New Super Mario Bros U; Kamek and Boom Boom Shown!

But more interestingly, it seems the former will be helping the latter!  Yes, remember how in New Super Mario Bros Wii Kamek helped the castle bosses at the end of each world?

Well this time, he helps the fortress bosses instead, among them our favourite Super Mario Bros 3 mini boss Boom Boom!  Additionally, his presence pretty much guarantees us a boss battle with him some time down the road, so it seems like Kamek will be another fortress/tower/airship style boss alongside Boom Boom and Bowser Jr.

Here are the screens:

As you can see, Kamek uses magic on Boom Boom.  I think he even changes the sand into water somehow, which is a pretty neat environmental gimmick.

An underwater level. Looks like those Mega Urchins are enemies you can find underwater as well as on the surface too.  Oh, and I absolutely love the colour and detail in the water level screens, it looks fantastic.  Maybe a bit cluttered, but fantastic regardless.

I have to say, I like the look of the background in these snow levels, it looks absolutely beautiful.  The aurora style effect in the sky is pretty nifty (any game with aurora borealis/Northern Lights in the background is pretty cool) and the moon in the distance makes the level look calm.  Also, is it me or is there a star effect that looks like it’s from Kirby Super Star here?

Oh, and I wonder what that small star does in gameplay…

Layer Cake Desert looks great too, love the returning Yoshi’s Island/NSMB Wii style cut away effect used for caves.  Also, in case you didn’t notice already, Lakitus are in this game.  Not much of a surprise, but damn those spinies they throw get annoying.

Mini Mario in a pipe filled area.  Is this a challenge where you need to collect all the coins?  Because that’s what it looks like.

Blasting away to Morton’s airship in world 2.  Looks like he’s the world 2 boss this time, correct?

Finally, here’s another screen of the ghost ship showing a section with poles and rotating platforms.  I have to say, this actually looks a lot more enjoyable and generally tolerable than the Super Mario World version, that one far too long and had very little going on in comparison.

So there you have it, some new screenshots of New Super Mario Bros U.  Boom Boom returns as mentioned before, and now Kamek gives him extra strength and makes the boss arena more interesting in design.  New Super Mario Bros U sure is looking like a fantastic game!


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