Opinion; The Five Nintendo Games I’m most and Least Excited For

Over the last few Nintendo Directs and E3, Nintendo has revealed quite a lot of interesting games that are going to be released within the next few years.

But which ones am I personally most and least excited for? Find out in this article!

Here are the upcoming Nintendo games I’m most and least excited for.

Most Excited For

Super Smash Bros 4

You really need me to say why I’m excited for Super Smash Bros 4? Heck, I even set up a new website… and am setting up a new forum dedicated to the game because I think it’s going to be that damn amazing.



I would seriously give up nearly everything to own this game. No kidding.  If Nintendo themselves offered to sell me this game in advance, I would seriously pay the full cost of a Wii U for this game alone.  That’s how freaking amazing I think this game will be.

The minute I heard this game announced, I knew I needed to own/play it.  And when I saw this trailer?

Yeah, no doubts in the slightest. Super Smash Bros 4 is my most highly anticipated game bar none.

Super Mario 3D World

Next on the list, another game I’m sure everyone was expecting to see.  But while some people are a bit disappointed in Super Mario 3D World and see it as a let down after the Galaxy series and what not, I personally think it looks like one of the best 3D Mario titles I’ve ever seen.

3D Mario co-op

Above: Four player co-op in a 3D Mario world = epic win

Okay, the non linearity?  Not present in the way I was hoping for.  But four player co-op with Peach as playable?  Okay, that is win.  As is the whole Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic feel, the new power ups, the often new music and best of all, the new boss battles that don’t seem to be ten more fights with Boom Boom or the Koopalings. It may not be perfect, but I would be absolutely nuts if I said I wasn’t excited for it.  This + Smash Bros + Mario Kart + Donkey Kong has pretty much sold me on the Wii U.

Oh, and Chargin’ Chucks returning is nice to see too.

Mario Kart 8

Another game I’m really excited for, Mario Kart 8 looks freaking amazing.  HD graphics that make those in Wii and 7 look like utter crap by comparison?  Oh yeah!

Anti gravity race tracks with loops, upside down racing and wall climbing?  Now that’s even better, the kind of thing I sometimes wish Mario Kart 7 had introduced.

The tracks look great as well.  The town/city track seems like a very nice looking new location that we see very little of in other Mario games, the somewhat Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon inspired ghost house looks like the best ghost house track EVER bar none (the fact Double Dash and Wii had no ghost house track was a freaking travesty if you ask me).  And tracks based on sweets and food?  Okay, that’s definitely some needed innovation in the Mario Kart series.

Above: Anti gravity Mario Kart looks great

Add in the return of gliding and underwater gameplay, the same great mechanics from 7 and retro tracks that have been improved by about two million fold in graphics alone, and you have one Wii U game I really want to play as soon as possible.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

And now, a game I didn’t even know I wanted before E3.  Yeah, we knew Smash Bros 4 existed and was going to be awesome for years beforehand, and 3D Mario and Mario Kart were hinted at way back in January or so in a Nintendo Direct, but Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze came right out of left field as a pleasant surprise.

And oh boy is it a great surprise.  Yeah, yeah, Retro were working on a Donkey Kong title and not Metroid (or Star Fox, F-Zero, Mach Rider or whatever your average teenage idiot is obsessed with nowadays).  But you know what?

Screw Metroid, F-Zero or Star Fox.  Screw Mach Rider or more NES reboots.  Screw gritty art styles and ‘realism’ in general, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze looks ten times better.

Above: Donkey Kong Country truly Returns with Tropical Freeze.

It’s got water levels.  It’s got badass vikings.  It’s got Dixie Kong.  And hell yeah it’s got David Wise composing the music.  What’s there not to love?  Okay, the Kremlings don’t seem to return… but let’s not count K Rool out yet, he could easily be the fourth character or true final boss, and if that’s true it’s even better.

Add some fantastic looking level design with the best HD graphics money can buy and all kinds of dynamic camera angles, and you have literally the best 2D platformer in the history of the genre.  This game will be brilliant, it will blow the socks of any so-called ‘indie’ made platformers ever made and hopefully, it will live up to and surpass even the classics from the NES and SNES era.  Roll on November, I need this game.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Finally, we’ve got this game.  One I’ve been excited for ever since it announced, Mario & Luigi Dream Team looks to be another fantastic installment in a great series.

For one thing, Miyamoto kept his hands off and didn’t try to make it ‘Mario and Luigi, New Super Mario Bros Bland Edition’ by getting rid of beloved characters and originality.  There’s a new villain, a new setting with new people and characters, new graphics, fantastic new music and generally new everything.  It’s what a Mario RPG should be, and I applaud AlphaDream for not messing it up.

But that’s not all.  Nope, as mentioned above, the music is damn amazing.  Seriously, it’s not even out yet, and I’m already listening to the game’s music on a daily basis. That’s how freaking catchy it is:

Above: This normal boss music makes that in the last three games sound crap by comparison

Above: And this giant battle theme is amazing too

Did I mention it’s in 3D?  No, well it’s in 3D.  And unlike every other Mario game I’ve seen, absolutely zero charm was lost in making the graphics 3D, with them being packed with detail and originality.

