Nine Characters Who Won’t be in Super Smash Bros 4; Who Not to Expect come E3 2013

When it comes to character predictions and Super Smash Bros, they’re one hell of a mixed bag. You’ve got the popular characters people like and hope to be in the next game (King K Rool, Ridley and Shulk for instance), the characters no one’s even heard of that some utterly delusional fans hope will be playable in the game (Carpaccio and Honey Queen for Super Smash Bros!) and the hordes of third party predictions that are less likely than the last (Mega Man, Simon Belmot, A Call of Duty character, Mickey Mouse…) But ridiculous ones aside, here are nine highly wanted and beloved characters I can practically guarantee will not be in Super Smash Bros 4. Have fun!



Because while he’s definitely Game Freak’s gen 5 attempt at replicating Lucario and marketed to hell and back, I think generation 6 will probably kill his chances stone dead.

Why? Well think of it this way. Remember how Nintendo had a playable character based on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire in Brawl? Wait, no they didn’t. That’s because Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out between the release of the gen 3 games and Brawl’s own development and release date. And I guarantee anything the same situation will occur again with Pokemon X and Y getting a playable representative instead of Black and White.

Let’s not also forget that Pokemon X and Y versions are coming out this October. That’s not a vague ‘couple of years away’ release date like Zelda Wii U got, that’s a set in stone release month for the games, and they’ll be available worldwide at the same time. Unless an absolute ‘miracle’ occurs and Super Smash Bros 4 somehow has a finalised character roster before the end of the year, we’re getting a playable generation 6 Pokemon and not Zoroark.

Additionally, keep in mind Zoroark kind of failed to catch on like Lucario did. Sure Nintendo and Game Freak pushed him wherever possible and tried to make him the generation 5 Lucario equivalent, but the fanbase weren’t having any of it. Given how they’ve practically surrendered as far as marketing him goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if gen 5 was represented by an actual ensemble darkhorse like Genesect instead.

Either way, Zoroark’s chances are as good as dead, and only a couple of die hard fans think otherwise.


A Mario character that really has lost a lot of popularity in the last few months or so, Rosalina still seems to have a couple of dedicated fans hoping for her to be playable in the next Super Smash Bros game regardless.


But you know what? I honestly think her chances are now as good as gone. Seriously, she’s not relevant any more. I mean sure, she had a massive role in Super Mario Galaxy 1 where she appeared to recreate the universe, but what since then?

Nothing except minor bit part roles and Mario Kart. Her Super Mario Galaxy 2 appearance was basically just an extra meant to shut up the few fans complaining that Lubba took her role for most of the adventure and to show the two games were connected in some way. And her being in Mario Kart has absolutely no bearing on her importance. After all, two Mario Kart or Mario spinoff appearances isn’t exactly a difficult thing to achieve, as these characters have all found out:

  1. King Boo
  2. Birdo
  3. Toadette
  4. Koopa
  5. Paratroopa
  6. Funky Kong
  7. Shy Guy
  8. Metal Mario
  9. Dry Bowser
  10. Baby Peach
  11. Baby Daisy
  12. Petey Piranha
  13. Kritter
  14. Boo
  15. Baby Donkey Kong
  16. Hammer Bro
  17. Boomerang Bro
  18. Blooper
  19. Goomba
  20. Toadsworth

Out of all those more minor characters, I’d honestly say that the likes of King Boo or Petey Piranha is probably more likely Rosalina is. Hell, out of all the Mario characters left to include, she doesn’t even barely register on the pecking order:

  1. Waluigi
  2. Bowser Jr
  3. Princess Daisy
  4. King Boo
  5. Kamek
  6. Petey Piranha
  7. Paper Mario
  8. Fawful
  9. Rosalina

Even Dry Bowser probably has more of a hope in hell than she does. After all, Rosalina appeared in a minor role in Galaxy 2, a major one in Galaxy 1 and two spinoffs. Dry Bowser appeared playable in two spinoffs, had a boss role in a Mario and Sonic sports game and was a major boss in two New Super Mario Bros titles and Super Mario 3D Land. Practically speaking she’s literally less important than a palette swap and probably only a little more so than the likes of Naval Piranha.

