Is The Third Pokemon Gen 6 Game going to Introduce a New Region?

As most people now know, generation 6 seems to be rather low on new Pokemon, with only about 70 or so being native to Kalos compared to the hundred or so the other generations have introduced.  But while some people think that this is made up for by Mega Evolutions, or that DLC might add more to the set, could it actually turn out that the third game/gen 6 sequels are to ‘blame’ for the low number?

Because as it is, there’s a lot of evidence in X and Y that another region might be shown soon.  You’ve got that mysterious artifact (the Strange Souvenir) that depicts an unknown Pokemon considered a protector in a region far from Kalos.  You’ve got that guy in a house talking about how the player should check out their region…


Above: And this mystery protector could be from the new region, and be one of the legendaries there.


And interestingly, he says quite clearly that it’s NOT a region we’ve already visited in the past, counting out Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova by name.

not existing one

So the hints at a new region and there.  And hence do you know what my hypothesis is?

That this new region will be setting of the third game or sequels.  Probably sequels when you think about it and consider Black and White 2’s existence.

It’s why Pokemon X and Y don’t introduce over one hundred new species, because they’re not meant to.  They’re only meant to be half a generation, with the extra games being a neat little excuse to expand the Pokedex of new monsters to its ‘full’ size.  72 or so species may seem low now (assuming the rumoured event legendaries mentioned in the last post are genuine), but now imagine another 70 or so added on top.  That brings the total up to 145-150, about the same amount as in generation 3 or 5.


Above: Maybe Zygarde isn’t the last main legendary, but only the third of six main legendaries in gen 6.

To add to this, it might also be possible that the additional region could either be right next to Kalos (like how Johto bordered Kanto in generation 2) or be based on a dependent territory administered by France in real life, tying Kalos’ themes of beauty and the whole French cultural basis to the new area.

So that’s the theory anyway.

But hold on you might think.  Don’t the ‘third’ versions tend not to add a huge amount to the series?  What makes you think they’d add a new region in them?

Well, I think this could be true simply because of how much more… grand the changes made in the third version/sequels have become as the franchise has progressed throughout the years.  Look at this:

Gen 1’s changes in version 3?  Either non existent differentiation (in Japan, with Pokemon Blue) or an anime based spinoff type game (with Yellow)

Gen 2’s changes? Minor changes to tie Suicuine and the Unown together, but mostly just out of story/universe additions like the cellphone adaptator thing, improved graphics and the ability to choose a female player character.

And then, the series started changing quite drastically in version 3.  Emerald completely changed the plotline, replaced one gym leader and the league champion and added a whole bunch of content that Ruby and Sapphire didn’t have to begin with.  Platinum changed the plot more, added a gravity distorted mirror world and made various changes to the Pokedex and gym leader/champion teams.

Finally, by the time of Pokemon Black and White 2, they’d added (in the sequels):

  • Multiple towns, including about half of Unova
  • Two completely different gym leaders
  • A new champion
  • New forms for legendary Pokemon
  • Completely new plot and main progression, with new characters (like Colress), a Team Plasma civil war, etc
  • New music and graphical updates
  • Differentiation of games with two different versions like in the main installments
  • Many different trainers, Pokemon, bonus bosses, features, etc
  • Pokemon World Tournament
  • Pokestar Studios

And so they’d basically turned the sequels into a completely new ‘gen’ of their own in all bar the basic setting, a few characters and the Pokemon.  Doesn’t it seem logical that the next step would be to change the region, the entire trainer/gym leader/elite four list and add lots of new species to boot?

Pokemon Black and White 2 Box Arts

Above: These were basically new ‘generations’ in themselves, complete with new cover mascots.

I think it does.  What’s more, it kind of fits a lot of the Game Freak mindset/things we’ve been hearing from them recently.

For one thing, they said no DLC. A third version with new region, story and Pokemon isn’t DLC.  Just a 40 quid expansion pack you have to buy to get the full experience of gen 6.

