The Game & Wario Reviews Come In; Are Just as Expected

Not in a good way either, with almost all the reviews of the game talking about how it’s a waste of the Wii U’s potential and doesn’t live up to the WarioWare series before it.  Here’s a quick run down of each site’s review scores for the title:

Yeah, when your best review so far gives the game just 75% (from a magazine officially affiliated with the company no less), you know your game is kind of poor quality. Keep in mind that these ONM folks managed to give Wii Music 80% and Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics over 90%, and that should tell you roughly what level of quality Game & Wario is likely at.

Game Explain weren’t 100% positive either, especially not to the single player mode:

So in other words, best be saving your money for a better Wario game or something else on Wii U rather than buy this.  Seems like it’s a bit of a disappointment and destined to sell poorly in all regions.

Are you surprised Game & Wario’s been getting negative reviews?  Are you potentially still planning to buy it regardless?  Either way, post your thoughts now!

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Robert Rhoades

GameInformer gave Game & Wario an 8.0 out of ten.