She isn’t going to be in a Smash Bros game. It’s not even guaranteed we’ll see a new Mario character in one…

December 2013 Edit: I was completely wrong and Rosalina is in the next Super Smash Bros game.  Now don’t go attacking me based on what was reasonable back in March based on existing evidence.


Yes he’s currently popular because he’s a well liked villain from the latest Zelda game in the franchise. But that doesn’t mean he should automatically shoved into Super Smash Bros Brawl and end up depriving more needing characters of a place.


For one thing, his popularity is literally 90% because he’s from the last game in the franchise. That’s normal, every game has a popular one off character or two (also see Rosalina, Zoroark and N on this very list). But they tend to lose most of their popularity the minute they fall out of relevance and never get seen again.

That’s it. It’s basically 15 minutes of fame fictional character edition. Once a new game or work comes out with a new ensemble darkhorse, they then get forgotten by all but the most die hard (and sometimes delusional fans) and the cycle repeats itself. Prior to Brawl we had people ask for popular Twilight Princess characters like Midna and Zant. And if Smash Bros had been super popular in the days of yore, we’d have ended up with die hard fans campaigning for Agahnim, Majora, Veran and Onox too. It’s an endless cycle, and mark my words; Ghirahim and most of this list will be irrelevant within two years.

Geno/Dimentio/Near enough any Mario RPG character

Basically, name any popular character from a Mario RPG, and there’ll be at least someone adament they’ve got a chance of being in the next Super Smash Bros game.


For much the same reasons as Rosalina and Ghirahim, except with the additional problem that the Mario RPGs just aren’t very popular. That’s not to say they’re bad, but look at it this way:

Ghirahim is unlikely despite being in a game selling about 4 million copies.

Rosalina is unlikely despite being in games selling between 10 and 20 million copies (albeit as a side character in most)

But the average Mario RPG sells at best about as much as Skyward Sword did, and in general about 2 million copies worldwide. Super Mario RPG? Sold about 2.5 million copies worldwide. Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door? Same scenario.

Nintendo/Sakurai aren’t going to include a character which has zero relevance outside of a fairly unpopular game released many years back, and that isn’t even really ‘retro’ in any way. I like Geno, Dimentio, the X-Nauts, etc as much as anyone else, but at best they’re ‘internet popular’ rather than mainstream and wouldn’t cause many people to be excited for Super Smash Bros 4.

If anyone from a Mario RPG I’d expect either Paper Mario himself, or just MAYBE Fawful (due to his popularity and even presence of a wiki page).  It’s certainly not going to be Geno.


Another one time Pokemon character, N is the main ‘villain’ of Pokemon Black and White 2 (villain in quotes because he’s just a pawn for Ghetsis) and the supposed leader of villain group Team Plasma.


But while there is quite a bit of discussion about him being a Pokemon Trainer style rep for generation 5, I think his chances really aren’t that good in general. Will N ever return in another Pokemon game set outside Unova? Probably not, he’d make absolutely no sense in a region based on France like the one in Pokemon X and Y, and I don’t see him appearing in other future generations either.

So while him appearing in a Super Smash Bros game might make for some interesting scenarios and ‘moral’ questions (would they make him a hero or a villain? He’s both opposed to the heroes and their traditional ideas and yet too ‘nice’ to really stand alongside the likes of Bowser, Ganondorf or King K Rool), his major role in only one generation might make him rather irrelevant by the time Super Smash Bros 4’s roster is finalised. After all, when’s Pokemon X and Y coming out, this October?



Really, people have suggested Marx as a playable character to represent the Kirby series with no irony whatsoever.

He’s a good enough boss character (and his chances of being a boss in a Super Smash Bros games are arguably decent), but I don’t really see him as a plausible fighter. After all, he teleports around and isn’t even affected by gravity. How the heck is that supposed to work?

So while I guess it wouldn’t be hard to come up with a varied moveset for him, I honestly don’t see any plausible way to turn a super powerful final boss who doesn’t even has walking animations into a character in a fighting game.

