Did the Wii U/Miiverse get hacked?

It’s already been posted at Nintendo 3DS Community and a bunch of other sites a short while ago, but it seems like a certain NeoGAF user may have found a way to get into Miiverse with full admin powers.  They don’t say how this happened, and it’s only a rumour as of this point in time, but all the evidence suggests this may actually be true.

Yes, someone may have hacked the Wii U and its online service the very same day the console was first released.  Is that a new low for online security?  Definitely, and it’s made even worse by how many people seem to be baiting the guy to just delete everything at random.  Here’s the original topic on NeoGAF about it:


And some of the pictures the ‘finder’ uploaded:



So what interesting things may have been found?  Well for one, evidence on how the Wii U web browser was designed and set up, but also evidence of internal Miiverse communications from prior to the console launch, a panel which allows for admin accounts to have their passwords reset or to be deleted entirely and perhaps even evidence of not yet confirmed games planned for the Wii U in the foreseeable future.

And considering that the evidence checks out as accurate (the name listed in the screenshot above was a developer who worked on both FlipNote and Miiverse), this pretty much means a state of emergency for Nintendo and Wii U owners.  If one person could get in, who else could do so as well?  Not to mention the worrying implications for private information.

So yes, it seems likely someone has hacked into the Wii U and Miiverse, and as a precautionary measure I’d advise any current Wii U owners to hold off on purchasing anything or other such actions until Nintendo confirms that either the rumour is unsubstantiated or that the security holes have been fixed.



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