega Mawille: Useful.  Nothing more to be said.

Mega Ampharos: Useful, although maybe not a good idea now given the huge amount of Fairy types and Fairy type moves flying around.


Above: Maybe gen 6 was a bad time to get Dragon typing…

Mega Absol: No idea.

Mega Garchomp: This will be extremely powerful and will be overused to all hell.  No question about it.


Above: Looks as powerful and useful as it’ll probably be in battle.

So how useful do I think they’ll be overall?  Pretty useful.  The already powerful ones will just get even more powerful with their Mega forms, to the point anything in Overused/Uber with one will just stay there, the less useful ones will become at least semi commonly used… it’s just that the one per team things means that we’ll end up seeing just one Mega for every decent team in existence.

Actually… when I think about it, I worry we won’t ever see a Mega Garchomp, Blaziken or anything else in Ubers at all.  Why bother if there’s such a thing as a Mega Mewtwo?  The one per team limit could easily mean that Ubers could literally be the ‘Mega Mewtwo + other stuff’ tier.

And the Other Stuff…

As for the other new Pokemon that have been revealed, I can’t even practically guess how viable each of them will be.  Yveltal is probably gonna be as ridiculously powerful as every other version mascot is (at least from gen 2 onwards), hence will be banned from pretty much everything bar Ubers and some very specific tournaments.

Honedge could be viable, although it’s very hard to tell.  Newer ghosts in general haven’t seemed to really ‘catch on’ as much as Gengar has for whatever reason, and I’m not sure if this one will be the exception to this rule.

The other new Pokemon seem like they’ll be a mixed bag.  Those jellyfish Pokemon seem like they might just about be practical, the cat and poodle like species seem like they’ll be about as wonderfully non useful as every other ‘mon’ based on a cute critter has ever been and I honestly care so little about many of the other creatures shown that I don’t even have a clue if any could be that useful.

So those are my predictions for what Pokemon will be useful in the metagame and competitive multiplayer and what won’t.  Will they be 100% accurate?  No chance in hell.  But I think they’re probably the most plausible predictions I’ve seen so far.

Post your thoughts about them in the comments or some other means now!

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Great article!

Mega Man
Mega Man

You missed out Mega Lucario (or you did and I didn’t see it), I guarantee that will see use as a Fairy killer because of Adaptability + Bullet Punch. On the topic of Mega Garchomp, its use will probably depend on how harsh the speed drop is, and whether or not there are any offensive priority Fairy moves. Agreed with the article though.

Mega Man
Mega Man

*or it was there