Koopalings (no really)


Yeah, some people think they’d work as characters, although no one’s quite explained how. Would you really waste seven move slots on mostly identical characters representing the Mario series? Have the most convoluted team setup on the planet?

Not to mention that Nintendo don’t ever merely add one Koopaling on their own, so the only real choices would either be to add none of them or add all of them. I think they’re probably gonna be assist trophies at best here, it’d be too much hassle to put them all into Super Smash Bros 4 as playable characters.

Any Real Person (Sakurai, Iwata, Miyamoto or Reggie)


Now admittedly, the characters above have some semblance of a chance in a new game. They might be obscure, they might be mostly irrelevant to Nintendo in general, but at least they’re video game characters that would theoretically work in a fighting game.

But real people like Shigeru Miyamoto or Masahire Sakurai? No. No way in hell would Nintendo put them as playable in a fighting game, especially one like Super Smash Bros. After all, real people in video games tend to be restricted to non violent genres for obvious reasons, and having real life Nintendo staff as playable characters in a game built around fighting to the death might be seen as a bit extreme.

So I doubt we’ll ever see real people in Super Smash Bros or any other fighting game.

Zant or Midna


Well, it’s already unlikely that a Skyward Sword specific character will make it into Super Smash Bros 4. What chance in hell have any characters from Twilight Princess got now? Especially one time characters like Zant or Midna.

Remember, as I said above, their fifteen minutes of fame are now up. If they don’t ever return in another Zelda game, then the chances we’ll ever see them again (Super Smash Bros or not are practically non existant). Neither will likely end up as playable in the next Super Smash Bros title.

So there’s the list. They’re not the least likely character ideas I’ve ever heard, but frankly they’re some of those that have enough of a fanbase despite their slim chances that I thought it’d be useful to point out why they probably won’t be included. I mean, I could give fifty million reasons Kammy Koopa, Dunsparce and [random Call of Duty character here] aren’t going to be included, but fairly few people were seriously predicting it in the first place. These on the other hand have a fanbase I think should probably not get their hopes up so high over an unlikely character, hence their inclusion on the list.

What do you think? Do you agree with my reasoning? Or do you think Sakurai will include a lot of one offs like N and Ghirahim just to appeal to the fans and maybe scrap them for the fifth game?

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  1. I would love to see more Wario ware characters. Especially Ashley and red, another i would love to see is Skull kid or Banjo-Kazooie, lately Nintendo have been in talks about joining forces with rare again, but Microsoft has such a firm grip on there balls i don’t know.

  2. I would hope that they broaden alternate costumes. This would make things like dry bowser, metal mario(tanooki suit, frog suit, spin hat thingy suit, etc.), birdo (alternate to yoshi), zora armor link(red/blue tunic, maybe even some masks) possible. Exact same move set, but expand on different looks especially if they’ve already said there will be less 3rd party characters that people are hoping for. At least give us different looks for each character.

  3. I bet we’ll see Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening in the new Smash Bros, probably alongside Marth. Also (this is less a prediction and more just a cool idea) it would be neat if we got a Twilight Princess version of Link that could transform into a wolf.

  4. The sales figures to denounce Mario RPG games from being included isn’t exactly a solid leg to stand on. Saying SMRPG only sold 2.5 (1.7 in japan according to wiki) million units is laughable compared to Super Metroid selling close to half that number (about 1mil in japan),and Paper Mario games sell about on par or better than Metroid games and Metroid has more games in their library to draw from, yet no one bats an eye towards Samus. I don’t think iconography is what they go for when selecting characters compared to how varied they can make the roster.

    Though I think you’re right, the most likely character we would get is Paper Mario, and since there’s Toons and Doctors of the same name in the smashverse, a Paper version doesn’t sound absurd. And if N were to be in the game I’d only see it as a replacement for Pokemon trainer, which is a bit unlikely. Most of these would make nice assist trophies though.

    1. That’s true, they do sell more than Metroid. But you should also keep in mind that for whatever strange reason, Metroid still seems to be ‘preferred’ by Nintendo themselves over a LOT of series that sell better. Donkey Kong Country sells at least twice as well as Metroid does, but Nintendo still seems to think of Metroid as the more ‘important’ series.

