Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Basic FAQ

No, it’s not a guide (I’m still working on that and it’ll be done shortly), but just a few useful answers to questions people might have about Mario & Luigi Dream Team.  Hope this helps someone out!

Warning: There are spoilers.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

1. What level do I need to be to fight Wiggler and Popple?

None.  You don’t need to reach a specific level, you just have to collect the five Ultibed parts and then return.  It’s a bit misleading to be honest, especially with how Popple’s message goes on about you ‘not being ready’ or strong enough.

2. How do I flip the panels over in Dozing Sands?

Burrow under them as Mole Mario and jump up.  That flips the panels and changes the direction the drill car thing goes when it drives over them.

3. Where is Big Massif in Wakeport?

He’s at the left side of the area, in a place guarded by a panel flipping puzzle.



Above: Big Massif’s Location (after Big Massif has left).

To get there, go right and south across the wooden bridge from the tour centre to reach another part of town.  Here, go south again, then go past the Mad Skillathon area to find some ruins.  Solve some panel flipping puzzle (by going under the panels as Mole Mario and jumping to move them around so they land on squares matching the panel’s symbol) to open a gate, then go through.  In this area, hit the bridge to the right to make it fall (opening a quick shortcut back to the area with the item shop) then go past the Pi’illo and climb the steps to end up on top of the town wall.  Follow this all the way left, including into another screen, and then you should eventually see an area with a switch and a trapped Toad.  Drop down, hit the switch with a hammer to lower the barrier, then solve the panel puzzle nearby to open the gate to where Big Massif is sleeping.

4. How can I find the Jellyfish Sheets in Driftwood Shore?

Well, first you need to head back to Broque Madame and speak to her, since she gives you an item needed to open the mysterious cave found on the left side of the area.

When you’ve got that, head to the left side (where you played the mole hunting mini game), then examine the mysterious cave door to open it.  In here, make your way left to find the sheets.

After they’re stolen though, you must then talk to the Shelltop running the mole hunting mini game, and win said mini game again.  Why?  Because otherwise the thieves don’t appear at the Blimport and you can’t fight them.

Hope that helps.

5. How do I progress in Dreamy Somnom Woods?

Go back to the entrance portal, then go left to find a secret passage.

In here, go down the pipe to reach a new area, then follow the path mapped out with coins.  Don’t ever turn back/go left, otherwise you immediately fail the room and get placed back at its entrance.

That should help you move on with the area, the rest isn’t really too confusing.

6. Kamek randomised the doors in Neo Bowser Castle.  How can I progress?

From the room with the cage, go up through either door to the north.  Then, go through the upper left most door to reach a new area, and follow it around to get where you need to be.



Above: The one door Kamek didn’t mess with.

7. How can I block Earthwake’s hammer attack in the third giant battle?

Swipe either up or down (to block/dodge) when you hear a ‘ding’ type sound/the hammer flash.

8. I’m having trouble defeating Pi’illodium in Somnom Woods, how can I beat him more easily?

Attack his wings first.  This grounds the boss and stops him using any attack other than his (now also toned down) laser one, as well as lowers both his POW and Defence.

Just be warned that his wings will heal in about two turns, so you’ll have to dodge at least one ‘difficult’ attack regardless.

9. When I fall asleep in the last Antasma battle, how do I know which pit to fall down to escape and wake up?

Jump over each pit. The one with a golden coloured border is the correct one, the ones with a purple border are traps filled with sawblades.

10. Luigi isn’t moving when I tilt the 3DS in the Zeekeeper battle…

You’re screwed, sorry.  It’s a known glitch that can either cause the gyro to stop responding altogether in this sequence, delay your movements at semi random or just make it plain not work right.  Turn off the game, and try the battle again later.  Or fail and try again, hoping it doesn’t occur twice or whatever in a row.

11. What’s the best way to defeat a Gold Beanie?

Do you want the hard way, the very easy way, or the cop out way?

Hard way: Counter every attack it uses perfectly and it won’t ever run away.  So don’t get hit, and make sure to always hit the Gold Beanie at every opportunity.

Very Easy Way: Set up the Gold and Miracle Badges, grind a bunch of weak enemies to fill a few badge slots and then freeze time for two turns right off the bat.  Then just pound it to dust with whatever powerful Luiginary Attacks you might have, like Luiginary Wall, Typhoon, Stack, Hammer…

If you don’t do enough before the effect runs out, just freeze time again, since this badge effect can be used up to four times in ‘one’ turn.

Cop Out Way: Die, then have the battle made easier.  Boom, super overpowered stats.

12. I’m having trouble with [any boss after Somnom Woods], any advice?

Gold Badge + Miracle Badge + grinded badge slots = destroy everything before it can move.  Up to and including the final boss.

