The Adventures of Captain Toad; New Artwork!

Tons and tons of it to be precise.  Behold, the biggest collection of Captain Toad official art you’ll ever see!

toad star magikoopa toadturnip conkdor chucks

But do you want to see more? Aka the other 35 or so pictures?  If so, click the link below and keep reading!

turnip toadveggie toadladder Toadhurt toadgem toadette toadcart2 toadcart toadaxe surfgoomba spike shyguy shyguy2 rainbowshroom pow piranhaplant pipe mushroom greenstar goomba2 goomba gem conkdor coin clearpipe chucks cherry blockquestion birdenemy birdboss biddlybuds bee axe ant 1up

As you can see, a lot of it is reused from Super Mario 3D World.  But what isn’t?  That’s interesting!  You’ve got the bird themed antagonist shown in the game’s new trailers!  You’ve got enemies that seem to be new bird and mole species, implying the game has more new content than we’d expect.  And then you’ve got the Rainbow Mushroom.

Is this a new power up, like the Rainbow Star except in Mushroom form?  A secret reference to the Invincishroom from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga?  Something else entirely?  Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

And so that’s the latest artwork for the Adventures of Captain Toad. Like it?  Go to Talk Nintendo to discuss the game today!


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