Wii U Sells Over 3 Million Units in Japan

It’s not the most impressive number in the world, but in a region where handheld games have basically dominated the industry for the last few years or so, it’s perhaps not as bad as it could be.  Either way, seems like the console was most popular in North America and (maybe) parts of Europe, based on the 10 or so million sales the system has racked up in general.

Here are the actual sales figures for the week showing this, via Media Create:

System This Week Last Week Last Year YTD Last YTD LTD
Wii U 53,547 92,801 30,031 877,082 30,031 3,020,662

So what do you think? Are these sales okay for the console? Or would you consider them disappointing for a Nintendo console being sold in Japan?


Wii U Hits 3 Million Sold in Japan – GoNintendo


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5 years ago

There are strong rumors we'll have the NX a year from now, this will most likely be the strongest number for the Wii U.