Looks like I’ve found a game breaking bug in Mario & Luigi Dream Team…

Update: I’ve now got round this bug and have beaten the giant battle mentioned.  It doesn’t excuse how bad the gyro controls worked and how often they simply broke, but it’s not quite the end of the world.  Just a pain in the ass for any try in which the glitch takes hold.

Update 2: And someone else experiences the exact same bug In this GameFAQs topic. It’s definitely a game issue.

And this time, it’s one that may even make the game impossible to beat on my current file (my Hard Mode one).  Basically, I’m currently in the giant Luigi battle with the Zeekeeper at Somnom Woods, the part where you have to use the gyro controls to move Luigi as he moves through a rift between dimensions.

Unfortunately, it seems like the gyroscope itself just fails to register at random.  As in, you can literally hold the 3DS upside down and Luigi doesn’t budge an inch.

This inevitability means the battle is lost, since you can’t dodge the extremely powerful attacks, and even if you somehow survived this bit, you’d get killed in the motion control section later in the fight when the same thing occurs.

And worse still… it doesn’t seem to be a system or calibration issue.  I’ve recalibrated the gyroscope, set it to the default settings and even played the game on a completely different system, and the issue still occurs in the same way.  It’s also seemingly not a game card fault either, the battle worked perfectly in my first file and at least once in the Battle Ring, but just doesn’t work any more.  It also has nothing to do with how I’m moving the system or playing the game, since Luigi’s movement usually works perfectly during the first two or so attacks of this type.

It’s also not a general gyro control issue, since Star Rocket, Luiginary Ball, Dropchopper and other motion controlled things work perfectly.

So it’s definitely a glitch in Mario & Luigi Dream Team itself, and one that may be an issue in either the PAL versions of the game or the game in general.   And given that it’s occurring at seemingly random times about 25 hours into a 35 hour game, it seriously makes me wonder how Nintendo’s beta testing/quality assurance team haven’t all been fired yet.  I mean come on, first we’ve had ridiculous simple issues like Mario Kart DS freezing when you turned round at a certain point somehow make it to retail, then we had Mario Kart Wii and 7 which had more holes in than a swiss cheese shaped pincushion, and a ScareScraper in Luigi’s Mansion 2 with missing keys and bugs making it nearly unplayable… and now the gyro controls are turning themselves off at random?  Who the heck is working there nowadays, a bunch of complete clowns?  Do they actually play some of these games for a significant amount of time before saying they’re mostly free of critical bugs?

As for how the bug happens to begin with… my guess is that something in the game code is telling the gyroscope to turn off at certain points (such as when a character is speaking in a gyro section of a giant Luigi battle), and then the same code completely bugs out and forgets to reactivate the gyro sensor.

So yeah.  Thanks to some stupid glitch that someone at Nintendo apparently failed to spot, the game’s hard mode might now be completely unwinnable by mistake. Here’s hoping either one of those Nintendo repair centres can fix it or I can somehow avoid the glitch just enough to make it through the last few giant Luigi battles (and considering my miserable luck with giant Bowser to begin with, I’d better pray nothing like this bug happens there too).

Anyone else experienced this issue?  Is the game just kind of broken?

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    1. I am. I’m also considering asking them to repair the game or whatever, if that’s possible (as in, like they would a broken system).

  1. I’m getting the same thing on the Giant Bowser battle, Luigi just doesn’t respond. And this is on my first playthrough, I’m right at the end of the game!
    If they would just let you turn them off it would be fine, but apparently they don’t even bug test them.

    1. Oh god, that’s an even worse time to have this bug than I did. Don’t tell me, you got it at the point where Luigi has to spin round with a hammer and knock Bowser off the platform? If so, I definitely remember the gyroscope not being responsive there (and in one case, Luigi moving in the complete opposite direction to the one he was meant to go).

      Hope you can somehow get round it and strike lucky.

  2. Nintendo should do a product recall. I put in 35 hours to get to the Giant Bowser battle, but the gyro fucks me up everytime I’ve almost beat him. I’m not going to restart my file because of poor beta testing.

  3. Yeah the Gyro Sensor in the ZeeKeeper Battle is broken. It does pick up Luigi’s movements but it is extremly oversensitive. Those attacks are so much more powerful compared to yours which isn’t at all fair, Because of the Gyro Sensor, I keep dieing.

