Masahiro Sakurai Thanks Super Smash Bros Fans

It’s been a while since Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U was first announced, but now it seems development has finally come to a close. In his last column in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, series creator Masahiro Sakurai has thanked the fans for their love and support for the series, and mentioned how he’s taking a well deserved vacation. Here’s his comment about the situation, in his own words:

The last two DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, Corrin and Bayonetta, are now available. At long last, the development on Smash for has ended!! To all of the staff who were involved in this project, thank you for all your hard work. To all who supported and followed the game and its development, thank you so very much. Personally, I’m happy I can finally take an extended vacation.

The fighters themselves become the sources of new excitement. That’s why the new fighters can do things the others cannot, to bring to life a number of battles that did not previously exist. Smash is much more extravagant in its design than other fighting games, development is difficult, and I have to deal with oversight from the original creators, but I have to do my best.

But now that raises one more question. Namely… will he be back for part 5?

Because with the Wii U failing to really find much of an audience and the Nintendo NX release date right round the corner, it seems inevitable than a fifth Super Smash Bros game will be announced to go with it. Heck, even Sakurai didn’t know he was going to working on the last game til Iwata came in and basically said it needed to exist! And with all the rumours that the new console will actually launch with a Super Smash Bros game (even if it’s just a modified version of the Wii U one), we’re starting to suspect his holiday this year won’t be a particularly long one.

What do you think about this announcement?


Sakurai’s Famitsu Column 499 (translation) – Source Gaming


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