And to top it all off, Giant Boss Battles return!  Yes, giant Luigi smashing living volcanos and massive robots aparts with a sledgehammer while epic music plays in the background?  What’s not to love?


Above: How can this not be awesome?

I need Mario & Luigi Dream Team.  Roll on July!

Least Excited For

And these are some games I’m not excited for or particularly interested in (especially at this point in time).  Why?  Because I think none of them are worth the money in any way whatsoever.  Here they are,

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD

I was once excited for this… when it was rumoured the game had significant amounts of new content.

Now it’s basically been confirmed to be just a HD port with minor tweaks though, I say screw it.  This was the perfect chance to introduce the cut dungeons, new content and other tweaks the game needed, and then Nintendo basically blew it.  In fact, you know why I think they blew it?


Above: Graphics are one of the only major new things in this.  What a waste of time.

Because Aonuma can’t accept he screwed up the first time. Oh no, why fix his beloved game and accept that there are faults when he could do minor tweaks like edit the graphics (which were already mostly fine) and add a slightly faster sail option instead?  It’s nothing more than an Aonuma vanity project made because Nintendo doesn’t get how things like cel shading are not popular.  How The Wind Waker was an incomplete game that needed some fixing.

The fact they then dropped the Tingle Tuner and threw away the opportunity to make use of the Wii U GamePad in the most logical way (as a GBA/second screen substitute) shows that this port looks like an utter travesty, something made by people who don’t get how to improve a Zelda game.  Kick Aonuma out, get in someone willing to make massive overhauls and release the game how it should have been before they rushed it for the christmas deadline.

Game & Wario

Well, here’s a game that I’m not too fond of.  Yes it has a great marketing campaign with the Crowdfarter thing on the site, but I think the game itself looks kind of bad to be honest.

For one thing, it’s literally just a mini game collection.  That’s being sold for nearly the same price as a full game.  Is that really worth it?  No, for the same reason that Wii Play Motion and Nintendo Land aren’t worth it to me.  Not paying money for what’s basically an elaborate tech demo, especially not with Mario 3D World and DK Tropical Freeze around the corner.

Game and Wario Disco Game & Wario screen

Above: Rebranding tech demos with WarioWare characters = not worth 40 dollars.

Secondly, I think the game is kind of a perfect emblem of how Nintendo is mistreating the Wario series.  Toilet humour where the earlier games had little or none of it?  Check.  Using the name to market games that don’t otherwise sell?  Check.  Putting the series in mortal danger by releasing a game that’s likely to fail up against stiff competition?  Triple check.

It’s a pity, the feel of the title is decent enough and things like the music are pretty good, but it’s not worth it for me.  Utter disappointment, a game that should have just been a standard WarioWare title.

New Super Luigi U

Finally, I don’t care for New Super Luigi U.  Yes it’s basically a new game.  Yes it’s Luigi centric.  But to put it bluntly, it’s just DLC on a disc.

Not even massively interesting, game changing DLC either (like how various Mario ROM hacks and game mods completely replace everything down to the graphics, music and enemies), but some new levels with a fairly poorly designed new character and some minor changes to character physics.


Above: Downloadable content does not a good game make.

I didn’t care for the Lost Levels back in the NES era, and I generally don’t care for this either.  Pass.

And so those are the games I’m most and least excited for.  Do you agree my picks?  Hate any games I’m interested in/like any games I don’t feel will be that good?  Comment below or at Nintendo 3DS Community today!

P.S. I know, no mention of Pikmin 3 or Pokemon X/Y.  That’s not because I dislike them, it’s just because I have no personal interest in either.  Great games, I just don’t have any reasons to love or hate them.

9 thoughts on “Opinion; The Five Nintendo Games I’m most and Least Excited For”

  1. You have no idea why they didn’t add the dungeons into Wind Waker HD do you?? Aonuma said during E3 that they didn’t add them because they ended up using them in other games. And they did fix the biggest complaint of slow sailing to make the triforce quest much easier. If you played the demo of the game at the Best Buy Wii U event during E3, you would have been able to see the differences that were made and despite the face that I have beaten the original at least 5 times, it is almost like a new game because of how much better it looks. I completely disagree on your view of this remake.

    1. True, they ended up using the extra dungeons in other Zelda games (thanks Zelda Informer for posting about that). But it still doesn’t excuse how the game has fairly little in the way of new content outside the aesthetics. As I mention to someone else in the comments here, I prefer ‘remakes’ which add a significant amount of new content, not ones which make a few token changes and improve the graphics. Point is, there’s nothing stopping them making a few new dungeons or areas and adding them. Heck, even the Super Mario Advance series did that (like how Super Mario Advance 3 added six new Yoshi’s Island new levels with a significant amount of new content and some of the best level design in the game).

      I’m sorry, but slow sailing isn’t the only problem with the Triforce Quest. Indeed, a bigger problem is that you’re basically spending a fortune on translating maps found in tiny locations with hardly anything of interest (outside a few enemy gauntlets and the ghost ship). It’s pretty much filler content, and that’s what’s wrong with it.

