The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD; The Changes Detailed!

Want to know what sort of changes this ‘remake’ has other than the nice graphics?  How hard mode works?  Well it seems you won’t have to wait much longer, since details on said changes are now available online.  Here’s a condensed list of things changed in the game:

Five out of eight Triforce Pieces can be grabbed directly in the dungeons/locations, rather than requiring charts.

Hero Mode available from start, enemies in it do double damage and hearts can’t be found by destroying grass or other objects.  It can also be switched on or off at will on the file select screen.

Pictobox photos can be shared on Miiverse, and you can also take pictures of Link himself with different emotions.  The Pictobox can now store up to 9 or 10 pictures at once.

Swift Sail can be used to sail faster, bought at auction house after first dungeon.

You can move around when using first person items, and shoot arrows like you’re in a First Person Shooter.

And that’s about it really.  No extra dungeons (damn), no proper Master Quest (in the sense of remixed content) and no other major stuff, but Nintendo have seemingly made some neat minor changes to other parts of the game.

So, are you going to buy this game?  Or are the changes not enough to make it worth it to you?



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