  4. I finally beat the Zeekeeper battle, but after several failed attempts due to this glitch. It was completely random, and I am now on the Giant Bowser battle. I was already low on health, and got to the gyroscope part where you have to knock Bowser off, and Luigi completely ignored me and went straight into the lava. Bowser didn’t even hit him, he just died on his own! Stupid thing randomly stops working. I don’t want to start the whole game over after all this time, and all the time I spent waiting for it to get here to America, only to be halted by a screwy gyroscope. I hope this can be patched without me losing my file.

    1. So, did you finally beat that Giant Bowser Boss without the bug getting in the way?

      And yes, Nintendo really does need to patch this.

      1. Yes, I have now beaten the game. Took me two tries on the star thing, dodging the fireballs, but I finally did it.

  5. The giant bowser battle is impossible now, I knock down bowser 3 times to the point he needs one more hit and suddenly Luigi heads over to the lava with 2/3 of his health and loses it all!! I just want to finish the game and hopefully hear a better final boss theme than Bowsers inside story!!!!’

    1. I feel your pain, I had that problem quite a bit (with Luigi not reacting to the gyro controls properly in that section of the battle). But hey, it should eventually sort itself out, it seems to be entirely luck based whether it occurs at all.

  6. During battle in the dream world there is this clock that pops over Mario’s hat and when its done it completely kills you. how do I avoid it or get rid of it?

  7. Yup. Stuck on this battle because of this glitch. Luigi just gets stuck on one side of the screen, even if I’m tilting the 3DS completely the other direction. It’s very frustrating…

  8. At the second of the three last fights, once you defeated Anthasma, the game freezes completely :/ In fact, it’s impossible to end this fight >:(

    1. Well, I’ve never had that issue, but I know other people have. Not sure what to recommend, maybe keep trying and hope it doesn’t occur one random time? Because no glitches I’ve seen have ever been consistent (as in occurring every time I got to that point), so perhaps this one won’t be either.

    2. I think that glitch happens if you free dreamy luigi while he’s inside the orb things, after the orb things turn into the spiky things.
      I found a way around it by freeing dreamy Luigi during a counterattack (Which is easier if you make sure to weaken the orb’s regularly with that flame attack or something)

    3. I’ve had the game crash on the last boss, dream stone Bowser, when I beat it after so many tries. I had to do the fight again. >:( But I got it. 🙂

  9. this has noting to do with the gryo controls it is really a different glitch, after you beat the first giant boss(dream stone spirit) when you go down the right pipe next to the shop and walk over to the blocks that are there, if only mario jumps up then after a second luigi, and you stop in the middle of the two blocks (mario on the left luigi on the right one) they will start spasing from the jump to standing looks. only just saw it, it is weird.

  10. i’m trying to beat it in hard mode myself and it seems unbeatable and it’s all because of one little glitch and it seems like the only issue in the whole game!

  11. Nintendo did patch something, but I’m not sure whether it was this particular bug. At least, there’s a version 1.1 for the European Dream Team Bros on the eShop now.

  12. I have this issue when playing Mario Party Island, I’m playing one of the mini-games that requires use of gyro sensor to look around and it completely fucks up, I have to keep tilting the 3DS up and up and up more every time a round finishes to even move it in the direction I want it to go in to the point it’s hurting my neck. This really pisses me off!!!!

    The device doesn’t even recalibrate to it’s normal position after every round when it’s next going to be used.

  13. As for me, I only died about 3-6 times at the Zeekeeper boss battle during my hard mode playthrough and died an equal amount of times from wonky Gyro controls and me screwing up. But Giant Bowser…Good Lord that was so freaking aggrivating. I died so many times in that fight, the majority in the spinning section, that I timed how long the cutscene was before the fight. 3 minutes and 26 seconds (about). And I died about 14 times during that section. That means I spent about 42-49 minutes rewatching the same cutscene. Thankfully I managed to clear the second star section on my 3rd try without dying and got an OK on the first. But I beat hard mode, and SPOILER ALERT: it gives you f*cking nothing.

    1. The last time I died so many times was with the god awful Fawful Train in Bowser’s Inside Story. And that only was because of the stupid mic fire breath. Thankfully, it only happened to me on playthroughs 1 and 2.

        1. Sort of the same here. It affected me in the giant Bowser fight in both modes, but the Zeekeeper fight only in hard mode.

      1. Oh yeah, I remember the Fawful Express fight too. The microphone controls there were nearly as bad as the gyro ones here.

  14. Don’t forget the Lumioise city glitch in Pokemon X and Y where if you saved in the city and quit the game.. the save file was LITERALLY BROKEN you couldn’t move, it wouldn’t fully load.. and basically you HAD to restart if it happened

  15. the game froze at an enemy, it didnt start the battle just staying there and i saved hoping it will put me somewhere else but no….

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