      And Wario Land/WarioWare, Star Fox, Animal Crossing and Yoshi all sell better than Metroid on a regular basis, but no one’s saying they’ll all get a ton of new characters in Smash Bros 4.

      Nintendo are not purely based on sales as far as what series they prioritise. Heck, many sell better than Zelda does now, but Nintendo still sees Zelda as their third or so most important franchise.

      Still, the characters fans often want and the ones most likely to get in as far as Mario RPG reps go are not the same thing. Paper Mario and maybe Fawful have at least in a hope in hell. Geno? Not so much. Same with any other one offs.

      And yes, many of these could make decent assist trophies. Or maybe bosses in the case of Marx or the Koopalings.

      1. “And Wario Land/WarioWare, Star Fox, Animal Crossing and Yoshi all sell better than Metroid[…]”
        And then Nintendo announces Villager. Once again, your argument is invalid.

  5. Waluigi was an assist trophy, but I guess that is why he’s on the top of that pecking order isn’t it?

    Genesect is getting a movie, wouldn’t that make it a breakout character?

    N would most likely be a pokemon trainer costume at best.

    As for “any real person”, there’s the mii. If they can make the mii into a smash bros character that is, but I don’t see it on this list and I’m sure plenty of people have hypothesized the possibility of a Mii character in smash bros. I personally don’t see that as a possibility but it might work if you based his moveset on those mii sports and such games. Though specials may be a bit tricky and final smash? Well… is there even anything?

  6. This article showed absolutely no rational argument in why these characters will not be in the game. If your gonna use the argument that Rosalina isn’t relevant anymore, than there goes 90% of the roster wouldn’t be in there. And if ANY character from Pokemon would be included Zoroark since he’s gotten a massive push when Pokemon B&W came out.

    1. Zoroark didnt get the same effect Lucario did. Yes, Nintendo shoved him/her into a movie but even that didnt increase Zoroark’s popularity. The only Lucario replacement I see coming is Mewtwo’s new form, which In My Opinion is the new Lucario, marketing wise.

      1. It doesn’t need to match popularity. Mewtwo was not a fan favorite in Smash Bros regardless of his outside popularity. And the new form has not been met well.

  7. Your the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen, some of these won’t get in, but some have fairly good chances, to say that Waluigi has a better chance than Bowser jr. or fawful even, is just stupid, your obviously a Waluigi fanboy. Are you 10? Or are you just an idiot, who has no idea of what they’re talking about? Your such a fool.

    1. Waluigi has a freakin assist trophy that means they have a possible full move set for him.. Bowser Jr seems ok.. But i’d rather have Waluigi, so we can have someone that rivals Luigi.

      Btw the Characters we are most likely seeing is Ridley, King K Rool,(or), Dixie Kong, Krystal, Isaac, and Megaman (Surprisingly). A few others but i kind of forgot.. And i’m sure they’ll add someone we highly unexpected, they’re good at that. HaHa!

  8. Fingers crossed on Krystal being playable; lose the punk bird and bring in a Starfox character that’s A: more popular and B: would have some new moves.

  9. I don’t even think any of that bunch of Mario characters is going to make it in. Also Waluigi has no personality.

    1. Because having a personality is how Mr. Game and Watch, ROB, Luigi, the Ice Climbers, and Jigglypuff got in.

        1. Yeah, it’s a bit silly to say Luigi has no personality, especially after Luigi’s Mansion 1 and 2, the Paper Mario series, the Mario & Luigi series…

  10. That was a very well-thought-out post, so I’m curious to hear your opinion of a possible Golden Sun rep. I’ve been dying to see Isaac (as well as Geno, but you’re probably right about him), but I was dying for Brawl to come out, too, and it wasn’t what I wanted after Melee.

  11. I really don’t think popularity or how frequent the characters appear in games because Pit a wasn’t in a a game for more than 20 years and he appeared in Brawl as a playable character. So that means all characters on this list has at least a chance on getting in.

  12. You are being narrow minded. When I first unlocked Mr.Game and Watch I didn’t even know who he was. Character selection in fact is probably based on many factors including advertisement. Having a character that isn’t that well known or popular promotes them. For example, Pit didn’t have a game since the 90’s and now he has Kid Icarus:Rising. Your argument is reasonable but not complex. You can’t doubt them automatically based on popularity; there are many other factors.