      Best Buy demo? That’s only an American thing, and I’m not from the United States. Good luck with that.

      And I’m sorry, improving graphics does not a new game make. Okay, it looks different (and in some people’s opinion, better). But I prefer spending money on things with more changes than that.

      Thanks for your comment though. Did you disagree with any of my points that weren’t about The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD?

      1. Gotcha I didn’t realize you weren’t from America. It was also held in Canada, but that may not apply either. The slow sailing is not the only revision of the Triforce quest though, there are some other currently unmentioned changes that they will announce closer to release. I do see where you are coming from, though, I love remakes as well, but I personally love remasters too. And I’m sorry you couldn’t play the demo but it really was great, I look forward to the game.

        My only other disagreement is with New Super Luigi U. From what I have seen of gameplay demos online, they are new levels and all that, but you don’t have to buy the disc version. That doesn’t even come out for a few months. Plus its not just more levels with a new character, The levels only have 100 seconds to complete them, yet some of the levels aren’t much smaller than the original ones, so you have to deal with a massive time crunch. I personally love games that have these kind of challenges, so I think it would be a fun DLC set to get.

        Other than that, I agree with the rest of your post. Game and Wario I could care less about. All the good games you mentioned, I definitely agree.

        BTW, I can’t believe you don’t have interest in Pokémon!!! I’ve been playing it for 15 years. Still love it. I think X/Y could be a good time to try and get into it since there will be so much new ideas with the graphics and perspective as well as new gameplay of horde battles and air battles. I suggest these games as a good place to start!

        1. Yeah, I lost interest in Pokemon during gen 2 or 3. Not sure why, I just prefer Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Donkey Kong and other such series to it.

          I’m interested in what the other edits to the Triforce Quest are. It’s just that given that I’ll only be buying a Wii U later this year and that at least two big games are coming out that I want far more than Wind Waker HD, it being more of a remaster/port than a remake made it kind of not worth it by comparison. I have beaten everything in the Gamecube version after all (incl figurine/Nintendo Gallery).

          And New Super Luigi U is interesting as DLC, just in my opinion perhaps not interesting enough. I mean, it’s good compared to what OTHER companies come up with as DLC (and ten times better than hats, horse armour, multiplayer level packs or costumes), but it seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity to change up actual game design, maybe replace Bowser as the villain and add some new bosses, world themes, etc.

          Look at say, Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. Or any Super Mario World ROM hack ever made. Massive changes to the core game, and all possible in just a difference file that can be patched in on the fly. There’s no reason stuff like this can’t be done as downloadable content, and I’m just disappointed no one’s taken the opportunity to try. New Super Luigi U is good for DLC, but DLC doesn’t have to mean ‘level pack’.

  2. You have NO idea about Wind Waker HD, do you?

    1.) They ARE using the GamePad as a second screen.
    2.) The Tingle Tuner wasn’t dropped. It was REPLACED with a Miiverse-integrated bottle system, which is an acceptable substitute (Google it).
    3.)The cut dungeons were already used in other Zelda games, so they couldn’t add them to the remake.
    4.) The game isn’t being rushed. Just LOOK at the game. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Have you SEEN the E3 footage?
    5.) They’re making tweaks to the Triforce Quest and the “slow sailing” to make it better.
    6.)Calling out Aonuma?! SHUT UP!

    Sorry for the rudeness, but get your facts straight before you start calling out an amazing remake and one of the most famous people at Nintendo.

    1. 1. True.

      2. I still think the Tingle Tuner was an idea that was practically made for the Wii U GamePad, and I really liked using it back in the Gamecube version. Nothing against the Miiverse bottle thing, but it should have been an extra feature and not a replacement.

      3. That’s true, but I still prefer remakes to be… significantly different from the original. That’s why the likes of Super Mario 64 DS and maybe Donkey Kong Game Boy are some of the best remakes of all time, because they significantly add on to the original and change various things about it. Never liked ports much.

      4. The rushed thing refers to the Gamecube game, which was indeed rushed for a deadline with significant things cut out of it. A remake/rerelease is a perfect time to fix these issues.

      5. It needs more than tweaks to be a fun part of the game (*cough* something decent at the Isle of Steel, Birds Rock and whatever else would be nice *cough*).

      6. Nintendo’s staff are not perfect. They make mistakes, and can be called out by anyone. No one is sacred or immune to criticism (which is why I’m perfectly fine with any negative responses here).

      1. I’m glad you understand what I was trying to say. And, once again, sorry about the rudeness. It’s just that they’re making changes to the original game to make it a better experience when it rereleases on the Wii U. All you did was say how bad it was, making you look like a b*tch (no offense). The point of Wind Waker HD was to help us wait for the new Zelda, too, so you can’t really complain about the opportunity for new content. Again, thank you for understanding and I’m sorry for anything rude I may have said.

  3. I agree with you on Windwaker HD actually. I was looking forward to it, but they lost so many good opportunities. But it still looked good so I was still thinking about it, but then I watched a comparison video on youtube between the HD one and the GCN one, and to be honest, the HD one doesn’t even look that different. Wasted effort if you asked me, might as well have released it as Virtual Console or something.

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