One Interesting Thing about Pokemon Omega Ruby’s Mega Evolutions…

It’s not something I’ve seen a lot of people mention yet, but I think it should be said regardless.

The new Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire prove that what is currently on the Pokemon X/Y game card isn’t the be all and end all of generation 6.

In other words, what we find by hacking Pokemon X and Y is only a potentially tiny portion of the content planned for generation 6, which opens up one hell of a lot of exciting possibilities.  Keep reading if you want to know some of them!

The first possibility of interest involves more Mega Evolutions.  Think the Hoenn starters and weather trio are interesting choices for new Mega Evos? Then just you wait, Pokemon Z/the Pokemon X and Y sequels are probably going to add even MORE interesting additions here.  Like Mega Evolutions for native Kalos Pokemon, like that rumoured Mega Yveltal we’ve recently been hearing about from foreign press releases.  That could be just the start too.  Mega Zygarde, Mega Aegislash, Mega Goodra… the possibilities here are endless!

But that’s just the potential tip of the iceberg.  Cause those Mega Evos are not just formes.  They’re basically all new Pokemon in terms of how they’re set up in the game.  So hey, it opens up the door to Pokemon Z actually introducing NEW Pokemon to generation 6, potentially on the scale of another fifty or so species.  Yes some people will say I’m being unrealistic. But come on people, the hints are all there.  A great war in the backstory that wiped out tons of different species and people, the third games getting more and more ambitious each generation, the Ruby and Sapphire remakes introducing a ton of new Mega Evolutions for existing species… it’s all opening the potential door to a horde of new Pokemon being introduced within the very same generation.

So yes, the remakes adding new Mega Evolutions proves that what’s on the game card isn’t going to be everything we see in the sixth generation of Pokemon games.  And potentially proves that the possibility of new Pokemon, moves, items and other content being introduced in Pokemon Z isn’t that unlikely.

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I think we need a Mega Flygon, Zangoose, and Wailord. And the megas for Kyogre and Groudon are actually not megas. They are “ancient devolutions” (according to Serebii which is always right)

Oath 2 Order

Mega Miltank plz


How about mega… any gen5 pokemon. Like, at all.


And I think it would awesome for Pokemon Z to come with new Pokemon