  13. After finding out Wii Fitness Trainer, Villager, and Mega Man are newcomers and Smash Bros knowledge, Brawl assist trophies/trophies and Sakurai’s desire to add more classic characters; I can determine the the characters being added are: Little Mac(classic character), Deoxys or Meowth(Meowth is extremely popular. I don’t understand why he wasn’t put in SSB1 instead of JiggyPuff), Krystal(Smash needs more females and less repeative Starfox characters), Samurai Goroh(Cap Falc is one of the few characters without another member in his group),Palutena(Sakurai worked on Kid Icarus:Uprising. He put new moves on Pit and must have did the honors of introducing Palutena into Pit’s group on Smash),Ridley(I’m not much of a fan of him but he can be scaled down. He was suppose to be in melee but his tail was hard to be animated. He was in brawl and should be in Smash 4 since it appears Ridley boss animation in brawl was perfected and can be scaled down. Samus also needs someone in his group and Smash needs more bad guys),King K Rool(need more bad guys and characters to DK franchise), Kat and Ana(more characters for Wario franchise and possibly can be villians and girls. Was assist trophy as well.),Waluigi(villain and more characters for Wario franchise. Was assist trophy as well.)

    1. I really hope you refering to Samus with “his” is a typo because she is one of the hottest video game girls ever. Seeing as you played Brawl, you should know that she is female, so I’m guessing it’s a typo.

    2. Meowth was planned to be pit into the first ssb along with bowser, peach, mewtoo, king ddd and pit, but due to the n64 ‘s capabilities it wasnt possible. So meowth could happen considering hes the only one who hasnt goten in yet. Also simon belmot is extremely likely because they are working with namco and namco has worked on castlevania games before. Also neku from twewy was recently on the very first nintendo kh (kh:ddd) its likely that he could appear and I hope that all three do.

      1. Very first Nintendo KH (KH:DDD)… Uh huh, because Chain of Memories on the GBA, 358/2 Days and Re:Coded on the DS weren’t KH games at all.

  14. Some of these have a chance. Roy the Koopaling has a chance. I can see him using his cannon like Snake uses his missile launcher and can turn into a shell and roll around like Yoshi and Squirtle. But most of these I agree on. Zoroark still has a small chance, though.

  15. my hopes and expectations of characters for the next game consist of Travis touchdown, I know he’s a third party and all but I mean his game was exclusively for tje wii when it was released the second game too, suda 51 mentioned in an interview that he would love to see his character brawl it out with mario and link someday I say give him a chance. if snake can be added being he also came from a rated m title why can’t Travis touchdown. im kinda hoping tjey don’t bring snake back but sakurai already announced both him and sonic are part of the super smash bros family in an interview around e3..

  16. You’re kinda wrong about Midna. It’s what? 7 years since TP? People still say that she’s their favorite ally throughout the games. Hell, a lot of people even crown her their favorite character throughout the series.

  17. Super mario rpg it is the only on just for me when I play the game I get lost in a phaes then I find out that I’m in genos maze!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The box art is fake. It’s fan made, and presumably only used by the seller because he doesn’t have the official art to use yet (because the game’s not out and the auction is only to ‘pre-order’ the game).

  18. Okay, Rosalina is in the game. I was wrong and I’ve edited the article to mention that.

    Just keep in mind it was written in March. To expect Rosalina in Smash Bros back then was a bit like expecting Metal Mario and Honey Queen to be in Mario Kart 7 in June 2010.

    I stand by my other predictions. And knowing my luck, each and every one will proven incorrect by the end of the year.

