Zelda U; New Artwork!

Hmm, this seems to be a bit of a trend for this game, doesn’t it? First we had the new picture with Epona, now we’ve got yet another single image posted on Amazon.com. So what is the picture this time?

Well, it’s a very neat piece showing Link climbing up the side of a cliff with a sunset in the background. Here it is:

Zelda U New

As you can see, it’s certainly a lot more interesting than the last piece of art released. Why? Because it shows that:

  1. Some sort of rock climbing mechanic might be introduced here. Or that the stamina system from Skyward Sword could make a comeback.
  2. Death Mountain seems to now be proven as in the game, since a volcano can be seen in the distance (note the smoke)
  3. There’s someone (or something) mysterious on the cliff to the near left, and they look quite a bit like a sword too.
  4. A dungeon like location is possibly visible in the middle of the picture. Note the weird skull like building with various pillars pointed inwards
  5. A church or other mysterious location is located near the odd figure and hints at either a new temple or another important location in the story

Either way, it gives away a lot more about the game’s world that just about any other piece of artwork or screenshot released since its reveal. That’s pretty impressive for a random picture that Amazon simply stuck in the game’s gallery, isn’t it? I mean, someone at Amazon obviously thinks so, since the picture was swiftly pulled from the page after it got out to the press. Guess someone at Nintendo flipped out after seeing a piece of E3 exclusive Zelda artwork online two days early!

But what do you think about the new artwork? Is the view impressive? And what hidden secrets have you found scattered throughout the picture?


Amazon Revealed Gorgeous New Artwork of Zelda U With an Incredible Overworld – Gamnesia


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5 years ago

Needs less artwork and more gameplay.

[QUOTE="Dark Young Link, post: 141042, member: 7"]I wish Nintendo would stop releasing artwork. I mean, yes, they're cool, but they don't show a lot and it does add or take away from the hype.

With that said, when is Nintendo doing their E3?[/QUOTE]