Zelda U Rumoured to Have Gender Options and Voice Acting

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen anything of the Legend of Zelda for Wii U, hasn’t it? Indeed, with the game’s release date scheduled for this year and barely thirty seconds of footage having been seen since its announcement, the game’s got people varied for a variety of reasons.

But now, an interesting rumour has come out. Brought to us by Emily Rogers on Twitter (she’s previously known for writing articles about Nintendo’s strategies and business practices), they hint at all kinds of new additions to the series. Like voice acting (for everyone except Link). Or the player choosing what gender he/she is. Here are the tweets mentioning these rumoured new additions to the series:

As well as one additional one, telling people to look forward to more unique features:

So what do I think here? Well to be honest, I’m fine with most of them. The game being on Wii U and NX? Fine. Remember, the Wii U is basically dead at this point, best to let Zelda U do well on NX (like Twilight Princess) rather than die unloved on a dead system (like Skyward Sword). As long as the game is mostly identical on both consoles, Zelda U on Wii U and NX is the best thing for it.

The gender options? Don’t really give a toss. It’s not my preferrence (I prefer adding a badass female character alongside the male one, with their own designs and personalities), but I don’t dislike it either. More choices is good, right?

Above: It begun a while back anyway. Hopefully a female Link is closer to this than just a carbon clone of male Link with feminine clothing.

And the voice acting… well that’s what I’m arguably least interested in. Always found voices in any form of media kind of annoying if not done well (hence why I avoid Let’s Play videos in articles here), but I’ll give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt here. Supposedly Xenoblade had decent voice acting, as did Kid Icarus Uprising. Let’s just hope there’s an off switch for the future.



Above: What I hope Zelda U’s voice acting isn’t like.

On another note, the internet seems to have leapt on ‘gender options’ and gone all ‘OMG GamerGate is going to be so annoyed LOL’ (or something similar). Quick hint here.

They don’t give a toss.

GamerGate doesn’t give a flying [BEEP] if a game lets you choose a character’s gender.

Seriously, they never did. The whole ‘GamerGate hates women in games’ thing came from the media attacking a strawman due to not doing any research and not wanting to criticise their own friends. Unless the game features a ton of overly positive comments related to safe spaces, ‘privilege shaming’, and maybe a ton of internet memes, it won’t be criticised at all by these people.

Back to the story now. Are the rumours true?

Well, I’d like to think they are, because Ms Rogers has been a reliable source for some things before, and does have some contacts in the industry. But there are also a lot of rather massive additions that might go a tad far for Nintendo. And hey, even ‘official’ sources can be very much wrong about stuff, especially if they’re lower ranked employees. So consider the rumours, just don’t think they have to necessarily be true.

What do you think about these Zelda U rumours?


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