    1. your are a idiot no lie i do not know who the fuck listens to you know after you were proven wrong with rosalina and even will be funner when midna is confirmed and it will happen just you wait

    2. True. No one here realizes the date this was made. People are “threatening” to ignore you because of logic, menz. I don’t understand some people. -_-

  19. Shoot! fish was faster than me xD
    When I first read it (I couldn’t see it since the stream was laggy), I was disappointed that Rosalina would be included. I’m all for more female characters, but seeing how she’s yet another fighter from the Mario franchise as well as a third blonde princess…
    After her goosebump inducing trailer I have to admit that her “magic” has convinced me though ^^ Now I just wonder about Diddy Kong and Wario. I’d rather have Sakurai reveal all characters from Brawl that will return and keep all the new fighters that aren’t available in the games from the get-go a secret.
    Most importantly, Rosalina’s reveal in regards to your list has again strengthened my belief that Ghirahim might also be playable. I just think his arsenal seen in Skyward Sword is perfect for a Smash Bros. game. At first I thought he should replace Toon Link (getting rid of a clone in favor of a new, unique character sounded like a good idea to me). Then when Toon Link did in fact return, I temporarily lost hope.
    Of course I’ll get the game no matter what – Smash Bros. has always been reason enough for me to buy a new Nintendo console. But if a few specific characters from Brawl are excluded in favor of a larger number of characters for franchises like Mario, Zelda and Pokémon, who are already well-represented, I’ll be a bit angered nonetheless.
    Why do you think they decided to include Rosalina all of a sudden? Did her reveal as a playable character in Super Mario 3D World prior to this make you believe that maybe her chances weren’t so slim after all? She also returns as a playable racer in Mario Kart 8… where is this going? 😀

    1. i never listen to this retard he thinks he know everything but he is nothing than a guy wasting our time with his ideas

  20. Okay, out of all those Mario characters you listed, but you didn’t include Toad. I think he’s one of the most likely (and deserving) of getting in.

  21. Roslina is confermed, u stupid son of a donky!!!!!! U are such a ninkapoop! Yes ya piece of junk,she conformed 11 days ago, stupid!!! Ah hate u!!! I wish u were in plane crash or killed by mario,ya ugly dummy! U dont deserve to live, you liar!!!!!!!!

    1. How can he be ugly if you’ve never seen him?

      And chillax, it’s a fucking game about fictional characters running about killing eachother. Just because he was wrong about predicting someone who, at the time, HAD NO HOPE OF MAKING IT, doesn’t mean he is any of the lame insults you called him. When he created this, she wasn’t confirmed for Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8, which only left her the grand debut in Super Mario Galaxy and her minor appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2, along with some spinoffs. If I was him at that time, I wouldn’t think Rosalina would be playable in SSB4 either. So calm your tits.

  22. Well, i guess you were wrong about Roslina, bitch… We might see Geno at all, but i doubt it…. and fyi, Mario RPG is probably one of the best games on the SNES. Saying it’s unpopular is simply not correct

  23. I enjoyed reading the article. It is fun reading people’s perspective on the new roster. Although i disagree about Geno(i’ll admit i am biased) you do have a point. Regarding Rosalina, i didn’t see it coming! Lol
    As for you guys calling him an idiot for being wrong about Rosalina, letme offer some advice. There is something near the top of the article called a “date”. This so called date most likely refers to the day the article was posted. (Not the day you read it). He even went back and corrected himself. Think before you speak, idiots! (This may have been a little much, but it seems fitting considering all the flack he got)

    1. No, he deserved it. His entire argument for she wouldn’t be in was an incredibly unprofessional and highly subjective pecking order that was wrong on so many levels (Waluigi having higher chances than Bowser Jr is BS and you know it), placing her under bosses that’d never be playable and a freakin’ Mario RPG character (which never really ever get acknowledged outside of the RPG games.

      Not to mention his “well these guys were also in Mario Kart” argument was extremely dumb (most of the “characters” he listed were just random Mario enemies). He never provided any objective facts as to why Rosalina is unlikely. Well here’s some facts: Super Mario Galaxy is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and Rosalina has been consistently popular ever since her debut.

      He was unprofessional. He lost.

