New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Mushroom Locations

Having trouble getting Gold Mushrooms in Coin Rush? Well keep reading, since I’ve found a good 30 or so different locations where you can find them in the various levels of New Super Mario Bros 2.  Here’s a few helpful New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Mushroom locations, complete with pictures.

General Tips

Collect all eight red coins generated from a red coin ring.  You see, these rings work like as follows:

  1. If you’re Fire, Raccoon or Gold Mario, you get a 1-Up for getting all the coins
  2. If you’re anything else, you get either a Raccoon Leaf or Fire Flower depending on the level (usually the former in overworld levels and the latter in caves and water levels)

So if you make sure you have a decent power up, you’ll always be guaranteed a Gold Mushroom/1-Up for getting all eight red coins.

Individual Gold Mushroom/1-Up Locations

But now the general tips are over and done with, here are some locations (with screenshots) showing where to get Gold Mushrooms or 1-Ups in each level.

Note that I’m only writing info for levels I’ve found Gold Mushrooms/1-Ups in, so that generally means about 30 levels.  In addition to this, since these pictures are taken in the main adventure mode, they’ll show 1-Ups and not Gold Mushrooms.  But hey, you’ll get a Gold Mushroom in each of these spots if you play Coin Rush, so it’s no big deal.


The bonus room in the level has two Gold Mushrooms/1-Ups, which can be accessed by hitting the POW Block as it reaches each side of the room (since ground pounding would just drop them in the pit).


Fly up on top of the tree above the starting position, and there’s a Gold Mushroom/1-Up in this brick block.


Shortly after the midway point flag, you’ll see a hole in the wall.  Swim up into it, and the brick block three Cheep Cheeps are circling around has a Gold Mushroom/1-Up in it.


Three Gold Mushrooms in this level.  This guide to Coin Rush showing the level being played by an expert shows exactly where each of them is more clearly than any screenshot can:

It also gives tips for some other levels.


Another Gold Mushroom can be found by hitting the right side block in this row of tilting blocks near the start.  Kill the Piranha Plant, then either hit the block with a Gold fireball or by falling in the quick sand and hitting it from underneath.

A second one in 2-1 can be found shortly after you come out the cave with the Gold Flower.  Just go right, and in a spot that looks like this, there’s one hidden in the lower left most block.


Right to the left of the starting point is a hidden block with a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up.

Further on, you’ll find a Hammer Bro on some blocks.  One of them (shown here) has a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up inside.

Tower 2

About midway into the level, you’ll see two sets of coin outlines and a door to the left.  Fall down, and jump up at the left side of the gap to make a hidden block appear with a Gold Mushroom/1-Up.

Don’t jump up the other side though, otherwise another block will appear and stop you from getting the Mushroom!

The second one in the level is further up, in this brick block located right near some spikes and moving platforms.  Ride the platform, duck under and jump at the block to get the Mushroom.


The first Gold Mushroom in the level is in a secret area with this Boomerang Bro.  To reach it, fly up at the midway point and to the roof of the area to the right.

The second one is to the left of the pyramid structure at the very end.  Go to the point shown and fall into the quicksand.  Jump when Mario’s head is at the point shown to make the block with the Mushroom appear.


All of 2-B’s Gold Mushrooms/1-Ups can be gotten by destroying the ‘volcanoes’ with Bob-omb explosions.  Destroy the ones shown in the screens below to get them.

Castle 2

Meanwhile, the Gold Mushrooms/1-Ups in Castle 2 are all found in the brick blocks littered about the platform ride.  Hit the ones shown in the below screenshots to find them.


This Gold Mushroom is found in a hidden block in the centre of a ring of coins, right where you drop down for the alternate path and second Star Coin.

Castle 3

In the vertical climbing section of the third world’s castle, you can find this Gold Mushroom/1-Up right underneath the Star Coin in the spot shown above.

Shortly before the midway point in 4-1, you’ll find a spike ball rolling through some Goombas across these slopes.  On the middle platform, you can find this hidden block with a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up, which can be jumped on to reach some off screen platforms and a P Switch.

Finally, there’s also a Gold Mushroom/1-Up late in the level just before the goal flag.  Go down the slope with the gold ring and all the Koopas, and hit the single brick block you find halfway down to get one.

Flower 1

At one point in Flower 1, you’ll come across some block snakes moving back and forth between two tall pipes. At the very top left of the structure, you can stand on a single tile pipe and jump to find this Gold Mushroom or 1-Up.


Part way through 5-1, you’ll come across some rows of brick blocks rotating around a Star Coin.  Jump on top of one and jump at their peak to find a block with either a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up.

 World 5 Castle

Just before the midway point in world 5’s castle, you can jump up above the left most ? block to find a hidden block with either a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up.


6-1 has a ton of Gold Mushrooms/1-Ups littered about in it.  You can find these by quickly hitting the POW blocks scattered around, such as in the places shown in the screenshots.  However, be warned, that volcanic debris will destroy any blocks it touches!


6-3 has an easy to find Gold Mushroom or 1-Up, just go down the other side of the mountain with the red pipe in, stand right at the edge and jump to make it appear.

World 6 Tower

The tower in world 6 has an easy to find one too.  Just next to the midway point, stand on the left most ? block and jump directly up to make an invisible block appear with a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up.


There’s a fairly obvious Mushroom hidden in 6-5, in a conspicuously placed brick block above some lava.  Pick up a Koopa Shell nearby, throw it in and quickly jump on the block to get the Mushroom.

Star World 3

Star World 3 has an obvious Gold Mushroom/1-Up too.  Keep going through until you get to the point shown above, then go and hit the brick block in the middle from underneath.  No, don’t do what I did above and hit it from the top, otherwise the Mushroom just falls aimlessly in the abyss and is wasted.

Star World 4

Here’s a Gold Mushroom/1-Up you can find in World Star 4.  Get to the point shown in the screen and jump to make an off screen block appear and either a Gold Mushroom or 1-Up fall down.

Hopefully these tips will give you a bit of help if you need more lives in single player or coins in Coin Rush.  It’s not a comprehensive listing of all possible New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Mushrooms and 1-Ups, but hey, to write such a guide would be near impossible given how much of both Nintendo throws at you in this game.

Note: All these will give you a 1-Up Mushroom if you’re playing in the adventure mode, since the Gold Mushroom is an item only obtainable in Coin Rush. None the less, more lives is always good, right?


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There is a hidden 1-up block in world 5-haunted house. On the 5th pole, when you climb up, 4 coins will appear, and, if you jump in the middle, you will get a 1-up.

Blades of Fury
Blades of Fury

Yeah, there is one.


i love mario and sonic but i need some one to talk to D: