Wii U Nintendo Direct coming January 23rd!

This time it seems like the topic will be upcoming Wii U games, since the description states that at 2PM GMT, Mr Iwata will look at future plans for the Wii U.  Here’s the announcement from the official Nintendo Direct Facebook page:

On Wednesday 23 January at 14:00 GMT Mr Iwata will take a look at future plans for Wii U in a new Nintendo Direct presentation! Watch Nintendo Direct to find out first about new software and services coming to Wii U!

So, what do you think this one is about?  It’s obviously by Nintendo of Europe given the address to the Nintendo Direct page and the GMT time zone, but I suspect Nintendo of America and Japan will be hosting their own versions at a later/earlier point in time.  Will it be the rumoured Super Smash Bros 4 announcement Nintendo Direct that some rumour monger on GameFAQs talked about a few months ago?  It was said to be the 31st rather than 23rd, but it’s unlikely Nintendo’s ging to announce a second one about a week later.

Or is this just a look at some Wii U games we already know about like Game and Wario, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and  a few more?

Either way, mark your calendars for the 23rd of January 2013, since it seems some important Wii U announcements will be made then by Satoru Iwata himself!