  24. Ok why are people being all upset about Rosalina in the game? I mean watch the video on youtube or something it says “Rosalina and Luma have launched into battle!” Its just 1 new playable character…

  25. Rosalina may not be popular, but she is pretty darn cool. she protects and watches over the cosmos, and she’s the best character in Mario 3d world. not to mention her COUNTLESS fans (me) who have been waiting for her appearances

  26. the only reason rosalina was confirmed is not because she even had a big chance in the first place you crazy delusional fanboys, you are lucky because we’re in that timeline where she’s confirmed, meanwhile in the paralel universe where she is never in smash bros. sakurai was thinking there. (tell me I went full retard or rage at me and you can’t handle logic)

  27. I kind of wish he was right about Rosalina. There are tons of Mario charactets who have been around far longer and have had way more appearances than she has. It’s not really fair to the fans of people who have waited and waited for characters like Toad, Waluigi, Daisy, Bowser Jr., and so on.

    1. That makes as much sense as saying it wouldn’t have been fair to Rosalina fans to have any of those characters included over her for whichever reason.
      It’s just as easy to make an argument against those characters. And she actually contributes a new type of moveset.

  28. Megaman was introduced, so that first section doesn’t even make any sense, Rosalina was introduced to Smash, so it’s a miracle I’m still reading. You make a bit of sense with Marx, N, Zoroark, Koopalings, and MIdna, but Geno could very well be a character thanks to his virtual console appearance on the Wii, and how many fans still remember him fondly.

    1. This was posted before E3. Before anyone knew anything about the game. Mega Man wasn’t confirmed and Rosalina certainly wasn’t confirmed. No one’s psychic.

      And Mega Man being mentioned was in the context of ‘he’s the most likely third party character to be added’.

      As for Geno, hah. He’s not got a hope in hell. A character from an RPG which wasn’t that popular to begin with (especially outside of the internet and forums), that returned only in a cameo role in the first Mario & Luigi game and whose game was released 20 odd years ago? Yeah, that’s kind of the opposite of relevance.

  29. Your estimations do not make any sense, only 4 made sense, all of the others have a LARGE chance in Super Smash bros 4

  30. Did you just call Mega Man’s Chances ridiculous? What was that about Rosalina? What were you saying again?

  31. I wish Geno was in but I already know squenix won’t let that happen. But a great character would be Wolf link & Midna. of course that’s unlikley too but i wonder hmmmm…

  32. Nah, I’m not making the same bets on these character- this is what I think:
    Playable- Rosalina and Ghirahim
    Assist- Midna and Koopalings

    Pokeball- Zoroark
    Boss- Zant

    Trophy- N and Marx
    Nothing- Geno, Sakurai, Iwata, Miyamoto, and Reggie

    I wish Midna could be playable, but she’s an assist. And I think Zant might actually end up just a trophy, but I put him in the boss category because I’m hopeful.
    Also, I called Rosalina, best addition so far IMO
    And I’m not confident on the Koopalings assist idea either, but it could work, and I’d be all for it.

  33. Wont everyone just shut up about him being wrong about rosalina. This was posted about a year ago, he had no idea she would be a character.

  34. God, Miis are going to make this so annoying. Because now, whatever anyone says will technically be wrong, since Miis are basically ‘create your own character based on anyone you do or don’t know’.

    Don’t hold that against the article please.

  35. Midna may have a chance. With her being even 1 of 5 other playable characters (so far) in hyrule warriors. And if u look at miiverse countless people have asked for Midna. even to Sakurai himself. I should know. I was 1 of them 😀
    But the others i must agree on. I dont think rosalina should be comfirmed. And midna as an assist trophy may be a Teaser for a playable characters.

  36. Oh and Mii fighters were introduced. Real people and video game characters that aren’t in smash (anthony higgs as Mii gunner! woo! thats a me) . And Iwata was a mii swordfighter against Reggie as Mii Brawler Boom!

  37. Fools. Rosalind wasn’t confirmed. No one has been, but we should expect Mario, DK and Link. You guys are all either crazy or stupid.

  38. To anyone complaining, keep in mind out of all nine suggestions, just TWO turned out to be wrong; Koopalings and Rosalina. The other seven still stand.

  39. they have bowser. bowser jr. Rosalina is actually not that bad lucaro charazard Pikachu greninja peach samus zero suit samus captan falcan pit dark pit Kirby king dedede metaknight pacman megaman and a lot more . sorry for my English if I spelled anything wrong.

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