Five Nintendo Games I Don’t Want to See

There are many games people want. A new F-Zero sequel, a realistic looking Zelda game to show off the graphical and technical power of the Wii U, a sixth Pokemon generation, and those are all great ideas I think Nintendo should definitely consider.

But not all ideas that fans commonly throw around are good. So here are five Nintendo games I don’t want to see made for the 3DS and Wii U and why. They’re all ideas people have legitimately suggested would be good and they’re all demanded by quite a few people, but they’re ideas I think would show complacency by the company, game ideas that are arguably too ‘conservative’.

Here they are:

1. Super Mario Galaxy 3

Because as I said in  my blog post about the subject, it would be rather unimaginative and uninteresting for Nintendo to just make another Super Mario Galaxy sequel.

Why? Well look at it this way:

Did the Gamecube have Super Mario 64 2 as its 3D Mario title?

Did the Wii have a Super Mario Sunshine sequel as its 3D Mario title?

Did the 3DS have either a Super Mario 64 DS sequel or a Super Mario Galaxy sequel as it’s 3D Mario game?

No, they had something new and original. They had a 3D Mario game based on a brand new concept and with a new setting. That’s partly why people aren’t getting a bit bored of the series like how they are with New Super Mario Bros and its one per console releases.

They don’t want the same concept repeated over and over and they certainly don’t want Super Mario Galaxy to become the 3D equivalent to the New Super Mario Bros series.  Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 were great games, but I think it’s time to say goodbye to the space theme for a while.

What the Wii U really needs is a brand new 3D Mario built to the strengths of the system that shows off just what the HD graphics, increased tech power and Game Pad can really do. And you know what I’d suggest for that? A cross between Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D Land, playing off their individual strengths and cutting out the parts that didn’t work. Have it so you have a traditional Mario power up/health system and can carry power ups and Yoshi to different levels. Have vast worlds to explore that reward you for iniative and bringing things into the area that weren’t there before. Give the player a choice how to beat bosses, solve puzzles and get past tricky platforming sequences like how the 2D games do.

That sounds much better than just another direct sequel to Galaxy.

2. Super Mario Sunshine 2

That’s not to say a Super Mario Sunshine 2 might not be fun, just that it seems anyone asking for one is kind of missing the point of the first game and why everyone actually liked it to begin with.

Why is this? Because the first game was unique. It had an interesting setting that was entirely fleshed out in just one game, it had some new gameplay mechanics and story ideas that no other Mario games had (FLUDD, Shadow Mario, the whole story structure in levels) and to be honest, I’d say it already did most of what a sequel ever could.

Making a sequel would just seem lazy and unimaginative, and not really make sense given how the island was already at least 90% explored in the first game. It’d also make it seem like Nintendo was entirely incapable of creating new content and coming up with new places for the Mario series to go rather than reusing the old.  It’d be like making a Majora’s Mask 2 set in Termina after the moon didn’t come crashing down.  Then having it star Link and redoing the mask theme.

No, what I think a real ‘sequel’ to Super Mario Sunshine needs to be is a game with a similar concept, but entirely different setting and game mechanics. Maybe have a title entirely set in Bowser’s Castle or Mushroom City or a ski resort or some other place with the levels clearly being just parts of it. Have a story which is a bit like Sunshine but not just a copy of it. And don’t bring back FLUDD, he really was an item that only made sense in Super Mario Sunshine.

What the Mario series really needs is a spiritual successor to Super Mario Sunshine, a game with a similar game structure that fleshes out a brand new area, introduces brand new tribes of humanoid creatures like the Piantas and Noki and brings back the basic idea of Bowser and Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario causing chaos in a small, isolated region.  A direct sequel is just the lazy and unimaginative way out.

3. Metroid Prime 4

Since while Metroid Prime 1, 2 and 3 were great games, I think it’s time both Metroid and Retro Studios moved on.

For Retro, they should be allowed to either work on their own original IP (since Nintendo kind of needs them) or reboot a new franchise like F-Zero or Star Fox. I don’t want them to forever be the Metroid Prime Studio, to get stuck in the rut of making mostly just games from one series/franchise.

And I also don’t want Metroid to end up sticking to only the Metroid Prime style of gameplay, and I’d be perfectly happy to see another developer have a shot at making a game in the series.

That’s why I don’t want Metroid Prime 4.

4. Donkey Kong Country 2 Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns was a good game and I do want a sequel to it, but I don’t want Nintendo and Retro Studios to just mimic the original series and have each game being mostly a revisit of the story/setting/gameplay elements from the SNES titles.

So no, I don’t want a game which is just the same settings as in Donkey Kong Country 2, that mostly remixes its music and mostly redoes the same story. I want a proper successor to the SNES games and Returns. Bring back K Rool and the Kremlings, but give them a new story. Give K Rool a new stupid looking costume and title. Come up with a new setting the Kongs have to journey to.  Heck, maybe even come up with a new Kong who teams up with Diddy after DK gets captured.

Because that’s what I liked about the SNES titles. The storylines weren’t just ‘K Rool stole the banana hoard’ again and they weren’t all set on DK Island. Heck, the later games didn’t even have Donkey Kong playable!

The next game should be a real successor to the series, not just a rehash of it.

5. Pokemon [something] Ruby and [something] Sapphire

Does every Pokemon game in history need a remake a few years after it comes out? Fire Red and Leaf Green I can sort of understand, they were impossible to connect to the Gen 3 games and the nostalgia for the titles they were based on made a remake a good idea.

And for Heart Gold and Soul Silver… well, they’re games a lot of people liked back in the day and people were kind of expecting a remake of them. Not to mention the same issues applied as with Red and Blue, you couldn’t transfer Pokemon from the original Gold/Silver/Crystal games to Gen 3 or ‘above’.

But remaking Gen 3 just seems like overkill. Not only are they still possible to transfer Pokemon from, but it brings up the whole question of ‘how far will this remake lark go?’

Will we be getting Diamond and Pearl remakes for the 3DS in a few years? Black and White remakes on the 3DS’s successor?

How about remakes of remakes, now that Fire Red and Leaf Green are getting hard to find? Surely those Pokemon fans won’t mind a second remake of Pokemon Red and Blue?

Enough is enough I say. Release the games (including existing remakes) on the eShop and edit them to work with any console Nintendo decides to release in future, complete with perfect compatibility between both them and any future Pokemon games.

In conclusion, I think you can see a pattern among all the Nintendo games I don’t want to see, namely that they’re ideas often brought up by people who can somehow both complain about New Super Mario Bros and Mario Party being milked and then want more and more direct sequels to games that really don’t need any more direct sequels.

We need new stuff, not rehashing what came before or betting endlessly on remakes.


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