Zelda Total War Posted on Steam Greenlight?

Oh boy, it’s happened again.  Someone with absolutely zero common sense and even less knowledge of trademark law than usual has decided to try and sell a game featuring Nintendo’s characters on Steam, and it’s even based on the Zelda series to boot.

Here’s Jim Sterling’s coverage of the Zelda Total War trailer for Steam Greenlight, which shows the game in action:

It gets even worse when you realise that the uploader likely has no connection to anyone even making this mod, so they’ve not only completely ignored any of Steam’s rules or sane legal advice, but taken a community project that’s gone without any problems for years on end and slapped it on a service with an actual price tag.

Either way, don’t expect it to stay up for very long, since every game in this situation has ended up getting a DMCA notice within a week or so.



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4 years ago

This is so bad. I feel bad on how much this is going to screw the project that was doing alright in the corner by doing something like this.to be honest, when Hyrule Warriors was revealed it kind of reminded me of this project. I was wondering what happened with it, since I hadn't heard anything about it for a long while.