The Best Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze trailer ever?

Well, it’s certainly the most blunt, accurate one Nintendo’s ever released.  Behold, the ‘it’s hard’ trailer for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, complete with DK and crew being horribly mauled in various ways (thanks to the Snowmads and brutal environments)!

Here’s the video:

They certainly pull no punches in this one.  Forget the whole ‘fun for the whole family’ crap they’ve been trying with the Wii and early Wii U ads, this one just says ‘this is a really hard game that’s going to cause plenty of amusing deaths’ and ‘good luck, you’ll need it’.

So yeah, best trailer for a Nintendo game ever, just thanks to how honest it this?  I’d say so, and it really makes me want to see something like this attempted for either Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon’s Scarescraper, A Link Between World’s Hero Mode or Mario & Luigi Dream Team’s super brutal Hard Mode.  What do you think of this video?


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7 years ago

Uh, it was made by IGN. I saw the add say: by IGN.

Youssef Sameh Hanna
Youssef Sameh Hanna
7 years ago