Could Super Paper Mario be a good 3DS Game?

With Donkey Kong Country Returns getting a 3DS port in the form of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and numerous Nintendo classics getting the same treatment, some fans are wondering what other titles could be ported to the system and improved.  Majora’s Mask?  Super Mario Sunshine?  Another mainstream Nintendo title?

But could Super Paper Mario actually be an even better choice for a Wii to 3DS remake/port?  After all, the very structure of the game seems like it was made for the console and could benefit really well from its features.


Above: Is a Super Paper Mario port/remake a great fit for the 3DS?

For starters, look at the whole gimmick here.  Mario can flip dimensions to go between a 2D version of each alternate universe and a 3D one, using the newly found depth to avoid enemies and bypass ‘impossible’ obstacles.

And that’s where I think the 3D effect could come in really handy.  Have the background objects you can interact with when you flip the world stand out a bit or actually appear in a 3D ‘view’ and then have this teach you which areas require dimension flipping to bypass.  Sort of like Super Mario 3D Land’s puzzle bonus rooms where the blocks aren’t where they appear to be and the 3D effect lets the game show you that in a subtle way.


Nintendo could add small cues only visible with the 3D on to help with situations like this and take advantage of the 3D in a genuinely useful way.

But even other than that, I think the 3D could work really well with the game and its visual style.  Remember how in 3D view all the enemies and objects in Super Paper Mario appear as paper cut outs in a virtual diorama of sorts?  That would look far better (and less ridiculously bland) if there was a real sense of depth to the whole thing.

Dimension Flipping

Dimension Flipping would look great with the 3D on.

Additionally, 3D could be just one of the changes Nintendo could make to the game.  They could add in a quicker way to skip through cut scenes and the reams and reams of text the game shoves at you at every turn (perhaps a fast forward button or text speeds like in Ocarina of Tim or Pokemon).  They could tone down of the some more annoying elements like the whole rupee collecting thing in the second chapter.   And in the same way as Donkey Kong Country Returns and its new mode, they could add a second game mode which adds new game mechanics.  Perhaps have a harder version that severely cuts down HP and does things like make bottomless pits one hit kills like in proper platformers, turning the game into one where the platforming is actually somewhat important.

Tree Level

Above: The fact you lose only a bit of health by falling in a pit makes platforming levels kind of pointless in Super Paper Mario.

Add some touch screen and gyro control options to the mini games (stuff like Tilt Island would be absolutely amazing with real tilt controls!), and you’ve got a great idea for a 3DS port/remake that could do pretty well on the system. Not to mention how it could be a sort of ‘consolation’ for those hardcore Paper Mario fans who didn’t like Miyamoto’s interference in Sticker Star and who like all the RPG exclusive characters and concepts…. That could be great marketing right there.

Mansion patrol

Mansion Patrol could work great with touch screen controls…

Tilt island

And Tilt Island was just made for the 3DS gyroscope…

So what do you think?  Do you think Super Paper Mario could work pretty well as a 3DS title?  And would you buy a port/remake of the game which made the changes mentioned above?

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YES. This is an amazing idea! I love Super Paper Mario with all my little Nintendork heart, and I think it’s the best(yes, I have played the other two and think their also awesome, but SPM is my fave). You probably noticed that I said two, the original and TTYD. I have played Sticker Star, but it was a MASSIVE diss appointment. They got rid of the leveling system, which made battles useless. The puzzles were either super easy(just like the bosses) or most of the time, stupidly hard in my opinion. What hit me the hardest though, was the… Read more »


*continued* This is getting a bit long, so I’ll end this after I say a couple more things. Listen to us Nintendo, this would make an amazing game, MAKE IT HAPP! It would be wonderful to see this game on a handheld, and its BEGGING for a 3DS release, so at least consider it. That it all I have to say. Ciao!

RedAgent14 ( レッドエイゲンット14)
RedAgent14 ( レッドエイゲンット14)

“They should have spent their time making this instead of Sticker Star, Sticker Star was a bog disappointment!”
…Said everyone in my neighborhood who likes Paper Mario, along with COUNT BLECK!