Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon Tips, Cheats and Unlockables

Having trouble getting everything in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon? Wonder how some people have multiple medals next to their names online? Well you’re in the right place, since here’s my list of cheats, tips and unlockables for the game. Hope it helps!

Secret Missions

Capture all the Boos in each of the mansions to unlock the various ‘infestation’ missions. These are basically time trials where you can go wherever you like, and have to capture ghosts that randomly spawn in the rooms of each of the mansions. Here’s how to unlock each:

Gradual Infiltration: Get all the Boos in Gloomy Manor

Hostile Intrusion: Get all Boos in Haunted Towers

Outlandish Interruption: Catch all Boos in the Old Clockworks

Severe Infestation: Capture all Boos in the Secret Mine

Terrifying Invasion: Get all Boos in Treacherous Mansion

Luigi Statues

For these, get all the gems in each mansion to unlock the Luigi statue for that mansion. As per the above, all five mansions have a corresponding statue.

E Gadd Medals

Displayed on the bottom screen during file loading and online, these mark your general progress through the game. Here’s how to unlock all three.

Medal 1: Beat King Boo and complete the story/watch the ending and credits

Medal 2: Get Three Star rankings on all missions

Medal 3: Capture all ghosts and bosses in the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower

ScareScraper/Thrill Tower Options

You also unlock various things by playing through the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower. They are as follows.

The ScareScraper/Thrill Tower itself: Beat the Visual Tricks mission in Gloomy Manor to unlock the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower and to let you play online/with others.

Endless Mode: Complete a 25 floor tower in any mode to unlock the endless version of that mode. Hence beating a 25 floor Hunter mode Tower gets you endless Hunter mode, beating a 25 floor Rush mode tower gets you endless Rush mode, etc.

Surprise Mode: Complete the main storyline, then/also beat at least one run through of each ScareScraper/Thrill Tower mode. So in other words, get through at least five floors of Hunter, Rush and Polterpup mode at minimum.

Surprise Mode also has its own endless variant you unlock by beating 25 floors of it.

Poltergust 5000/Dark Light Upgrades

There are also various upgrades you get to your ghost hunting equipment once you amass a certain amount of cash in the vault. Here’s a list of those:

  1. A Pull Level 2: Get 2000 G (gold)
  2. Dark Light Level 2: Get 4000 G
  3. A Pull Level 3: Get 7000 G
  4. Dark Light Level 3: Get 10000 G
  5. Super Poltergust: Get 20000 G

If you were wondering, the A Pull upgrades let you charge the meter further when capturing ghosts and administer more powerful electric shocks to reel ’em in, the Dark Light upgrades let you use the Dark Light for longer and the Super Poltergust sucks in ghosts more quickly (as in depletes their health faster).

These upgrades do not carry over to multiplayer/The ScareScraper/Thrill Tower, which has its own upgrade method based on each specific run through.

*Warning, Spoilers Ahead!*

King Boo’s Illusion

To open up the final boss battle to replay, beat it during the main story. This technically counts as an ‘unlockable’ since there’s usually no gap between the last Possessor battle and facing King Boo due to the latter managing to ‘hack’ the Pixelator/Pixelshifter.

Once you’ve beaten him though, you can play the final boss and final Possessor missions separately.

How to get Three Stars

This is based on three things (appropriately enough):

  • How much gold/treasure/money you’ve collected in a mission
  • How much damage you’ve taken from enemies and obstacles
  • How quickly you finished the mission/beat the boss

From what I can tell, it works kind of like that old saying where you can either have something cheap, quickly or good and to ‘choose two’. So if you aim for at least two of the things mentioned above, then you’ve got a good chance at getting Three Stars at the end of the mission.

Of course, it’s probably easier to balance all three things out well rather than focus too much on one of them, but I have heard (and seen myself) people going for either max money, a no damage run or a speed run and ending up with Three Stars at the end despite failing miserably in at least one other condition. Still, keep in mind that your best shot at Three Star ranks involves going for at least two of the above factors and doing near perfectly at them.

Well, that’s the list of tips and unlockables for Luigi’s Mansion 2/Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, I hope it helped other people as much as it did me. Additionally, if you have any other cheats/tips/unlockables I should mention or are having trouble with the above, either post a comment or ask about it on Nintendo 3DS Community.

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What do you exactly do in the extra missions


i have a question and like when your doing the skyscraper and someone ran out of hearts how do you revive them?


I was just wondering, Is there any good way to get gold quickly (any tips/tricks or levels with high amounts etc…)

Hunter Joy

How do you get Mario and play as him


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I cant beat a 25floor on scare scrapper/thrill tower. 1. It takes to long and you cant take breaks. 2. I mostly have bad players in my team and most people disconect after about 10-15 floors. 3. I’m not a bad player or a master i’m just above average but i cant beat a 25 without a team. any tips?
Online my name is ψ●CaCTuS●ψ.


I solo’d Hunter and Polterpup because they are easy. For Rush, if playing with people you don’t know, just get 2 players (because often people like to troll)
Surprise isn’t hard if you beat the other ones.


Thanks again dude and yes I still have a question for you. What floor can you reach on endless ? (doesn’t matter witch mod)


to unlock surprise mode can u play the run through online with other people (after finishing the story mode)?


Question. Is there any way to keep players on the server on the scarescraper because they always leaves on 25 floors on normal polterpup mode


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Who posted this?


No swearing online!!!


Go to youtube


Can you get Mario on this game?


A lot of peeps are stuck on e-1 I’m gonna help u whot that to beat it u need to

Complete it under 7:56 u need to capture 13 ghost and u need to collect 1325 money don’t lose more than ten Healy on the mission hope this helpped