X-Box One To Get Built-In Emulator For 360 Games

In a faster move than Sony, Microsoft pulls ahead of the game by announcing at E3 they are to update the firmware for the X-Box One so it plays X-Box 360 games. That does not include just the digital library, but the disc-based variants as well!

Sony had rumors going around for what seems like forever that they were going to do the same thing; update the PS4 to allow for the digital library of the PS3 to be played on it. Well, it’s your move now, Sony. Will you further fail at Next-Gen features as Microsoft passes by you as you have been (such as not porting over the abilities to store and view music, images, and videos on your console or stream from a computer as you could with the PS3)? Perhaps you’ll actually include all of those aforementioned missing elements of last gen – as well as others – and pull a saving grace.

In the meantime, however, things are looking up for Microsoft fans; especially the ones who have had an Xbox 360 library of extensive size such as myself. Kudos, Microsoft, hopefully you keep making smart moves like this and can increase sales to catch up with Sony’s PS4.

I don’t own an X-Box One, but this certainly makes me want one a whole lot more than before, I can tell you that! How about everyone else? Are you an X-Box One owner eager to port your 360 library or perhaps this news is making you want to buy one when you were uncertain before, such as myself? Tell us about it on the forums or comment below!


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