Metroid Game by MercurySteam Declined by Nintendo?

As many gamers nowadays know, MercurySteam is the company responsible for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow series on various HD systems and the 3DS. But did you know that they were originally planning on making a game based on a very different Metroidvania series?

Yep, they had plans to make a Metroid game for Nintendo systems. Here’s a video about the game and what’s known about its development:

Seemingly, it was a first person game set in a sci-fi post apocalyptic environment. Perhaps a bit like Halo or Gears of War in terms of concept and art design.

Unfortunately for some (and fortunately for the large amount of people who disliked Lords of Shadow), the game never came to be. Nintendo turned down the concept after the pitch, and the game was trashed altogether.

But what do you think? Were Nintendo right to turn down MercurySteam’s pitch for a new first person Metroid game? Or would you have liked to see the team get a chance at a new Metroid title?


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