Nintendo’s 2014 E3 Digital Event; My Thoughts

More detailed information about each game announced will come later (in the form of individual articles for each new announcement), but here’s what I think of all the things that happened at today’s Nintendo Digital Event.  Brace yourselves, it’s going to be quite the long article!

Let’ start with Smash Bros…

Super Smash Bros 4; Playable Miis

I’m not sure what to feel about this.  On the one hand, I really, really hate how Nintendo is shoehorning the Miis into just about every game they make, and their presence here just takes another slot that could have gone to a beloved Nintendo character with a decent fanbase.

But then, I think that practically speaking, this is pretty much ‘play as absolutely any humanoid character from fiction or any real world figure’. That opens up one hell of a lot of opportunities, made even more obvious by the inevitable tidal wave of ‘make this famous fictional character/celebrity and play as them in Smash Bros!’ article that are sure to flood the internet the minute the game gets released.  And hey, at least they’ve been implemented well, with the characters being given one of three different movesets and decent stats.


Disney Infinity/Skylanders stuff with Nintendo branding.  Yeah, this is going to be big.  The fact it’s going to be working with Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros 4 is going to cause figurine sales to skyrocket as well.

Bit disappointed about the lack of actual games promoted with this feature (I was practically certain a new WarioWare title was going to be shown with this feature as a major part), but hey, the idea seems interesting.  It’s just going to be very expensive for anyone running a Nintendo fan site.

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Nice we get to see this game again, and hey, it’s looking better than I thought it would.  Indeed, with familiar Yoshi’s Island enemies (Ptooies for instance), mechanics (Winged Clouds, Chomp Rocks, etc) and even egg shooting (hey, at least they didn’t take this away like they did Kirby’s inhaling/transforming abilities!), the game actually looks like a genuine sequel to Yoshi’s Island.  So while it’s not exactly the most exciting game in the world, it at least looks like it’ll be a solid 2D platformer with decent gameplay.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Meh, I don’t care for this game.  It looks nice enough in terms of graphics, but to be honest… I think we’ve got enough puzzle platformers out there at the moment.  Besides, I hate how it seems every game is getting more and more puzzle based, so I’ll be skipping this one entirely.

Want more?  If so, keep reading!

Zelda Wii U

Now this looks like it’ll be a great game!  An inoffensive, mostly realistic art style (albeit with a fair amount of colour in it), a greater focus on combat and action gameplay, a wide open world to explore without the painful linearity found in most current Zelda titles… I think this could be one of the best Zelda games ever made.  Pity we only saw about thirty seconds of it.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but these games are looking amazing.  The graphics look fantastic (thanks to the new visual design from Pokemon X and Y), the new Mega Evolutions look great, the character redesigns are top notch… there’s not really anything to complain about here.

Plus, it confirms the Coro Coro Magazine scans we posted were genuine.  That’s nice.

Bayonetta 2

The game looks fantastic, but to be honest… it’s not really a game I’ve got a lot of interest in.  Still, it probably will get more people to take the Wii U seriously, so I guess that’s a plus.

Hyrule Warriors

Wow, this is looking better than I ever expected.  Bosses from games like Twilight Princess?  Zelda, Impa and Midna as playable characters?  Link and others fighting huge armies of monsters at the same time?

This should be a great game.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

It’s a sequel to Kirby Canvas Curse.  A very nice looking sequel I must admit, but not really a title I have a lot of interest in.  Still, do you like Kirby games?  If so, this looks to be a game you’ll definitely want to buy.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Did anyone else think this was a new IP at first?  Cause with the space setting and all the Hollywood style story elements, I initially figured it would be Nintendo’s upcoming answer to Halo and Destiny.  Still, it looks fantastic, with the title being exactly the kind of game Nintendo needs at this point in time in order to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One.

Mario Maker

Meh. I mean, it’s nice that Nintendo is finally making a Mario level editor and letting the public share their own levels on Nintendo systems, but the app itself looks rather basic compared to just about every other level making tool under the sun.  After all, when your competition consists of Lunar Magic, Super Mario Bros X and New Super Mario Bros Wii editor Reggie…


Above: A more advanced Mario editor.

A fairly basic tool with support for only New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 1 elements isn’t really gonna cut it.  I think I’ll probably be sticking to Lunar Magic myself, even if I do try this tool for a short while merely to see what kind of levels Nintendo’s non ROM hack/fan game making fans come up with.


A new Nintendo IP?  Which is actually being marketed as a big thing and released outside of the eShop?  Well, isn’t that a pleasant surprise!

It looks like an interesting game too.  Playing as humanoid squid people who can transform into normal squids to climb walls, swim through ink and get past fences?  Trying to colour the whole map with your team’s ink in a sort of squid deathmatch equivalent?  Those are actually rather intriguing ideas, and so I’m happy to see what Nintendo does with this title and all its future potential.

Palutena in Super Smash Bros 4

A good choice of new character, if perhaps a rather ‘safe’ one.  Still, her abilities look good enough, what with her having about ten different special attacks and all, so Palutena does at least look like a fun character to play as.

So those are my thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 in general.  If you want more detailed analysis, opinions and information, read the actual game specific articles and news posts I wrote for each game instead.

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I really liked the e3 digital event. Zelda looks great, I really hope they keep to their word on the open world aspect.

I’m glad Palutena is a fighter in the new Smash game. She looks like she will be an interesting character to play. I am not sure about the Miis being in Smash bros. They look like they could be broken with the customization. I hope they show more about the Amiibo in Smash bros.

Oath 2 Order

The Miis are pretty cool as a character. Amiibo is bound to end up in Animal Crossing Wii U.

Yoshi’s Wooly World is adorable/. Pokemon and both Zelda games look good.

I love Mario Maker.

Splatoon looks boring to be honest.


I agree about Splatoon. So far I am disappointed in this IP

Overall I am not pleased. I can see that Nintendo is trying to change their ways though and that holds a lot of possibilities. The highlights for me were Zelda, Palutena, and find out Star Fox is coming. I just feel like they talked for really long amounts of time for a few games. I don’t understand why games like Mario Party 10 were not also in the video (at least as trailers) because it seems like very few games are coming. Also, not many 2014 dates. But the good things in there were truly awesome. (I also acknowledge the… Read more »
Oath 2 Order

Remember though, these upcoming days (11th and 12th) have Treehouses for Gameplay. MP10 might have gameplay.