It also makes perfect business sense when you think about it. Release two great games to high sales but with only half the Pokemon, wait around a bit… and then a couple of years later reveal two direct sequels which introduce the rest of the new species.  Not only will the usual loyalists rush out and buy the new games just on hearing that they exist, but the people who bought into X and Y without knowing about said games will have to get them just to compete with their friends who’ve done the same thing!  People who like the metagame/tournament scene will have to buy them for instance, otherwise their rivals will just rip their teams apart with Pokemon and moves and other things they can’t counter without ridiculously extensive trading on the GTS system.  People can ignore minor plot changes or things like a Battle Frontier.  They can’t ignore 70+ new species.

And it also takes care of the problems the anime might encounter due to a lack of new species.  Oh don’t worry writer people over at our anime branch!  Just make Ash run around Kalos for a year or two, and then when you run out of things to do there, you can just send him over to the new region and have him meet even more Pokemon/characters of the week!

So yes, it seems like this ‘new region in the sequels’ hypothesis might well turn out to be true, it’d certainly make a lot of sense for Game Freak business wise and be a sneaky way to match the content of gens 2-5 without the use of DLC.  And those extra games have been getting more and more advanced as the years go on…

What do you think?  Could the third game/sequels introduce a new Pokemon region complete with another 70 or so new Pokemon and completely new storyline/characters?  Is this Game Freak’s next way to make some more money without bringing in a new generation?  What do you think?


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Well we already know Pokemon Z is coming out next year so…


We don’t ‘know’ anything, we’re presuming.


Whatever it is, definitly looking forward to it. 🙂


By the way, are you down-voting my comments?


No I honestly haven’t really down-voted any comments.



Michael Carr

Shoot. The ONE time I actually plunk down money for both versions on release day. I’m too broke for another must-have sequel.

One thing of interest is that one of the rumored legendaries, named Hoopa, shares its name with a Native American tribe of northwestern California. The Hoopa, or Hupa, tribe are known for elk-horn carvings, which could possibly be the Strange Souvenir, which says it’s from a region FAR from Kalos. Also, if you look at Volcanion’s design, you’ll notice the obvious ring on its back, possibly referencing the ring of fire, a chain of volcanoes in the Pacific, which California is a part of. After beating the Elite Four, Shauna, who just stands outside your house, says that she wants… Read more »


Ryan Watt

Uhhh I jus read this but I want to know if they will be using new starters


Oh god I hope so badly this is true. I love all the new stuff they added this gen but honestly the thing I look forward too most about a new generation is new pokemon, and this gen there was hardly any 🙁

Graham Kloek
I remember reading somewhere a supposed “leak” of either the next or future games from a source known to frequently be correct and reliable. One of the things they said was that the game (he called it gen7 but it could just be another gen6 game) took place in Southeastern Asia, including a peninsula “mainland” and a large amount of islands. Well considering that Strange Souvenir looks somewhat like some sort of Moai head, it says the Souvenir’s from some region “far from Kalos”, we have at least some chance that it’s going to take place in southeastern Asia, and… Read more »

No matter what happens, I think they should call the “extension” game Pokemon Z. It would make sense. A lot of sense.


pokemon z is zygarde the pokemon brother of xerneas and yveltal


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I honestly think that the next pokemon game will be a remake

of the third generation,

A man also says, You should come to my region, we have hotwater springs next to our pokecenter.

Such a town is in Hoenn,

awesome guy234
yes, and it just makes sense. 7 continents 7 regions me and my friends cracked the code of which region is which continent, and you might find this interesting kalos is Europe because of lumiose city’s tower = the ifel tower, kanto is north America because of prof. oak’s lab’s whereabouts looking like California, hoenn is Australia cause they just turned it upside down, unova is asia and johto is Africa because they are very close together in the anime, and sinnoh is south America because of it’s many forests that just leaves Antarctica because there is not much snowy… Read more »