Seriously, if you ever have trouble, buy these badges, equip them and just let your new time control powers take down any enemy or boss in the game.

12. Where can I find a Pi’illodactyl?  Or a Shy Guy Airtub?  Or a Caccac?

Pi’illodactyls are found at random in battles on Mount Pajamaja.  Just hang around a bit and hope one appears in the background, then lure it into the foreground with a taunt ball.

Pi’illodactyl Rs are found the same way in battles in Somnom Woods (the treetop/cliff parts).

Shy Guy Airtubs appear at random in the areas of Mushrise Park explored in the Ultibed Quest.  Wait until they appear, taunt ball them and deflect their cannon fire back to take them down (and bring the Shy Guys onboard into the foreground).

Shy Guy Airtub Rs appear at random in Neo Bowser Castle.  Do what you did to draw out normal Shy Guy Airtubs

Caccacs appear as an ‘extra’ enemy in battles in Dozing Sands.  Just enter fights until you see one.

13. How can I get Mario’s final Bros Attack?

Save all 52 Pi’illos, then talk to Eldream to get it.

14. What’s the best way to get beans?

Defeat Flaming Antasmatons in the final dungeon, and they’ll sometimes drop a piece of gear called the Wellington Boots.  These cause enemies to drop beans rather than coins at random when equipped.

15. How do I get the Pi’illo in the rock circle in Dozing Sands?

You don’t.  Collect all three other special Pi’illos in the area, then watch the cut scene that occurs.

16. If I missed out on a Dodge Ten challenge, how can I complete it?  I kill all enemies in one hit now!

Buy some Boo Biscuits, then use them.  These make you invincible to enemies, but also cause you to do no damage to them in return, forcing you to dodge enemy attacks for three turns til the effect wears off.  Do this until you’ve dodged ten attacks.

17. How can I return to previously entered Dream Worlds?

Talk to the Pi’illo you used the first time, then choose the option ‘Enter Dream World’.  Or go to the spot the Dream World was entered via (the spot where Big Massif was sleeping, the floor near Bowser’s bed, the Dream Stone shrine) and choose the same option when it appears.

18. How do I get some easy money in Dozing Sands?

Break all the rocks with that giant machine, then talk to Britta again.  Select the option ‘pay me’ (or something similar) to receive your wages for the work.

19. I’m missing two Attack Pieces in Dozing Sands, where are they?

In the area with Britta and that drill machine, go follow the rail road tracks until you see a small gap Mini Mario can get through (see picture).  In here, go left to a new screen, and the last two Attack Blocks should be in plain sight.



Above: Where you need to go for the two most easily missed Dozing Sands Attack Pieces.

20. Who do I give the items in the Wakeport trading quest to?

First, take the Zeekeeper Plushie and talk to the Blue Shelltop in the item store.  This will get you a Rare Fruit.

Now, go to the Hotel area, and outside you’ll see a Red Yoshi.  Give him the Rare Fruit to get a Yoshi Egg.

Next, go to the Tour Centre entrance and you’ll find a Toad wanting a Yoshi Egg.  Give him it for a photo of Peach.

Take Peach’s photo and give it to a Brock (block person) by the ruins next to the Tour Centre.  This will get you the Book of Ruins.

With this, talk to the slightly overweight Beanish kid in the Gear Shop, and give him the book. You then get a photo of Queen Bean (from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga).

With that, go to the second house to the left of the hotel at Wakeport’s entrance, and find a Beanish guy under the stairs (who’s homesick for the Beanbean Kingdom).  Give him Queen Bean’s photo for the Lost Camera.

Now, head up to the rooftops to find a Toad (who’s lost his camera), and give him the camera back.

He tells you off something a bird buried near the fountain.  Dig it up to find an ancient ring.

Take this back to the Hooski who started the quest/gave you the Plush Zeekeeper, and you get some prizes!

21. In battle, a timer appears over my head and I get KOed instantly in a few turns!  Why is this?

The timer is because you’re wearing a piece of clothing that KOs you after a few turns, namely the Hero Wear or Legendary Wear.  Unequip it, and this ‘problem’ goes away.

Hopefully that answers some basic questions about the game that I noticed on various forums.  If you need any more help, either wait until my guide is complete, or ask me for help directly by commenting on this blog post/posting on the Nintendo 3DS Community forums.

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  1. There is an easier way to beat Pi’illodium:

    This way requires 4 taunt balls. First attack Pi’illodium’s wings, when it falls, start using taunt balls to K.O the enemies in the background. This way, Pi’illodium won’t be able to heal, and you can defeat him easily by continuously using Jet-board dash and slingsniper, finishing him off with bomb derby.

    1. That’s true. Should have mentioned Slingsniper and Jetboard Dash.

      Taunt Balls… not so much outside the main story. Do you even get those in the Battle Ring when playing the refight?

