Yooka-Laylee; More Footage from IGN

Well, it’s not been long since we had a new trailer for this game, has it? That one (showing various worlds, tons of mechanics and lots of other goodies) was only released about a week ago. As a result, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s all we were getting for Yooka-Laylee for a while.

But here’s even more gameplay from Playtonic’s game, courtesy of IGN! Shown as part of an interview with Steve Mayles and Grant Kirkhope, it demonstrates some of the backer exclusive toy box mode, as well as some of the new mechanics and ideas in the game. Here it is:

So what can we learn from this video about the game? Well, a few things really.

Firstly, what some of the toy box area’s layout is like. Okay, it’s not really a ‘world’ in the traditional sense (and has no thematic connection to the game’s storyline), but there’s a surprising amount of detail included in it. Like a little ball rolling section, various swimming areas, bits where the duo have to jump across moving platforms. For a demonstration of the game’s mechanics, it seems like it’ll have a lot to do and see.

There’s also apparently a new NPC to be found in the area too. So finding a mysterious newcomer who’s relevant to the future game’s story is going to be a bit of fun for Playtonic’s Kickstarter backers.

We also hear a bit about Yooka and Laylees moves and abilities. Like how there are more than in past games by the developers, such as the Banjo-Kazooie series. That’s pretty impressive really, Tooie had a massive list of abilities that Banjo and Kazooie could use to explore and get Jiggies. How many more can there possibly be?

The talk about why Yooka is a chameleon and Laylee is a bat was interesting to hear too. Seems like camouflage and general colour changing could make an appearance in Yooka’s skillset.

The only issue I have here are the mine carts. Sure they seem decent enough here, and the people on Kickstarter wanted them in. But there’s also too much of a good thing. Remember Donkey Kong Country Returns? People loved the mine cart sections, but they hated that world 4 was nothing but mine cart sections as well. The talk of having one mine cart challenge per world makes me worry that the idea might be run into the ground by the end of the adventure. Remember, Banjo-Tooie was fine, and that had… about two mine cart style track challenges. Donkey Kong 64’s mine cart challenges were good, but again, there were only three of them.

Still, Yooka-Laylee does look like a very promising new game, and I really do hope this is what revives the 3D platformer once and for all. We need more Banjo-Kazooie style games, and this title is exactly that.


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Really looking forward to this game.