Wii U Production Likely Ending Soon

Nintendo is now denying this, and says Wii U production will continue through the next fiscal term and beyond. However, they have also said similar things about other rumours from this source, and quite a few of those rumours have turned out to be true.

It’s not been a good time for the Wii U. Launched in 2013 to a fairly tepid reaction and then quickly being overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft’s systems just months later, the console has mostly struggled on at a rate far below that of its predecessors. Indeed, as of December 2015, only about 13 million Wii U systems had been sold, a number just over half that of the Gamecube.

Wii U box art

Above: Even Super Mario Maker and Super Smash Bros couldn’t really save the Wii U

But now, it seems the end may be coming for Nintendo’s eighth gen system. A respected Japanese magazine has said that Nintendo will stop production of the Wii U before 2016 is up, and that the Nintendo NX is going to be revealed very shortly. They also say a few of the Wii U’s accessories have already left production.

Is this confirmed? Not really, but it definitely seems like the Wii U’s time is just about up. It didn’t really sell, and Nintendo just wants to move on to their next system.

Still, what do you think about this? Are you disappointed the Wii U is likely to be discontinued before the end of the year? Or do you think the system was doomed to fail from the get go?


Nikkei Magazine (as ‘translated’ by Dr Serkan Toto)


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I don't think it'll end that soon. It's hardly even been 3 years.


If this rumor happens to be true, Nintendo will look like idiots as they already stated a few months ago that the Wii U wasn't being abandon. Then again, at least they are smart to abandon a sinking ship.


I am very surprised at this. i hope it is a misunderstandment, but I guess we will have to wait until the second half of the year to find out.