        1. So I guess you’re stuck watching him heal there. Oh well, your own strategy seems a fairly decent one for the first time you fight this boss.

    1. Go back to the town’s entrance. Now, go left a bit and you’ll see him on top of a yellow and green awning/rooftop. Of course, you’ll need to get on top of the wall via the route at the south of the town, but that’s the place the guy is.

  2. You really loved this game. 😀 I bought the digital copy and with 4 hours of game play I can say it is amazing and it is very similar to super mario rgp the first one.

  3. How do I get the last two Attack pieces in dozing sands, stopped my rock blocking path with mini mario

    1. I’m not sure what you mean, could be a bit more precise?

      Do you mean there’s a rock blocking your path that you can’t find a way round?

      1. If that is the rock I’m thinking of, than you can get the attack blocks without breaking the rock.

  4. I am having a lot of trouble with the giant boss battles, in particular the one against the volcano 😛 The one attack that I can never counter is the one where it launches itself at you and you have to push it back. The game tells you to slide with your stylus but do you hold down the stylus and slide or lift it up or what? I have fought the boss 5 or 6 times and still am having problems with it. Any helpful tips?

    1. Keep repeatedly sliding the stylus left. You do have to lift it up after every slide, but you honestly don’t have to do the motion that quickly.

  5. Hi I am having problems defeating heavy zest. Have you any idea how to defeat him and his buddies in just 3 moves as I am really stuck is there something I am doing wrong???

    1. Well, what gear do you have equipped? What level are Mario and Luigi? What badges and special moves and things do you have?

      Honestly, I’d recommend using Luiginary Stack on him twice, then Luiginary Ball on turn 3. Counter all his attacks by physically hitting him/landing on him/whatever for more damage. Maybe also equip stuff like a POW Scarf to boost power further still.

      1. Mario and luigi are both at level 15. I have strike, guard, virus and mush badge for luigi. For mario I have master, bronze, silver and starter badges. I can use the stack but I don’t have it in fight mode yet only the ball have I missed this? When should I have got it? Help please

        1. You get the Luiginary Stack as a battle move by collecting all Attack Pieces in Dreamy Dozing Sands (where you fought that giant Drilldigger boss).

          Also, use the Strike and Master Badges, and grind for badge slots. Then, use the effects before you attack to do about 160 damage from the badge effect alone (it Hits one enemy for 80 damage).

          Hope that helps.

  6. heyy yall im a girl i don’t know why i say ok but any im so awesome and cool and im not white so ya…………

  7. I need to know how to jump the tracks in the westernmost part of dozing sands. I literally have been trying for hours. help!

    1. You need to go to the easterly most point at the bottom of your touch screen. You do this by stopping at the station in this section and getting luigi to squash mario under the sand to flip the blue square. Then get back on the train and it will jump over the bump to your right. Once it gets to the next station stop and get off and flip the red square at the end. Get back on the train and it will then go over the red square and zoom you to the section you want. Hope this helps

    1. It appears in Neo Bowser Castle as a background enemy. Get to the part of the castle with the three pipes shooting lava from the Dream World, then go through the doors on either the left or right side to end up on some battlements/balconies with various enemies wandering around. Fight those for a while and you should eventualy see one appear in the background.

  8. In the dozing sands there is a turn in the drill tracks and I can’t seem to get the train to go down it. There is no panel to help me go down that way…

  9. In dreamy Dozing sands when you get the utilbed, I am at the part where there is a pipe next to a dreamy sandoon, but I can’t go through the pipe. I am in the same direction as it, but still, I can’t get in.

  10. You talk to Boss Brickle at the broken fountain (where his rump got stuck) and he will say he needs a favor done.He says that his staff cleared up the fallen tree from earlier and there are rocks in that path. His staff aren’t “equipped” to battle the monsters there, so you have to clear the rocks there and in the area northeast. Once you are finished breaking the rocks (the top-left corner of the screen says how many are left) talk to Boss Brickle once more and there you go.

  11. To ban Neokamek from nintendo3dsdaily, simply talk to CM30 and you will get your request fulfilled.

  12. I forgot to say, all the rocks in Mushrise Park don’t need to be broken. Just in the southeast and northeast. Also, on the bottom right corner of the places on the NE and SE, it says how many rocks are in that area ONLY.

  13. PiggYPonG, you need to go to Dozing Sands and walk until you find a Brock. The block people. He says if you want to talk to Britta, go right. See her and ball jump up the hill. I forgot, but there’s a cave you need to go through then you see a dozing icicle. Dreambert brags about his knowledge of dozing drops from that icicle turn into the Dozing Mattress. When you get under it there is no mattress, so you sleep on it and then you collect it right away. Dreambert brags again and Starlow counters with an insult. There you have it.

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